"Just through the rainbow, from the world we know, lies Fairytopia..."
– Narrator

Fairytopia is a magical world that is home to many creatures. This land of peace and harmony is ruled over by the Enchantress, the loving and kind queen. It has seven provinces that is incessantly watched over by seven guardians.


The Queen was poisoned by her own evil sister named Laverna, and she kidnapped each of the seven guardians with the intention of absorb the extremely powerful magic that was in their necklaces. Aside from this, she relesead poison that deprived winged creatures of their natural ability to fly. Laverna planned later to save the fairies by giving them an antidote so they would forget her sister and crown her the new Queen. Fortunately, she was defeated by a wingless fairy named Elina and all Fairytopia was saved.

Places of Interest

  • Magic Meadow: The Magic Meadow is the rural region of Fairytopia and is watched over by Topaz, that is its guardian. It is filled with lush greenery, streams, vibrant colours, rainbows and giant flowers that can close their petals any time. The fairies and puffballs spend the day playing hide-and-seek and flying. Elina lives in a giant flower called Peony. The giant flower plays music to wake up, plays lullabies to make her sleep and also to give thanks. When Laverna released the poisonous venom in the air, all the flowers get sick and Peony stops playing her music.
  • Fairy Town: The Fairy Town is one of the most populated regions of Fairytopia and is watched by Azura, that is its guardian. Fairy Town has a cottage where Azura lives. After hearing the news that Topaz was kidnapped, it became becomes heavily guarded with guards flying around the cottage and making sure that she are safe. Fairy Town also contains a City Hall where the latest news about Fairytopia is reported and its where Quill works.
  • Spooky Woods: The Spooky Woods are a quite dark and is not far from the Fairy Town.
  • Wildering Wood: It is home of the dryad Dahlia and the Happy Trolls. The guardian that watch over this part is unknown.
  • Laverna's Castle: Where the evil fairy Laverna resided. Its one of the most haunted places of Fairytopia and its filled with thorns and cactus-like sharp plants. However, after her death, the castle possible became only inhabited by her fungi.


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