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Many fairies with their queen.

Fairies are magical creatures that inhabit Fairytopia.


Fairies are magical creatures that lives through the seven regions of Fairytopia. They are ruled over by their queen, Enchantress.

Physical Appearance

The rainbow can reveal itself in their eyes, when they're destined to considerable feats. They are vulnerable to the winds caused by the fairies towards them. Fairies range widely in color and they can have hair colors a human would not have, like Laverna's green hair. Some fairies can fly with their own hair like Shimmer, and their wings are endless in colors and shapes, however it tends to show off what type of fairy they are, like Lumina's moon-shaped wings. Fairies can also be tattooed with the Courage Crest on their arms if they reach the Depths of Despair. However, if they revert back to fairies, the crest disappears on them.

The Guardians

The Guardians of Fairytopia are extremely powerful seven fairies whose task is to protect the seven regions of Fairytopia from the forces of evil. They're close to their queen, Enchantress, which gave special necklaces to them. However they still were vulnerable to Laverna's dark magic and minions.

Powers and Abilities

There are many types of fairies like Flower fairies as Elina, Sparkle fairies as Sunburst, Moon fairies as Lumina and Oreads like Linden. Fairies can turn themselves into mermaids by going to the Depths of Despair. They can revert back to fairies by eating the True Self berry.


  • Water: Despite being able to perform Water Magic, Sparkle fairies are vulnerable to water as it can deprive them temporarily of their powers.
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