A faery is a type of creature in Barbie in the Nutcracker. There are snow faeries and flower faeries, who live in Parthenia, and Clara, the Sugar Plum Princess. The faeries are voiced by Shona Galbraith, but Clara is voiced by Kelly Sheridan. Two notable faeries are the young flower faery and the young snow faery, but all of the faeries from Parthenia assist Clara on her expedition.

People from Parthenia can understand the faeries, such as Nutcracker and the Gingerbread Boy. Snow faeries can create ice and snow. Flower faeries can create flowers and plants. The Sugar Plum Princess has the power to save Parthenia.


The first snow faerie seen is the youngest one. She appears in the opening credits of the movie with the young flower fairy. When Clara and Nutcracker arrive in the Ice Cave, the young snow faerie arrives too, after a short gust of wind. The young fairy says something to Clara but it is incomprehensible. She then flies around Clara but bumps into Nutcracker, hurting her wing. He catches her and, after she squeaks a complaint at him, Nutcracker tells her she should have been more careful.

Nutcracker gives her to Clara and Clara straightens out the young faerie's wing. The faerie flies away and brings back more snow faeries. They dance and open a entrance to the rest of Parthenia. The snow faeries later freeze the Sea of Storms for Clara and her friends to cross, and the small faerie gives the Peppermint Girl a snowball to hit the Mouse King with.

The flower faeries have been trapped in a well in the Lush Valley by the Mouse King's army. Nutcracker frees them and they all dance. The faeries help Nutcracker and Clara to find supplies for their expedition to find the Sugar Plum Princess by making apples grow on trees.

The rock giant comes to destroy Nutcracker, so the flower faeries fly away. The snow faeries help Clara and her friends to escape from the rock giant. They freeze the Sea of Storms so that Clara and her friends can cross it in the candy sleigh with Marzipan.

At the Sugar Plum Princess' island, Clara gets stuck there. The young flower faerie comes to see Clara and shows her a swing seat made by the faeries. Clara sits on it because she trusts them and they fly to the Palace of Sweets, but they are not done helping yet; the faeries rush to the Treetop Village, and the faerie talks to them and tells them to stand up to the Mouse King.

When Clara saves Parthenia, the flower faeries celebrate with everyone and give Clara a bouquet after she dances with Eric. The Mouse King forces her to go back to her world by opening a magic locket given to her before she came to Parthenia. The young snow faerie gives the Peppermint Girl a snowball to throw at the mouse.

Physical Appearance

The young flower faerie has pale skin and short dark brown hair. She wears an alice band with purple flowers on it, and wears a green ballet dress with a skirt of pink petals. She has blue eyes, small wings, and can turn into a purple light. She looks different from the other flower fairies.

The young snow faerie has light skin, long blonde hair in a bun, and blue eyes. She wears a blue ballet dress and a crown. She has delicate wings.

The flower faeries' swing seat appeared in Barbie in the Nutcracker. After Captain Candy, Major Mint and Nutcracker were kidnapped by the Mouse King's bats, Clara was left alone on Sugar Plum Island. Clara wanted to help her friends, so, luckily, the flower fairies found her.

They came carrying a swing seat made of vines, leaves and flowers, which Clara was unsure about sitting on, but she trusted the fairies. The older fairies held the swing, while the youngest fairy floated alongside Clara as a purple light. They all flew until they parted ways at the Palace of Sweets, where Clara thanked the fairies. Later, fairies flew to the village and it is unknown what happened to the swing.

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