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Faban is a character in Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow. He is voiced by Alistair Abell. He was the apprentice of Amethyst. He represented the color violet.


When Elina is thrown out of Lumina's dorm by Shimmer, she sighs and turns to Bibble, saying "Perhaps we should try another room". This is the moment when Faban comes flying along, gazing at his reflection in his mirror. He says, "Well, look at you! Could there be anything as beautiful as you?". Elina turns around, thinking he is talking to her, but she then realizes he is talking about himself.

Elina approaches him and Faban introduces himself and says Elina can call him "her number one". Elina is hoping that Faban can help her find her own dorm. He then gets out a picture of him posing and offers an autograph. Elina just calmy tells him that she's just looking for her room, and could use his help. He ignores her request and writes all over the picture, giving an autograph. Elina is left confused when he flies away, and then she flies off to Sunburst's dorm. 


"Oh, that's it then. Fairytopia is doomed!"

Faban is very narcissistic and pessimistic and he likes to look at himself in the mirror, which he always keeps to himself. He gangs up on Elina with most of the other fairies only after she released Laverna by accident. He is bound to give up quickly and point out the bad things in everything. Despite his athletic look, he's very cowardly. However, he does have a sense of right and wrong since he joins Elina and the other fairies to stop Laverna's plan from coming true.

Physical Appearance

Faban has dark curly hair and brown eyes. He is always wearing a garland of violet flowers on his head. His wings are also violet. He appears to look like a bold, Roman man that women find very attractive. To enhance his attractiveness, Faban always remains completely bare-chested, displaying his muscular chest and stomach.


  • His style is very Greek and a bit Roman.
  • He is based on Narcissus the Greek god of vanity because he looks at himself in the mirror.
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