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Emily, or Emmie, is a character in the animated series Barbie: It Takes Two. She is voiced by Giselle Fernandez. Emmie is a popstar and she is Brooklyn's childhood friend.


Pre-It Takes Two[]

Emmie was previously in Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams. When Emmie was a child, she was friends with Brooklyn. Emmie lived with her mom, but everything changed when Emmie's father, Mr. Miller became her manager. Mr. Miller took Emmie out of school and she lost touch with all her friends, including Brooklyn.

Emmie became a popstar and felt like she was never taken seriously. Her father made her focus on business all the time. As a teenager, she begged her father to cut her tour dates so she could attend the summer program at Handler Arts Academy. She went to the academy in disguise in order to study without being recognized.

At the academy, Emmie reunited with Brooklyn and they rekindled their friendship. Emmie also became friends with Malibu and Rafa. The students compete to perform a Spotlight Solo in Times Square. After Malibu accidentally knocks Brooklyn over and injures her, Mr. Miller lies that to the dean that Malibu pushed Brooklyn on purpose. Malibu gets expelled. Emmie and Rafa prove Malibu's innocence, and Emmie calls out her father for sabotaging her friends' chances at doing the Spotlight Solo. Malibu and Brooklyn get to do the Spotlight Solo together, and Emmie hosts the event live from Times Square.

It Takes Two[]

In "Barbies Rising", Malibu and Brooklyn meet a TV and music media mogul named Otto Phoenix. He recognizes them from the Times Square performance that Emmie hosted, and he asks them to send him their music.

In "Gone to the Dogs", Malibu and Brooklyn need to rent a recording studio so they can record a demo for Otto. They call Emmie, who gives them the address to the studio she always goes to. It offers mani-pedis and smoothies in between takes. Malibu and Brooklyn can't afford that studio, so they go to Blown Speaker Studios instead.

In "Buddy's Is Booming", Buddy is struggling to pay the rent for his cafe due to low sales. Brooklyn phones Emmie for help. Emmie goes to the cafe and tells her fans she'll be there all day signing autographs and taking selfies. Customers meet Emmie and leave without buying anything, so Emmie says they should make it a rule that customers must buy a pastry before meeting her. Emmie's biggest fan, Emma, buys all 30 pastries so she can have 30 selfies with Emmie. They have fun taking selfies together, and after chatting, Emma thinks she and Emmie are like sisters. Rafa invents a pastry called puffins (puffy muffins) and it helps to popularize the cafe, so customers take selfies with the puffins instead of Emmie.

In "Race to the Finish", Malibu and Brooklyn give their finished demo to Otto. They remind him of how they met and how he recognized them from when Emmie hosted their Times Square performance.

Physical Appearance[]

Emmie is a petite teenage girl with red hair, blue eyes and light skin. Her hair is long and she has full bangs. Emmie wears a blue hoodie with a purple and gold heart on it, a purple top, blue pants with symbols on them and one pant leg pulled up, and gold shoes.


Emmie is sweet, shy and humble.