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Emma is a character in Barbie: It Takes Two. She is voiced by Cassidy Huff. Emma is a student at Handler Arts Academy.


Emma is a member of the Spring Dance planning committee at Handler Arts Academy. Students need tickets to attend the dance, which is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the drama club.

In "Cupid Shuffle", Malibu and Brooklyn join Emma and Paul on the planning committee. Paul says he is nervous because he assured Dean Morrison that the dance would be perfect. To boost ticket sales, Malibu and Brooklyn write love letters on behalf of students. They accidentally give the letters to the wrong recipients, but manage to swap the letters to the right people. Paul tells them that the tickets sold out, and Emma says it's because of the letters. Paul reveals he was actually nervous because he wanted to ask Emma to the dance. Emma asks what took him so long to ask and she accepts his invitation.

In "Buddy's Is Booming", Buddy is struggling to pay the rent for his cafe due to low sales. Brooklyn phones Emmie for help. Emmie goes to the cafe and tells her fans she'll be there all day signing autographs and taking selfies. Customers meet Emmie and leave without buying anything, so Emmie says they should make it a rule that customers must buy a pastry before meeting her. Emmie's biggest fan, Emma, buys all 30 pastries so she can have 30 selfies with Emmie. They have fun taking selfies together, and after chatting, Emma thinks she and Emmie are like sisters. Rafa invents a pastry called puffins (puffy muffins) and it helps to popularize the cafe. The puffins are so popular that customers take selfies with the puffins instead of Emmie, but Emma stays and talks to Emmie.

In "Race to the Finish", Emma and many other people help Malibu and Brooklyn to find Otto Phoenix so they can give him their demo. They detour Otto to Brooklyn Bridge Park and perform for him. Emma watches The Barbies perform and is happy for them when Otto says he will listen to their demo and be in contact. Rafa says people were willing to help Malibu and Brooklyn because of how helpful Malibu and Brooklyn were during the year.

Physical Appearance[]

Emma has pale skin, brown eyes and short hair. Her hair is styled in a bob with bangs that stop above her eyebrows. Her hair is dark brown and blonde ombre. She uses a black and pink wheelchair. Her casual outfit is a red long-sleeved top, a denim sleeveless jacket, dark blue jeans, dark brown boots and blue gloves. At the dance in "Cupid Shuffle", Emma wears a black necklace with a crescent moon on it, a green floral print tunic dress with a white top underneath, and green ankle boots.


Emma is friendly and appreciates Malibu and Brooklyn's help on the planning committee. She reassures Paul when he is stressed. Emmie is a huge fan of Emmie the popstar and feels a sister-like bond with her after they meet.