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Elvy is a character in Barbie: A Touch of Magic. She is voiced by Dorrie Sacks. Elvy is a unicorn keeper from Mesmer. She is also a character in a book that Chelsea owns.


Season 1[]

A Real Page Turner[]

Chelsea has a book about Elvy. Chelsea wishes for Elvy to be real. Peggy grants the wish and Elvy wants to find her unicorn before sundown. Ken comes by and tells Elvy she has to get back in the book, but she wants to search for her unicorn. Ken thinks it's a bad idea for Elvy to go anywhere on her own. Elvy gives Ken and Chelsea new outfits to wear while they accompany her, and uses her "unicorn finder" staff to teleport somewhere alone. Chelsea leads Ken to a merry-go-round featuring fake unicorn, and they find Elvy there.

Elvy tries to free a unicorn and demands that a security guard release the unicorn. Ken pretends she is just role-playing. The security guard tries to take Elvy and Ken away, but the guard accidentally falls down. Chelsea invites everyone to get on the merry-go-round and then runs away with Ken. Elvy teleports away and sees the selfie museum. Her staff senses magic nearby. She goes in the store and recognizes that Rocki is a Glyph. Rocki tries to freeze Elvy, but Rocki's magic doesn't work on her. Elvy makes Rocki teleport away.

Later, Elvy meets Dru Charles, who wrote a book about Mesmer. It includes a scroll that Dru cannot read. Elvy understands the language of Mesmer and reads a part which says a great task must be done before a pegasus gets wings, but to beware a Glyph who wants wings.

A Selfie to Remember[]

In Ken's backyard, Malibu thinks about how Elvy said what she was looking for was there all alone. Also, Malibu keeps going over the scroll that Elvy translated. Ken arrives, so Brooklyn and Skipper leave Malibu and Ken alone together. Before leaving, Skipper reminds Malibu of when Elvy said that to see with one's heart is the true magic. When Malibu and Ken are alone, she mentions what Elvy said about looking for something that was already there. After a discussion about why they are not more than friends, Malibu and Ken agree to go on their first date.

The Key[]

In Mesmer, Arlene says it is almost time for the door between Mesmer and the human world to appear. Elvy asks if they are certain that Peggy has succeeded in her mission. Peggy's mom has confidence in Peggy. Elvy asks about Rocki. Arlene says Rocki disrupted Peggy's mission, but losing her powers by protecting Peggy was enough of a punishment, so Rocki is forgiven. After Peggy completes her mission of sealing the door, Elvy attends Peggy's coronation.

Physical Appearance[]

Elvy has long light blue hair, green eyes and pale skin. Her hair is worn down with two braids wrapped around the sides. She wears a green dress that is short at the front and longer at the back, with blue leggings and green boots. She also wears gold jewelry. She has a necklace on, two bracelets on her right upper arm, one bracelet on her left upper arm, and a bracelet around her left wrist. She has black eyeliner and green nail polish on. Elvy carries a brown and green "unicorn finder" staff with a blue orb at the end. The orb glows if she Elvy uses it to teleport, or if it senses magic nearby.


Elvy is helpful and passionate about unicorns. She thinks Ken is handsome and asks if he is single. Elvy is not familiar with earthly concepts, such as merry-go-rounds.