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The Dreamhouse is a location in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, Barbie: Princess Adventure, Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams and Barbie: It Takes Two. It is located in Malibu, California. Margaret and George Roberts live in the Dreamhouse with their daughters Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea, as well as their puppies Taffy, DJ, Rookie and Honey, and their cat Blissa.


Barbie: Princess Adventure[]

Barbie and Daisy set up a portable green screen in the backyard. George helps them to film a vlog. Chelsea arrives in a toy train and says she wants to be in the vlog. She initially wanted to play dress-up with Skipper and Stacie, but they told her it was for babies. George tells them that's not nice, so Stacie apologizes. Chelsea says she wants to join in and play a laser pirate princess, but Skipper tells her that it's not realistic. Barbie says you can be who you want to be. Chelsea says you should try different things if you don't know what you want to be. This inspires Barbie to post a music video for "Try It On", a song she wrote with Daisy.

Barbie, Daisy and their friends at school get to go to go on a school trip to Floravia to visit Princess Amelia. Barbie becomes friends with Amelia, and goes to her coronation when Amelia is crowned Queen of Floravia. At the Dreamhouse, Margaret, George and Barbie's sisters watch the livestream of the coronation.

Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams[]

Barbie Roberts dreams of being a Broadway star, so she enrols in a summer program at Handler Arts Academy in New York. While she travels there, her family video chats to her from the Dreamhouse. George put a tracker on Barbie's phone to help her stay safe. Margaret says he is worried about Barbie. Chelsea asks if Barbie will be a star, and Stacie asks if New York feels like another planet. Before Barbie hands up, Skipper tells her not to forget them when she's famous.

Barbie gets to the academy a day early and meets another girl with the same name. The girl is from Brooklyn, so they nickname themselves based on where they are from. Barbie becomes Malibu, and her friend becomes Brooklyn. They compete for a Spotlight Solo performance. After an accident where Malibu causes Brooklyn to sprain her ankle, a witness lies that Malibu sabotaged Brooklyn on purpose, so Malibu gets expelled. She comes home to the Dreamhouse and feels devastated. Brooklyn finds out that it was truly an accident, and comes to the Dreamhouse to apologize to Malibu. They rekindle their friendship, and go back to the academy.

Barbie: Princess Adventure
Princess Adventure Poster

Quote: "Life doesn't happen on camera. Life is what happens when the cameras are off."

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