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The dragon is an unnamed character in Barbie: A Touch of Magic. He a minor antagonist in season 1.


Season 1[]

There Might Be Dragons[]

Malibu has a reoccurring dream where she is on a boat with Peggy as the dragon flies above them. The dragon later appears above Oceans Extreme while Malibu is at work.

A Selfie to Remember[]

The dragon goes to the selfie museum and drops a scroll. Tiger picks it up and nods at the dragon. The dragon flies away. Inside the selfie museum, Rocki reads the scroll, which says she has been summoned by the Glyph council.

Tiny Problems[]

Will disguises as the Glyph council leader and instructs Rocki on how to bring Peggy to him. Rocki makes a "super Glyph promise" that she will not rest until Peggy is under Will's control. After Will is done talking to Rocki, he gets rid of his disguise and the dragon is by his side. Rocki and Peggy get on a boat to meet Will.

Lizard Lift-Off[]

Malibu, Brooklyn and Ken use Ken's lifeguard boat to follow Rocki's boat. The dragon appears above them, reminding Malibu of her dream. They follow the dragon to an island. Rocki and Peggy meet Will, who imprisons Peggy and orders the dragon to take Rocki away. Rocki escapes from the dragon and is found by Malibu, Brooklyn and Ken. Malibu and Ken distract the dragon while Brooklyn and Rocki find Peggy. Malibu and Ken throw a boulder to get the dragon's attention. While the dragon chases them, Rocki frees Peggy. Peggy gets her wings and Will destroys Rocki and Ken's boats.

Will gets on the dragon, who flies into the air. Rocki tries to use magic to stop the dragon from flying, but she has lost her powers to Will since she broke her promise to him. The real Glyph council leader, Arlene, arrives with Skipper and Trey. Arlene uses magic to blast the dragon and Will. After Arlene leaves, Will destroys Trey's boat and puts Brooklyn, Skipper, Ken and Trey under a spell. Will flies away on the dragon.

Careful What You Wish For[]

Will tells the dragon that he doesn't understand why the spell didn't affect Malibu. The dragon keeps interrupting him with roars. Rocki and Malibu find them and Will captures Rocki in a bubble. The dragon hits the bubble with his tail and it bounces away. Will captures Malibu in a bubble as well, and the dragon guards her. Peggy finds Malibu and Will touches Peggy's wings to wish for a way off the island. Will gets wings of his own. The dragon begins to fly away with Malibu in the bubble so Brooklyn grabs the dragon's tail. Malibu tells Brooklyn to let go because it's too dangerous. The dragon flicks Brooklyn off and she lands on Peggy. Peggy tries to fly after the dragon, but Peggy is too weak.

The Key[]

While the dragon carries the bubble that Malibu is in, she tells him to put her down when she sees Malibu Cove. The dragon drops Malbu and the bubble bursts when she lands. Malibu thanks the dragon. The dragon starts playing with a crab but gets intimidated by it. Will goes over to the dragon, so Malibu hides. Will orders the dragon to find Malibu. Malibu starts doing Morse code with her phone, getting the dragon's attention. Malibu's friends arrive to save her, but Trey flees when he hears the dragon. The dragon approaches Malibu but the crab grabs his tail. The dragon gets distracted trying to get the crab off.

Malibu helps the dragon by taking the crab off. The dragon uses magic to make a heart appear in front of Malibu. Malibu tells the dragon that he doesn't have to let Will treat him the way he does. Will orders the dragon to get Ken, Skipper and Tiger. Peggy arrives with Brooklyn and Rocki. Malibu asks the dragon not to hurt her friends, so the dragon stops. After Peggy defeats Will and closes the door between Mesmer and the human world, Teresa arrives and traps Will under a fish bowl. The dragon picks up the bowl and brings Will back to the island.

Physical Appearance[]

The dragon is large with green scales. His eyes are purple and the underside of his wings are red. His horns and claws are white. The scales on the dragon's underside and light-colored. The dragon has purple and red spikes on his back.


The dragon is initially obedient to Will before Malibu wins the dragon's favor. He starts off aggressive towards Malibu, but after she helps him by taking a crab off his tail, the dragon becomes tame towards Malibu. The dragon feels intimidated by the small crab.