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For Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses character, see Prince Derek.

Derek is a supporting character in Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure. He is voiced by Henry Wu.


Derek and Erica go to Oceans Extreme with their mom and older brother. Derek and Erica are too short to go on the Super Slider with their mom and older brother. Derek and Erica go to a snack bar and meet Skipper and Joy. Joy offers the kids ice cream, but Derek says they don't have any money. Skipper lets them have the ice cream for free. Derek and Erica are overheard excitedly yelling about their free ice cream, so dozens of other kids run over to get free ice cream too.

Later, Skipper notices that Derek and Erica are sad because they don't meet the height requirement for a ride. The park owner, Milton, makes Skipper employee of the week and Skipper proposes a day care for the younger kids. Skipper privately tells her boss Tammy, who is Milton's daughter, that they can use a gaming bus as the day care. Tammy steals the idea. The gaming bus is by the park entrance. Erica and Derek's mom drops them off at the gaming bus day care. Derek tells her not to rush back, and she pays an extra fee to leave them there all day.

Skipper and her friends Anna, Cheri and Joy get on the bus. Derek and Erica are already on the bus, along with some other kids. Cheri closes the bus door. Derek and Erica dance while Joy sings karaoke. They cheer when she finishes performing. Skipper and her friends realize the bus is moving because the driver left the park without knowing anyone was on the bus. Skipper and her friends distract the kids until they can ask the driver to take them back to the park. Skipper plays a dancing game with Derek.

The driver parks the bus and then drives away in a car. Skipper phones Tammy, who says she will send her limo. Erica goes missing. Derek notices and calls for Erica. Skipper makes everyone look for Erica by pretending they are playing Hide and Seek. Derek sees Erica counting gophers. After everyone gathers, a sandstorm begins. Skipper tells everyone to hold hands and says they will find an adult to ask for help. After the sandstorm, Derek notices a auto-piloted party plane in the distance. Derek and the other kids run towards the plane and the flight attendant lets them on, assuming they are passengers for the plane's first test flight. Derek asks the flight attendant for some milk.

The kids get on the plane. Derek thinks the plane is cool so he asks Skipper if they can stay. Erica presses a button and the plane prepares for take-off. After the flight, Derek says he wants to be a pilot. Tammy's limo arrives. The flight attendant tries to give Derek his milk, but he gets snatched into the limo before he can drink it. The limo gets stuck in traffic, so Skipper phones Tammy and Tammy sends a boat. On the boat, Derek and the other kids are excited.

Skipper and her friends rush to get the kids back to the park entrance. Skipper sees Erica and Derek's mom, so Skipper hides Derek and Erica behind some balloons. After Skipper gets the kids back to the entrance, Erica and Derek's mom picks them up. She asks if they had fun. Derek and Erica say they rode a plane, a limo and a boat. Their mother assumes they are just being imaginative. Near the end of summer, Derek and Erica visit the park's new pool day care. Joy sings again, so Derek and Erica cheer and dance to her song.

Physical Appearance[]

Derek is an Asian boy with dark brunette hair parted to the side, brown eyes and light skin. He wears a blue and white striped t-shirt with blue, gray and yellow diamonds on it, blue jeans, and white and yellow hi-top sneakers. Derek's swimwear is dark purple with a blue waves and white fish on the torso. It has short sleeves and the bottom half is shorts. On the boat, Derek wears a yellow, orange and red lifejacket.


Derek is polite, observant and playful. He likes ice cream, milk, playing on the gaming bus, and watching Joy perform. He is drawn to the dancing and driving games. Derek loves the party plane so much that it makes him want to be a pilot. He feels sad when he is too small for the rides at Oceans Extreme.


  • "Mom and our big brother went on the Super Slider but you have to be this big to ride."
  • "Free ice cream! Free ice cream! Free ice cream!"
  • [After mom drops him at gaming bus] "Don't rush back! Yes!"
  • [When Skipper gets on bus] "It's you! Come play."
  • [To Skipper] "Bet you can't beat my high score!"
  • [Playing dancing game with Skipper] "This is the best!"
  • "Hey, look! An airplane!"
  • [About plane] "This place is so cool! Can we stay for the party?"
  • "Yay! We get to fly in a plane!"
  • "I want to be a pilot now!"