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The Depths of Despair is a place in Mermaidia.


The Depths of Despair are in the deepest known parts of Mermaidia. Only few have dared to travel down its depths and most never came back up afterward. It is a feared place by everyone in Mermaidia. Only very few reach its heart in search of the Mirror of the Mist. It has a strong upwelling current that requires a great deal of underwater strength.

The Depths of Despair also has cursed seaweed plants that grab passing creatures and trap them. Nori and Elina were attacked by the seaweed while they searched for the Mirror of the Mist .

The seaweed in the Depths of Despair.

When they reach the bottom, they are tattooed with the legendary Crest of Courage on their arms, meaning they're courageous enough to reach Mermaidia's bottom. Many merpeople think it is only a legend, but Elina and Nori proved it is true.

Elina and Nori talks with Delphine and she explains she knows where Prince Nalu is, but she won't tell to them, and if they want to save him, they will have to sacrifice themselves.

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