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Lady Royal Delancy Devin is a character of Barbie: Princess Charm School. She is voiced by Brittney Wilson. Delancy is a student at Princess Charm School, and she becomes Princess Sophia's Lady Royal.


Delancy is a popular, glam diva. She is the spitting image of her mother, except for the eye color. She is a "mommy's daughter." She was also rude to Blair the first moment they met, because of her commoner status. Delancy used Wickellia to embarrass her by sticking a tablecloth in her skirt.

However, during a trip to the palace, Delancy overheard Blair, Isla, and Hadley talking about how much Blair looks like Queen Isabella. When they left, she looked at the photo of her Aunt and Uncle, and then she is overcome by the truth. She felt bad about the way she mistreated Blair when they first met and realized that she is Blair's cousin. After finding out that her Mother intended to destroy what Delancy realized was Blair's neighborhood and was forced into acting as a witness to Blair having apparently stealing some of Dame Devin's jewelery, Delancy took some inspiration from Blair and her friends and wore a customized version of her school uniform while also telling Blair where to find Gardania's Magical Crown.

When Delancy crowned Blair with Gardania's Magical Crown, her mother yelled at her for ruining their future. When she learnt that Dame Devin deliberately killed Isabella and Reginald just so she could rule, Delancy is horrified. She watched sadly as the guards arrested her mother and take her out of the school. Once Blair takes on her role as princess, she chose Delancy as her Lady Royal since she wouldn't be taking her rightful place as Princess without Delancy help. She accepted her job as a Lady Royal from her cousin and she is crowned. During the graduation celebration, Delancy secretly invites Miss Willows and Emily over to the palace for a family reunion with Blair.

Physical Appearance[]

Delancy is a teenage girl with long strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes.

School Uniform[]

Delancy wears a white collared shirt with short sleeves and light pink, fuchsia, and magenta plaid tie, a royal blue waistcoat with gold buttons, gold pockets on the waist, the school emblem on the chest, a pink knee-length pleated hem skirt, white knee-high socks, and pink pumps. Her hair is in a high messy bun, just like her mother.

She wears a very small silver training tiara with pointed edges lined with diamonds.

Purple Uniform[]

She wears a grape purple plaid dress with a grape purple belt with a buckle with the school emblem underneath, a grape purple two-quarter-length frilly bolero with short sleeves, a purple necklace, and a purple satin choker around her neck, and purple ankle-strap pumps with white knee-high socks.

Graduation/Princess Gown[]

At her graduation and crowning ceremony, she wears a strapless grape purple gown with gold trim, a jeweled sweetheart bodice, and the skirt has a cut above the ankles on the bottom front, a purple round gemstone charm with a gold crown on it on a gold heart necklace and grape purple pumps and she wears a lady royal tiara, which is a golden-bronze tiara when she's crowned as Blair's Lady Royal.


Delancy is self-centered, vain and jealous but Dame Devin lives vicariously through her. When Delancy learnt that Blair is her cousin Princess Sophia, Delancy turned kinder and gentler to her but was against her twice just to avoid being abused by her mother.

Delancy finally went against her mother to save the Willows' home and help Blair take her rightful place as the Princess of Gardania, much to Dame Devin's dismay. She loves to be popular in school, and she is overconfident. However, when the princes from Prince Charming Academy came to visit, Delancy wanted to dance with Prince Nicholas, but instead much to her disliking, she has to dance with someone else (to her distaste). Delancy was good at helping her cousin Princess Sophia with taking her rightful place to the throne. She regretted her decision to tell the truth but she didn't want to lie in front of someone like her mother.


  • "You just got here? Let me guess. Blair Willows, the lottery girl."
  • "Commoners like you don't belong here, right Portia?"
  • "What is with you? You're a walking disaster!"


  • She has some similarities with Raquelle from The Barbie Diaries, between their hair color and personality.
  • Delancy is similar to Princess Luciana from Barbie as the Island Princess and Fergis from Barbie: The Pearl Princess, because they are the children of the main antagonists who plot to use them as pawns in their plans to take over the throne. But in the end, they redeem themselves by doing the right thing and exposing their parents' treachery.
  • On the official site, Delancy has green eyes instead of brown eyes.
  • In the storybook and the official site, Delancy has braids.
  • Delancy looks extremely similar to the blonde backup dancer from Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar. A minor difference is that the backup dancer has a rounder face shape.
  • she shares the name with Delancey from my scene but with different spelling
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