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The Dancing Horse Festival is an event in Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase. It takes place at Banyan Tree Park. The festival showcases two dancing horses named Beauty and Spirit.


Barbie and her sisters come to an island so their youngest sister, Chelsea, can compete in a dance competition. They all go to watch the Dancing Horse Festival at Banyan Tree Park. A horse trainer named Vivian leads Beauty out for her debut performance.

Beauty gets nervous, so Silver gives Beauty an encouraging look. Chelsea cheers for her, encouraging Beauty to perform well. The crowd cheers for Beauty, who excitedly asks her mother if she was watching. Silver says that Beauty did a great job, but Spirit says she'll do better. Spirit and her rider, Marco, impress Barbie and her sisters with their difficult routine.

When it is over, Barbie compliments Vivian on the show and asks if Vivian trains her horses on the island year round. Vivian says yes, and that she and Marco also used to train cats, but now they just train dogs and horses. Barbie and her sisters go to leave, and Vivian thanks them for coming.

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