Cutie is a character in Barbie Video Game Hero. He is voiced by Michael Dobson. He is the cloud-shaped in-game tutorial. He speaks mostly in rhymes.


While all of the players and NPCs were having fun, Cutie was lonely, because everybody ignored him.

In desperation to have friends, he resorted to transforming Emoji-shaped pins into sentient Emoji, but accidentally also brought an evil purple Emoji pin to life, thus having it infect all of the innocent Emoji, and creating the Emoji Virus.

Cutie needed a player to beat every level of the game to defeat the virus, so he picked Barbie, since she was the best at video games and had the highest scores.

While Barbie was reading her code book looking for a way to debug her game, Cupcakes Caverns, her tablet started making noises. Cutie appeared, asking her to beta test his game. Barbie accepted his offer, and was teleported into the game.

Barbie Video Game Hero

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