Crystal is a character in Barbie Video Game Hero. She is voiced by Ingrid Nilson. She lives in a tree house in Level 2 and is apart of a crystal matching game, where the player matches crystals to bring her tree house down to the ground. She is also the only non-competitive NPC.


Crystal is seen to be very sweet, energetic, and very attached to Barbie. Crystal had also suffered from a fear of heights, until the showdown with the virus ball.

Physical Appearance

Crystal is a chibi girl with green hair in pigtails, a sprout on her head, and black cartoon eyes. Unlike all of the other NPCs, who are normally anime characters, Crystal's regular form is that of her native level (AKA Super-Deformed look), and her height goes up to a normal person's knees. 

Crystal's outfit is, of course, crystal-themed. It consists of- 

  • A yellow and purple top with a gem brooch and pink sleeves 
  • A blue-and-pink skirt 
  • Long, pink boots, as opposed to sneakers, which the other NPCs wear. 
  • Additionally, Crystal's outfit is more detailed outside of her level. Her boots and the sprout on her head have noticeable designs, and she has pink bands in her hair. 


Crystal has had two toys in the film's tie-in toyline.

  • Her junior doll, which has differences from her appearance in the film. The junior doll's skirt is hot pink with no painted detail.
  • A figure of Crystal was included in the Gift Set, with the body being identical to that of the Barbie Gift Set figure but merely with a different color palette. The Gift Set also includes a sticker of Voxel Crystal's head.


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