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Courtney is a character from The Barbie Diaries. In the movie, she is going through her sophomore year with her best friends Barbie, Tia and Kevin. She plays drums in her band with Barbie and Tia, Charmz.


Courtney is a loyal and supportive friend and she helps Tia with her rally. She also comforts Barbie when she is feeling down after not getting the anchor job. She loves playing drums and her wish for the sophomore year is to "kick butt as a drummer". She describes herself as exciting and she has a spunky personality. She doesn't mind breaking school rules when Barbie makes her a highlighter lipgloss.

Physical Appearance

Courtney is about 15-16 years old, as she is in her sophomore year in high school. She has light skin, blue eyes and highlighted brown hair. She always wears her hair in two pigtails. Courtney is a bit of a tomboy and never wears skirts, but she does sometimes wear pink. She also wears earrings and sometimes she wears necklaces, though she usually just accessorizes with belts, watches and wristbands.

Courtney loves wearing lipgloss. For her casual clothes, she wears t-shirts, jackets, jeans or pants. Most of the time she just wears sneakers, and she brings a backpack to school with her. At the Fall Formal, Courtney has her hair in pigtails like she normally does. She wears a pink tank top, a blue cardigan, jeans, and dark blue sandals with wedge heels.


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  • "Why is Barbie the only one of us who has a date to Fall Formal?"
  • "Okay, everyone knows that I'm the exciting one; Tia's the hot, intellectual one; and you're like the totally awesome level headed kindhearted glue that holds us all together."
  • "I totally caught the drumstick!!"


  • Courtney shares the same name as Princess Courtney from Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses and Princess Courtney from Barbie in Rock 'N Royals.
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