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For the Barbie in Princess Power character, see Princess Corinne.

Corinne is the main protagonist in Barbie and The Three Musketeers. She is voiced by Kelly Sheridan. Corinne is a 17-year-old country girl from Gascony, France who travels to Paris to become a musketeer.


Corinne is the daughter of the brave musketeer D'Artagnan, and she spends most of her time practicing her skills because she and Miette, her cute kitty, want to become musketeers (Miette calls it "Mus-CAT-eer").

She is 17 now, and her mother lets her go to Paris. Her mother gives her some money if she needs anything. She goes to Paris with her father's horse, Alexander, who knew the way. When she gets there, she goes straight up to Treville, the leader of the musketeers, to talk, but he refuses to let her be a musketeer because he thinks she is not ready yet which makes her a little bit disappointed. A dog named Brutus chases her cat and she bumps into three girls named Viveca, a designer, Renée, an archer, and Aramina, a romantic dancer.

The chase ends at the castle and Corinne saw Madame de Bossé firing a maid (who is later revealed to be named Constance). Then she sees Corinne, and she is hired for a job. Corinne unfortunately finds out that her 3 co-workers were the ones that she bumped into, and they are mad at her. Asking how she can make it up to them, they make Corinne clean the ballroom floor by using just a little brush (possibly a toothbrush). That night, Corinne doesn't have a place to stay, but Aramina invites her to stay with them because the girls have all forgiven her and they have an extra bed since Constance left. Corinne pays Renée to stay for one week. She sees Renée's violin bow on the top of the fountain and tries to get it back for her. After that Viveca, Renée and Aramina forgave her. The next day, after a chandelier breaks she discovers that the three girls have been training to be musketeers as well. Hélene another maid working there bring the girls to the old Musketeer training room she tells them she'll teach them but they will have to work together.

Physical Appearance[]

Corinne is a 17-year-old girl with fair skin, light blue eyes, and light honey blonde hair with bangs on one side tied into a bun. A braided part of her hair secures the bun.

Casual outfit[]

Corinne wears a dark red vest over a white long-sleeved blouse with frilled cut edges on the collar, hem, and sleeve cuffs. She has dark red pants and long brown boots that reach her knees. She is sometimes shown wearing a brown musketeer hat when she practices her skills.

Maid Uniform[]

She wears a pink knee-high jumper dress with a ruffled edge on the waistline over a white blouse with puffed sleeves going down her elbows with a pink band tied around the bottom. She has white tights and pink flats.

Masquerade Wear[]

Her gown was made by Viveca. She wears a bright pink floor-length gown with a bow-shaped band on the chest with a pink dot, small shoulder puffs and high heel dress shoes. The skirt has three parts: Two parts of it were the covering, and the third part was the real skirt. She wears a hairpin and a tiara. Her hairstyle has changed to a high bun with a braided part of her hair secured with curls and pink shoes (boots).

Musketeer Outfit[]

Corinne wears a bright pink knee-high dress with a bow-shaped band on the chest with a pink dot and small shoulder puffs, white tights, and long pink boots similar to her brown ones. She had a pink cape on her back, and the hairpin disappeared. Her hair was changed back to a bun with a braided part of her hair secured it. In the finale scene, she had a deep blue cape with a golden symbol on her back, and she wears a deep blue musketeer hat, and her hair is in a high bun with a braided part of her hair secured with curls, and she no longer wears tights.


Corinne is a brave, independent, and stubborn teenager who is an aspired musketeer. She isn’t like other girls of that time who stick to jobs that are normally offered to them. When things get tough, she gets tougher and never lets anyone bring her down. She’s attracted to romance, intelligence, and deep, dreamy eyes. And would like someone who understands and appreciates her. Doing musketeer training is her hobby, and Corinne possesses unbelievable talent. She follows her dreams though she is a maid because she can archive with her mindset into it no matter what others think about her. She always gets mad when she hears people say that girls can’t be musketeers, just like her hot-blooded father.


  • (To Prince Louis) "Just because you have your feet firmly on the ground doesn't mean you can't keep reaching for the stars".
  • (After defeating Philippe) "Still believe a girl doesn't possess the proper skills?"
  • "All for one, and one for all!"


  • Corinne shares her first name with Corinne from Barbie in Princess Power
  • She is the first Barbie character in an adaptation who is not based on a novel's character.

Similarities to Her Father[]

Corinne's story is very similar to her father D'Artagnan's in the original story of The Three Musketeers. He received three presents from his father (money, a horse, and advice), and so does Corinne, but she receives hers from her mother. They both go from Gascony to Paris in the hopes of becoming a musketeer. When they got to Paris, they both had letters to show to Monsieur Treville, but they lost their letters.

Corinne's father met three men named Athos, Porthos, and Aramis in Paris who wanted to be musketeers like him. Corinne met three girls named Renée, Viveca, and Aramina, who wanted to be musketeers. Viveca and Porthos were both interested in fashion. Like Corinne, her father upset the three people he met.

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Quote: "True courage is pursuing your dream, even when everyone else says it's impossible."

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