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Chantal is a character in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts! She is voiced by Lua Manhanga. Chantal goes to Golden Beach High with her best friends Skipper and Navya.


In "Close-Knit Friendship", Skipper gets an alert on Babysitters Inc and suggests that Chantal and Navya babysit with her. They think it will be fun but they struggle while babysitting triplets. Chantal and Navya talk behind Skipper's back because they feel like nothing they did to help was good enough for Skipper. Skipper finds out they were talking behind her back, so they leave. After getting advice from Barbie, Skipper reconciles with her friends and they apologize to each other. Skipper suggests that Navya be in charge of PR and getting new customers, while Chantal can handle the calendar and scheduling. They both agree and the next time the three of them babysit together, it goes well.

Physical Appearance[]

Chantal is a teenage girl with dark brunette hair, brown eyes and brown skin. Her hair is short and wavy, and she wears a purple Alice band. Chantal's outfit is a multi-colored t-shirt with horizontal stripes with a blue overall dress. The top's stripes are purple, pink, blue, yellow and orange. The torso of the overall dress has a decal of a rainbow with two smiley face clouds and the ends, and a diamond above the rainbow. The bottom of the skirt has decals of a heart, a smiley face emoji with heart-shaped sunglasses, and some French fries with a face on the container. She wears black and gray hi-top sneakers.


Chantal is responsible and organized. She has a sarcastic sense of humor, and she tries to be helpful. Chantal enjoys listening to music and is good with kids. She does research before she babysits with Skipper. Children love Chantal so much that her mother calls her a "baby whisperer" (someone who can communicate with babies). Chantal is close with Skipper and Navya, and they work well as a team when they play to their strengths. After falling out with Skipper, Chantal and Navya are apologetic and it ultimately makes their friendship stronger.


  • The doll version of Chantal has afro hair and wears all-black sneakers.