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Chantal is a minor character in Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure. She is voiced by Julyza Commodore. Chantal is best friends with Skipper and Navya.


Chantal, Skipper and Navya have a babysitting business and plan to babysit together during the summer. Chantal and Navya invent a dance called "the dog-cat" and get invited to East Slovakistan to perform the dance across the country. Chantal texts Skipper about it, but Skipper doesn't get the text. Skipper finds it difficult to babysit four kids by herself and expects Chantal and Navya to help her. Navya phones Skipper about getting invited to East Slovakistan with Chantal. Skipper is happy for them but reminds Navya they already had plans for the whole summer. Navya says she and Chantal hate to leave Skipper like this. Skipper gets negative reviews for her babysitting and ends up losing all the clients for the babysitting business.

Physical Appearance[]

Chantal is a teenage girl with dark brunette hair, brown eyes and brown skin. Her hair is short and wavy, and she wears a purple Alice band. Chantal's outfit is a multi-colored t-shirt with horizontal stripes, and a blue overall dress. The top's stripes are purple, pink, blue, yellow and orange. The torso of the overall dress has a decal of a rainbow with two smiley face clouds and the ends, and a diamond above the rainbow. The bottom of the skirt has decals of a heart, a smiley face emoji with heart-shaped sunglasses, and some French fries with a face on the container. She wears black and gray hi-top sneakers. In Skipper's imagination, Chantal also wears blue wristbands.

When Skipper imagines Chantal as a superhero, Chantal has blue hair. She transforms into a sailor uniform-style superhero costume with a blue cape. The t-shirt is light blue with a dark blue collar and a large blue "C" on the front. She wears a blue belt, a dark blue skirt, black and white boots, and light blue wristbands. When Stacie uses her weapon to make Chantal like an adult, Chantal's hair turns back to normal but with a gray Alice band, and she wears a gray suit with a white shirt, yellow tie, and black shoes with gray laces. Skipper uses her powers to make Chantal a superhero again.


Chantal is playful and likes to dance.