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Casey is a minor character in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts! She is voiced by Molly Nelsen. Casey is Shelby's mother and they own two goats named Chews and Billy. Casey uses them for goat yoga classes that she teaches. Casey and Shelby live around the corner from the Roberts family.


In "The Sportathon: Part 1", Barbie and Skipper return the goats to Casey's house. Casey is grateful. Even though Casey and Shelby have lived around the corner from the Roberts family all year, they had never met until now due to being busy with life. Skipper gives Casey a Babysitters, Inc. card and invites Shelby to hang out at the Dreamhouse. Shelby asks Casey for permission. Casey agrees and tells Skipper she will call her.

Physical Appearance[]

Casey is a woman with long auburn hair, blue eyes and light skin. She wears a white tank top, and pink yoga pants that have a blue stripe on the side. While she was barefoot in "The Sportathon: Part 1" and "The Sportathon: Part 2", she wore flip-flops in "The Copy Cat".


Casey has a calm demeanor and she is easy-going. She has fun teaching goat yoga classes.