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"Careful What You Wish For" is a Barbie: A Touch of Magic episode. It is the twelfth episode of season 1. The episode was released on July 27, 2023 in Australia. It will be released in the US in Fall 2023.

Official Description[]

"Still trapped on the island, Will the Lizard Wizard puts a spell on Ken, "Brooklyn," Skipper and Trey so he can see their dreams. Meanwhile, Rocki and "Malibu" look for Will."


Skipper has a dream where Malibu doesn't exist. Since she is the oldest daughter, George trusts Skipper to bring an envelope to the bank, but she decides to have a DJ dance party in the woods first. Skipper's family calls to tell her she had other responsibilities to deal with, and George says a banker is taking their house because Skipper didn't deliver the envelope. Skipper yells for Malibu's help and asks where she is. In reality, Skipper is still under Will's spell with Brooklyn, Ken and Trey. The spell allows Will to see their dreams. Rocki feels helpless without her powers, but Malibu says there is always something they can do. Rocki suggests using Peggy's wish to get her powers back. Malibu says they have to save the wish.

In Trey's dream, Trey admires himself in the mirror. Malibu invites him to go ice skating but he rejects her. A Trey clone who is a waiter gives Trey another mirror. Trey then argues with his clone and then notices many more. Trey yells for Malibu to help him. In reality, Will watches the dreams using magic on the surface of some water. He doesn't understand why the dream spell didn't affect everyone. He tells the dragon that Peggy and Tiger are magical creatures, and Rocki, though powerless, must still have residual protection. However, he doesn't know why Malibu, a human, is fine.

In Brooklyn's dream, everyone is constantly singing. Brooklyn has to do an opening night performance, but nothing is ready. Rafa says Brooklyn is the writer, director and star of the show. Brooklyn notices Malibu isn't in the audience. Rafa says it was always Brooklyn's dream to perform. When Brooklyn goes on stage, she is unable to make a sound. In reality, Rocki says she feels useless. Malibu tells Rocki that everyone has something to contribute. Malibu asks if there is a way they can call the Glyph council for help. Peggy's magic is more powerful now that she has wings. Rocki leads Peggy to some water so Peggy can use a contact spell. Peggy does the spell and it makes Will appear on the water surface. Will is watching the dreams, hoping to see something he can use against Malibu, Rocki and Peggy.

Malibu and Rocki go to find Will. Malibu puts her hand on Ken's shoulder and tells him he will be okay. In Ken's dream, he is an expert surfer with adoring fans. He keeps breaking records but Malibu doesn't exist. Ken doesn't see the point in setting world records or having cheering fans if he can't share it with Malibu. He says the dream is a nightmare. In reality, Malibu asks Rocki if she will try to steal Peggy's wish again once they get off the island. Rocki says there is no point because the Glyph council will never let her back into Mesmer, and she wouldn't want to go back without wings because the cool Glyphs all have wings. Malibu considers the citizens of Mesmer to be shallow if they wouldn't like Rocki just because she is different. Rocki says Mesmer is great, but she is "really different" from everyone else. Malibu tells Rocki not to worry about fitting in and find a way to embrace the good in herself.

Will watches them and considers that there is more to Malibu that meets the eye, since she is in everyone's dreams. He wonders if she is "the key" and he makes the dream versions of her friends appear on the island. They see the versions of themselves under the dream spell. Skipper wishes Malibu was there, but Trey says his life is better when Malibu isn't around. Ken says all of their lives are better with Malibu in it. Trey agrees, but asks everyone not to tell Malibu. Brooklyn, Ken and Trey agree that Malibu is the one who made them see magic in the world. While watching them, Will says Malibu helping others to see magic confirms that she is "the key." Malibu and Rocki find Will. He knows that Malibu's name is Barbie, but he doesn't know Rocki's name because she is insignificant to him. Rocki tries to stop him from hurting her friends, but Will puts her in a magic bubble. The dragon hits the bubble with his tail and it bounces away.

Will asks Malibu if she ever wonders why she can see things other people can't. Will says very few humans can see the magic that exists in their world, and it was no accident that Malibu found Peggy. Will tells Malibu that she is the key that unlocks the door between the magical world and her world. He traps Malibu in a bubble in his cave. Meanwhile, the dream versions of Brooklyn, Skipper, Ken and Trey need a counter-spell to wake them up. Brooklyn isn't ready to trust Rocki, so they go to find Peggy to use her magic. Peggy looks at the water surface and sees everyone looking for her. She dives into the water and then everyone sees her flying in the sky. Peggy does a counter-spell to put the dream versions of everyone back in their original bodies, so they all wake up.

Peggy goes to Will's cave and finds Malibu being guarded by the dragon. Malibu warns Peggy that it is a trap. Will touches Peggy's wing and wishes to leave the island. Will gets wings and Peggy collapses on the ground. Brooklyn, Skipper, Ken, Trey and Tiger find Malibu and Peggy. Will says they can't stop him because he has the key, which is more powerful than anything they can imagine. The dragon begins to fly away with Malibu. Brooklyn grabs the dragon's tail. Malibu tells Brooklyn to let go because it's too dangerous. The dragon flicks Brooklyn off and she lands on Peggy. Peggy tries to fly after the dragon, but Peggy is too weak. Brooklyn tells Peggy not to worry because they will find another way to rescue Malibu.

Featuring the Voices of[]

Other characters include DJ, the dragon, Simone, Kelvin, Nikki and Daisy.


  • When Malibu shows up in her ice skating dress and tells Trey that ice skating is the only time she has seen him be himself, it is a reference to the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures episode "Chicken Masked Mystery on Ice".