Bridgette Cheynet, also known as Madame Cheynet, is a character in Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale. She is voiced by Maxine Miller.

Bridgette is a French woman with two sons named Etienne and Philippe. She owns École Montagne, a horse-riding academy in Switzerland. Philippe is the riding master of École Montagne, whilst Etienne is the riding master of one of their rivals, Alpine Academy.


Marlene's Alpine Academy was suffering from an overload of bills and a lack of enrollments from new students, so they hadn't won the Inter-Academy Equestrian Tournament in eleven years.

Bridgette made an offer to Marlene to buy the academy, which Barbie thought was Philippe's idea. Marlene was encouraged by Skipper to wait until after the tournament to sell Alpine Academy in case they won.

Barbie and her horse Majesty beat Philippe and his horse in the Pacific Steeplechase event. Bridgette congratulated Barbie and Marlene. She petted Majesty and then left with Etienne to have a meal.


Bridgette disciplines Philippe for his bad behavior at the end of the film, but she is nice to Etienne. She takes care of both of her sons and cooks for them. Bridgette was warm to Barbie and gave her a hug and kisses to congratulate her on winning. She also shook hands with Marlene, showing that she is more civil than Philippe. She, like Etienne, is kind to horses.

Physical Appearance

Bridgette is a short, portly old woman. She has light skin, blue eyes and shiny gray hair in a bun. She was wearing a beige coat and skirt with brown lining, and she had a gray bag. Bridgette wears glasses, and she was also wearing pearl earrings and a pearl necklace.


  • Bridgette never mentions her husband in the movie.


  • "Now, go to your room! You are on le time out!"
    scolding Philippe.
  • "You were magnifique!"
    complimenting Barbie's horse-riding.
  • "I am most happy for you."
    after Marlene says she won't have to sell Alpine Academy.
  • "Isn't she beautiful?"
    talking about Majesty.
  • "Come, mon chouchou, I made soup!"
    to Etienne.


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