Break is a supporting character in Barbie in A Mermaid Tale and Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2. He’s Merliah's grandfather, and he raised her because it was dangerous for her to live in Oceana looking like a human.


Break told his granddaughter Merliah that her parents had died when she was a baby. This was to avoid telling her the complicated truth until she needed to know. When Merliah came of age, some of her hair turned pink. This was because she was half-mermaid. Rip (Break's son and Merliah's father) often told tales, so Break didn't believe him when he said he had fallen in love with a mermaid, and married her.

Rip died in an accident, but nearly a year later, his mermaid wife came to Break. Her name was Queen Calissa. Rip hadn't known that Calissa was pregnant, so he hadn't told his father. Calissa presented Merliah to Break, and asked Break to raise her, it would be dangerous for Merliah to live in Oceana with no fins. Even though Calissa didn't want to leave Merliah, she gave her a shell necklace to keep her safe. Break only told Merliah all of this when she was of age, because he thought the news would be too much for her to take in.

Merliah left, and Break was afraid she would never come back. He asked her if she was okay when she returned, and, after she had saved Oceana, she was a lot more open-minded about her past. Break was very happy when Merliah came back, and she said that she liked her pink hair because they make her different.

Physical Appearance

Break has tan skin, a wrinkly forehead, and snow white hair. He used to have blonde hair when he was younger. He has a neat mustache, and blue eyes. He wears a necklace, a blue Hawaiian shirt, and red shorts.


Break is energetic, cheerful, caring, mellow and considerate. He is always concerned about Merliah and he loves her very much.


  • "Hey, no fins!"
  • "Whoa! You dyed your hair?"
  • "And there you were. The sweetest little grommet I'd ever seen."
  • "That's my girl!"
  • "You're hair... It's still.. Wow! Pink."
  • "Liah! Oh, my little grommet, I was afraid you weren't coming back."
  • "I know someone else who will be stoked for you."
  • "If she's there, it's because Calissa needs her."
  • "I knew she'd make it!"


  • Break's character model was used as a cameraman in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale during Todd's movie shoot.
  • Break's term of endearment for Merliah, "grommet", is slang for young participant in board-sports such as surfing.
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