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Bonnie Guerrero is a minor character in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. She has an older brother named Johnny, and their father is Mr. Guerrero.


Season 1[]

In "Baby Sister Babysitter", Barbie wants to go out with her friends but she is supposed to babysit Bonnie. Skipper babysits instead. Mr. Guerrero brings Bonnie and her older brother Johnny over. The rest of the Roberts go out, so Barbie feels uncomfortable leaving Skipper alone with Bonnie and Johnny due to Skipper's lack of babysitting experience. Bonnie and Johnny start crying, but Skipper calms them down with music and impresses them with food. They both get upset when she suggests a bath, but Skipper is able to handle babysitting on her own. Skipper decides to start a babysitting business called Babysitters Inc.

Season 2[]

In "A Day at the Beach", Chelsea films Stacie trying to break the world record for number of pogo stick bounces. Skipper asks them to be quiet because she is babysitting Bonnie. She has tried everything to get Bonnie to sleep, but nothing has worked. Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea relax Bonnie by blowing a feather to make it float in the air until Bonnie falls asleep.

Physical Appearance[]

Bonnie is Latina. She is an 8-month-old baby with very short brown hair, light brown eyes, and light brown skin. She has a large yellow bow on her head, and she sometimes uses a blue pacifier. On the pacifier, there is a rainbow that has a cloud at the end of both sides. Bonnie wears a sleeveless yellow top with frills on the sleeves. The top has a pink owl on it and the owl is wearing a purple mask and vest. Bonnie is also wearing a blue diaper with white polka dots on it.


Bonnie likes music. She is impressed when Skipper shows her a watermelon carved into the shape of a bird. She likes eating watermelon. Bonnie gets upset when Skipper mentions bath time.