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Blue is a character in Barbie: Epic Road Trip. He is a dog from the Malibu Doggy Rescue Centre. While she is on a road trip, Malibu helps to find a new home for Blue.


Malibu, Brooklyn, Skipper and Ken are going on a road trip and will use Skipper's Match Mutts app to find homes for dogs along the way. While they prepare for the trip, Blue rounds up all the dogs into the camper. Ken and Malibu agree that Blue is good at herding.

Scenic Route[]

If Malibu chooses a scenic route for the trip, then a goat herder wants to adopt Blue. They go to [Dino Days]], a dinosaur theme park, to meet Blue's new owner. A mascot scares a group of children, so Blue rounds them up. The goat herder is extremely impressed by Blue's herding skills. He thanks Match Mutts, agrees to leave a good review for the app, and then leaves with Blue.

Express Route[]

If Malibu chooses the express route, then the first drop off is Blue.

Physical Appearance[]

Blue is a male dog with white and gray fur. He has brown eyes and a black nose. Blue wears a bright blue collar with a silver buckle.


Blue is excitable, bold and loud. Blue is smart and skilful enough to herd up other dogs, which he gets a lot of praise him for.