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Blissa is a character in Barbie: It Takes Two. She is Malibu's pet cat and she lives with Malibu's family in a Dreamhouse, along with their other pets.


Pre-It Takes Two[]

Taffy appeared in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. In the episode "The Ballad of Windy Willows", it is revealed that when Malibu was growing up in Willows, Wisconsin, she had wanted a cat for a long time. Malibu's Aunt Adele gave Blissa to Malibu when Blissa was a kitten. Malibu named her Blissa because Adele described Blissa as "blissful" when she and Malibu met.

It Takes Two[]

Season 1[]

In "Festival Fiasco", the Roberts go to the California Music & Food Festival and bring Blissa. The Barbies will perform and the Roberts have entered the annual Chilli Cook-Off. In the camper, Stacie wonders if The Barbies will let her play backup guitar. Skipper, Chelsea and Blissa wince when Stacie strums the guitar, and Chelsea covers Blissa's ears. When they arrive, Blissa chases after a rabbit. Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea follow Blissa and find that the Reardons, who also entered the Chilli Cook-Off, are spying on the Roberts.

Physical Appearance[]

Blissa is a small white cat. She has a lot of fur on her cheeks and tail. Blissa has blue eyes and her nose is pink. She wears a pink collar around her neck.


Blissa dislikes loud noises and likes chasing rabbits.