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Blissa is a character in the animated series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. She is Barbie's cat and she lives with Barbie's family and their pets in a Dreamhouse in Malibu, California.


Pre-Dreamhouse Adventures[]

In "The Ballad of Windy Willows", it is revealed that when Barbie lived in Willows, she had wanted a cat for a long time. Barbie's Aunt Adele gave Blissa to Barbie when Blissa was a kitten. Barbie named her Blissa because Adele described her as "blissful" when she and Barbie met.

In "Room Swap", it is revealed that Chelsea is the one who helped Blissa and the puppies to get used to each other.

Season 1[]

In "The Roof Fairy", Chelsea tells Barbie about a the Roof Fairy. Barbie says she isn't real, and then feels guilty, so she tries to bring the Roof Fairy to life for Chelsea.

Barbie, Skipper and Stacie dress Ken up as the Roof Fairy, and tell him to go on the roof with DJ, who is dressed in a tuxedo to look like a penguin.

DJ gets distracted by Blissa, so Ken doesn't make it onto the roof in time before they bring Chelsea outside. They see the real Roof Fairy on the roof and then Chelsea goes to bed, happy that the Roof Fairy exists.

Season 2[]

In "Trey Is for Horses", Barbie pets Blissa as she tells the viewer about how she has always loved helping animals such as the ones at the stable she volunteers at.

In "A Dreamhouse Puppy Tale", Chelsea tells her family a story about how the puppies protect the Roberts while they are asleep. Blissa listens to the story.

Season 3[]

In "All Dogs Go to the Beach", Chelsea is having a tea party with the puppies. Chelsea wakes up Blissa to be the guest of honor. When Chelsea tries to put a crown on Blissa, Blissa leaps away and Margaret and George laugh.

In "The Ballad of Windy Willows", Barbie, Daisy and Blissa visit Willows to see Barbie's Aunt Adele at Windy Willows inn. The inn has no other customers except for Harry Havarti, who is supposed to perform at a show there. He quits after being repeatedly disappointed by his stay at the inn, which Blissa contributed to. Barbie sadly pets Blissa, upset that she couldn't fix Adele's problems, so Adele suggests an acoustic performance. Barbie and Daisy perform a ballad named "Lead You Home", and Blissa watches with Adele. The girls receive a standing ovation. The inn becomes popular and Adele decides to have acoustic shows every weekend.

In "Room Swap", the Reardons have construction done so the noise displaces some ants. The Dreamhouse gets infested by ants, so Barbie and her sisters get the puppies and stay in the camper until the ants have been removed. Barbie realizes Blissa is missing because she was scared away by the construction noise. The puppies help the girls to find her. The girls find Blissa by using Chelsea's idea to open the camper windows and meow as they drive around. They bring Blissa home and they're happy they found her.

In "Totally Spying", the Reardons get the Roberts' mail, including a notice that says if they don't file the Dreamhouse blueprints by the next day, they could be forced to move. Poppy tells Trey to steal the blueprints so they can make the Roberts move far away. Skipper uses a drone to film Stacie skateboarding. Stacie falls off the skateboard and it flies towards Blissa. She jumps in fright and lands on the skateboard. She falls off too, so the girls and the puppies check on her. Blissa is okay. Skipper picks up Blissa and takes her home. Trey pretends to get injured by Stacie's skateboard while his parents away. The girls take care of him in the Dreamhouse, but suspect he is lying. They check the drone footage and see Blissa skateboarding, and then footage of Trey pretending to be injured.

In "A Dog's Day in Court", Nikki is at the Dreamhouse getting help with her pet business. Some dogs run over to the Reardons and give Trey fleas. This inspires a plan by Poppy to make the Roberts move away. Blissa sees the Reardons releasing fleas in the neighborhood. They cause a 3-mile wide flea infestation. While the houses are being fumigated, there is an official city order that there can be no animals on the premises. Margaret and George take Blissa and the puppies to a pet hotel. Poppy rents several animals and has them delivered to the Dreamhouse. An animal inspector checks the Dreamhouse, sees the animals, and says the Roberts have the right to appear before the city council and plead their case. In court, Barbie finds a animal rental receipt and a witness (the person who delivered the animals) to prove that Poppy is to blame. Poppy resigns from the city council and the Roberts are saved from being evicted.

Go Team Roberts! Season 1[]

Go Team Roberts! Season 2[]

Physical Appearance[]

Blissa is a small white cat. She has a lot of fur on her cheeks and tail. Blissa has blue eyes and her nose is pink. She wears a pink collar with the Barbie silhouette logo around her neck.


Blissa is an aloof cat. She tends to make faces or roll her eyes if she hears something she doesn't like. She likes cat toys and when Barbie pets her.