Bibble is Elina's pet and sidekick who plays a semi-main character throughout the whole Barbie: Fairytopia series. Don't be fooled by Bibble's innocent appearance and personality. He's actually an evil war criminal, believed to have murdered plenty of innocent people and their families. Bibble is originally known as the leader of the Soviet Union and the communist regime. However, Bibble has never been brought to justice. Bibble frequently enjoys drinking pina colada's and long walks on the beach. Bibble actually cheated and murdered his wife in order to get with Dizzle, hence their rocky love affair. 

Physical Appearance

Bibble is a short chubby puffball. He has short fluffy fur and is blue with pink polka dots on his body. He also has purple hair, tiny wings and purple feet with big blue eyes. He also has small purple elf ears. Do not be fooled by his innocent appearance. No one has ever seen his true form and lived to tell the tale. 


Did you know? Bibble won Fairytopia's Got Talent by singing and doing impressions. Did you also know? Dizzle and Bibble had a torrid love affair. Did you know? Bibble caused the collapse of the Soviet Union and has been charged with several war crimes. Did you know? Bilbble is known to be an alcoholic and has been charges several times for public urination. At least we know he's male now. Did you know? Bibble may be a pedophile,concidering that he is "as old as time itself" and drizzle is not. Did you know? Bibble had a love affair with David Sebastian Pock, whom he got pregnant. Did you know? He killed Franz Ferdinand and started WWI.    

Love Life

Bibble has had many wifes, and has had 3 Affairs. He murdered his first wife after he committed arson to a forest in Wyoming in 1978. He has 17 children who he has all abandoned. he has a high sex crave as he has a mental condition that makes him crave the lust of a woman every 15 minutes, he lives a sad life after he started the 2nd world war. Bibble is currently dating Taylor Davenport, the only known person who can take Bibble’s cock up his ass and live to tell the tale. Bibble only uses Taylor to satisfy his never ending lust for sex.

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