Berthe is a character in Barbie in The Pink Shoes. She is voiced by Teryl Rothery, and she is part of the Giselle story from France, in the ballet world. Berthe is Giselle's mother. They live together in a cottage in the forest. After lying about the whereabouts of Kristyn Farraday, Berthe is frozen by the Snow Queen.


Original Ballet

For more information, see Berthe in Wikipedia. In the original ballet, Berthe is a peasant widow, who lives with her only daughter, Giselle. She is a very overprotective mother because Giselle has a weak heart, but doesn't let it interfere in her love for dancing.

Berthe is also determined that Giselle should have a suitable husband and is very fond of the local forester, Hilarion, who is in love with Giselle and Berthe thinks that Giselle and Hilarion would make a perfect match. However, Giselle falls in love with Duke Albrecht, disguised as a peasant, and rejects Hilarion.

Worried about her daughter's welfare, Berthe warns her against Albrecht, who she takes an instinctive dislike to and even tries to discourage Giselle's love for him by telling her of the legend of the Wilis.

The Wilis are the ghosts of young girls who have been jilted and die before their wedding day and to avenge themselves, they rise from the grave and dance to death any man who crosses their path between midnight and dawn.

Berthe fears that Giselle will become one of them if she stays with Albrecht, but Giselle ignores her superstitious mother and joins in a dancing celebration with her beloved.

However, when a jealous Hilarion reveals Albrecht's true identity and engagement to the Countess Bathilde, Berthe's world comes crashing down when Giselle goes mad and dies of a broken heart.

Pink Shoes

She is only shown a few minutes in the movie. She is firstly seen in her balcony calling Giselle to come and dance. One of the villagers tells the Snow Queen that Giselle had pink shoes. When she asks her where her daughter got the pink shoes she lies and then she turns her into an ice stone. At the end of the film, when Kristyn destroyed the Snow Queen, Berthe was turned back to normal.


Barbie in The Pink Shoes
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