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Ben (short for Benjamin) is a minor character in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. She is voiced by Kirsten Day. Ben owns a place named Ben's Junk-It.


In "Clubhouse (Remix)", Chelsea's [clubhouse gets taken away after it is left by the curb. Barbie drives to Ben's Junk-It, accompanied by Teresa and Nikki. After Ben introduces herself, Barbie replies that Ben is an "interesting" name for a woman. Ben disagrees and says her name is short for Benjamin. Ben asks how she can help. Barbie asks if one of Ben's drivers had a clubhouse. Ben replies that one of the drivers, Ang, brought a clubhouse in about 10 minutes prior. Barbie is relieved, since Chelsea loves her clubhouse. However, Ang has already taken the clubhouse away.

Ben speculates that Ang may have taken the clubhouse home to her kids, but she notes that Ang doesn't have kids, so Ben concludes that Ang probably just took it to a garbage dump. Ben phones Ang to find out where she is. Teresa is hopeful that Ben will be able to help. Ang doesn't answer the phone, so Teresa uses an app she made to locate Ang using her phone number. Teresa has a complex explanation for the app, which Ben doesn't understand, so Teresa simply asks for Ang's number. After giving Teresa the number, Ben wishes the girls luck in finding the clubhouse.

Physical Appearance[]

Ben is a woman with short blonde hair, gray eyes and light brown skin. She has light freckles across her cheeks and nose. Ben wears a short-sleeved pink plaid shirt, a brown belt with a silver buckle, and dark blue jeans.


Ben is quirky and friendly. She kindly helps Barbie and her friends to locate Chelsea's clubhouse. Ben thinks it is sweet that Chelsea loves her clubhouse.