This is a subpage for a transcript of Barbie in A Christmas Carol. The scenes are distinguished by the scene selection on the DVD of the film. In some releases of the film, Kelly is named Shelly.

Scene 1: The Snowglobe

[Barbie is searching for Kelly in their home.]
Barbie: Kelly! Kelly! [Barbie enters her bedroom.] Kelly! Kelly, where are you? We're late! (Barbie sighs.) How do little sisters know the exact worst time to disappear? [Barbie sees Kelly.] Hmm... [Barbie goes up to Kelly and tickles her. Kelly giggles.] Tell me you haven't been in my room this whole time?
Kelly: Well, not forever...
Barbie: Didn't you hear me calling for you? We're late! The Charity Christmas Ball starts in, like, five minutes. All our friends and family are already there. Come on! [Barbie walks to the door. Kelly doesn't follow.] Small person not next to me... Kelly? Come on! [Barbie laughs and walks back to Kelly.] Wow. Looks like someone's got the Christmas spirit.
Kelly: This isn't Christmas!
Barbie: Really? Because the calendar says December 24th, Christmas Eve, and pretty much everyone we know is at the Charity Christmas Ball, where we need to be.
Kelly: I don't want to go to the Ball! I want to do what we do every Christmas Eve! I want to stay home and make cookies and drink cocoa and sing carols and open a special present! That's what we do, and I'm staying here until we do it!
Barbie: Okay. I know you miss what we usually do, but look what we get instead. We'll go to a big party, spend time with our friends and family, and support a really good cause. The Ball will raise money for a hospital. It's Christmas.
Kelly: I hate Christmas!
Barbie: I see. Hmm... You know what? I think it's okay if we run a little late. I wanna show you something. [Barbie goes to her shelf and brings a snow globe to Kelly.]
Kelly: That's your snow globe. You said I wasn't allowed to touch it.
Barbie: Well, this is a special occasion. [Barbie holds it out to Kelly, but Kelly hesitates.] Go on. [Kelly takes the snow globe and Barbie winds it up. The snow globe plays a "O Christmas Tree".] There's a story behind this snow globe.
Kelly: There is? [Barbie nods.]
Barbie: A story about the beauty of Christmas, and how one girl discovered it many, many years ago.

Scene 2: O Christmas Tree

[In Victorian London, Eden is performing at the Gadshill Theater.]
Eden: [Singing.] O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
How lovely are thy branches
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
How lovely are thy branches
You bloom with summer's fairest rose
And in the winter's bitter snows
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
How lovely are thy
[The theater audience applauds and cheers when Eden finishes singing. Eden bows.]
Barbie: [Voiceover.] Eden Starling was the most famous singing star in Victorian England. [A woman gives Eden a bouquet. Eden blows kisses at the audience, and waves as she leaves the stage.] She was beautiful, talented...
Eden: Ugh! [Eden throws the bouquet away when she is backstage, and it lands on a piano that Chuzzlewit is sitting on. He meows loudly.]
Barbie: ... And incredibly full of herself.
Eden: I hate Christmas!
[The scene cuts back to Barbie's bedroom.]
Kelly: Hey, that's what I said!
Barbie: Really? Hmm. Must be a coincidence.
[The scene cuts back to the Gadshill Theater.]
Eden: [She begins pacing in the backstage area.] Singing those insipid little carols every year... [Chuzzlewit jumps off the piano and begins to follow Eden.] I am a classically trained songstress. I perform opera, Chuzzlewit. [Chuzzlewit meows.] Opera. [She stops walking suddenly. Chuzzlewit bumps into her and meows again.] Where's my tea and crumpets?
Chuzzlewit: Hmm...
Eden: There's supposed to be a tray of tea and crumpets right here! And where's Catherine? Catherine! Catherine! Catherine! [Eden's yells echo.]

Scene 3: Deck The Halls

[Catherine, Maurice, Ann, Nan, and Freddy are decorating a room in the theater.]
Catherine: [Singing.] Deck the halls with boughs of holly
All: [Singing] Fa la la la la la la la la
Maurice and Freddy: [Singing.] 'Tis the season to be jolly
Catherine, Ann and Nan: [Singing.] Fa la la la la la la la la
Don we now our gay apparel
Maurice and Freddy: [Singing.] Fa la la la la la la la la
Troll the ancient Yuletide carol
Catherine, Ann and Nan: [Singing.] Fa la la la la la la la la
Ann and Nan: [Singing.] See the blazing Yule before us
Maurice and Freddy: [Singing.] Fa la la la la la la la la
Strike the harp and join the chorus
Catherine, Ann and Nan: [Singing.] Fa la la la la la la la la
Catherine: [Singing.] Follow me in merry measure
All: [Singing.] Fa la la la la la la la la
While I tell of Yuletide treasure
Fa la la la la
Fa la la la
Fa la la la la la la la la
[Ann and Nan go to Freddy. Maurice is nearby, while Catherine is sitting on the other side of the room.]
Nan: Freddy...
Ann: So...
Nan: When are you going...
Ann: To ask her? [Freddy almost falls off the ladder he is on.]
Freddy: Whoa! Ann, Nan, ask who?
Maurice: Come now, Freddy. We all know you want to ask Catherine out on a date.
[Catherine smiles at Freddy, and he loses his balance.]
Freddy: Whoa! Ahh! [Ann and Nan squeal and steady the ladder.] Whoa... [Catherine laughs.]
Maurice: If you want to ask her out, do it now, before we leave for Christmas holidays. Otherwise, out of sight... Poof! [He throws a bauble he is jugglging into the air.] Out of mind.
Freddy: You think so? [The bauble makes a noise when it lands on Maurice's nose. Maurice laughs.]
Maurice: I know so! [Freddy clears his throat.]
Freddy: All right. I'm really going to do it. [Ann and Nan laugh.] I'm really going to do it. I'm going to ask... [Just as Freddy gets a bouquet out of his hat, Eden enters the room with crumpets.]
Eden: Catherine! [Maurice gasps and falls off his unicycle.]
Maurice: Ow. Oof! [Freddy gasps and hides his bouquet.]
Freddy: Oh!
Catherine: Hello, Eden! [Chuzzlewit meows.] Hello, Chuzzie! [Chuzzlewit flinches.]
Eden: It's "Chuzzlewit." You know he hates Chuzzie. [Chuzzlewit meows.] And have you seen these? [Eden points at her crumpets. Chuzzlewit meows.]
Catherine: Oh good! Your crumpets! I told the stagehands to get them for you.
Eden: Well, they didn't. I had to ask them. I had to talk to a stagehand. And look, they put on too much butter. It's pooling, pooling, Catherine. That's why it's your job to be there with my crumpets, so they get just enough butter, and... [Catherine laughs.]
Catherine: Excuse me? My job is Gad's Hill Theater costume designer, not crumpet butteriser. I do that for you because you're my friend.
Eden: But still, have a look at them. They're pooling.
Catherine: Eden, I know you feel better when I'm there to watch you perform, but I couldn't tonight. Don't worry. I know you were brilliant as always!
Eden: I don't need you to tell me I was brilliant, I know I was brilliant. But as a costume designer, I thought you might want to do your job, and see the dress you made onstage.
Catherine: I understand.
Eden: So, what was so important that you couldn't come upstairs?
Catherine: Look around you, Eden. Look at the tree, it's Christmas Eve! We wanted to celebrate a little before we all go off on holiday.
Eden: Holiday? Who said anything about a holiday?
Nan: Excuse me?
Maurice: What?
Ann: No!
Maurice: No...
Ann: Holiday?
Catherine: No holiday?
Ann: But it's...
Nan: Christmas!
Eden: I'm aware it's Christmas, which means there's only two weeks before you will get the privilege of being in Eden Starling's new show. You should be begging to rehearse.
Maurice: No. No, no, no, no, no. C'est impossible. This is an outrage!
Ann: Eden...
Nan: We can't work on Christmas!
Ann: We have people coming over!
Nan: There's a turkey to stuff...
Ann: And pies to bake!
Nan: Oh, we can't be here!
Freddy: Eden, please reconsider. I beg of you. [Freddy makes a dove come out of his hat. Chuzzlewit sees it and smacks his lips hungrily. He chases the bird when it flies away.]
Eden: You don't want to work on Christmas? You're not dedicated enough to this theater? Fine, stay home, but if you do, don't bother coming back. Ever. [Eden begins to leave. Chuzzlewit meows as he tries to pounce on the dove. He meows again when Eden trips over him. Eden sighs at him and he meows. She scoffs and everyone laughs quietly. Eden leaves and slams the door. Maurice begins speaking French erratically.]
Catherine: What?
Maurice: You need to talk to Eden.
Ann: Please, you've known her forever!
Nan: She listens to you!
Freddy: Eden doesn't make a move without talking to you. You're the only one who can change her mind... without getting us all fired, right?
Catherine: Right. Keep your Christmas plans! [Catherine leaves and goes to Eden.]

Scene 4: Bah Humbug

[Catherine finds Eden sitting in a room with Chuzzlewit. She closes the door behind her.]
Catherine: Okay, seriously, Eden, you can't...
Eden: "Eden doesn't make a move without talking to you."
Catherine: Eden...
Eden: What, they all think I'm wrapped around your little finger? I'm the star.
Catherine: You're asking them to give up Christmas. They have plans. I have plans.
Eden: Bigger plans than my next show?
Catherine: Yes. I'm leaving town tomorrow and going home. My whole family will be there for Christmas dinner this year. [Eden sprays perfume on herself.] That hasn't happened since we were kids. [Chuzzlewit sniffs the perfume.] You of all people should know how important that is to me.
Eden: You know what should be important to you? Me. When I was discovered, I could have had any costume designer in London for my company, but I insisted on you, my oldest friend. I did that.
Catherine: I know you did, and...
Eden: And you don't care.... But I expect that. When push comes to shove, I know only one person who's truly there for me. Me. It's like Aunt Marie always said, "In a selfish world, the selfish succeed." [Eden powders her face, and the powder makes Chuzzlewit sneeze.]
Catherine: It's not a selfish world, and do you really want to listen to what Aunt Marie said?
Eden: My Aunt Marie was brilliant. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be here right now, and neither would you... but if you can't appreciate that, maybe you shouldn't work here any more.
Catherine: Tell me you're not threatening to fire me?
Eden: I've seen you backstage sewing things that aren't for the show. I guess working at the top theater in London isn't enough for you. You had to pick up something on the side.
Catherine: What? No! That's not what you think!
Eden: Prove it, and show some dedication. Take down the trees, stop the carols, and get ready to work tonight, tomorrow, and all through the week! Anyone complains, anyone goes home, anyone breathes one word about Christmas, they're out! Including you. [Eden to the door and Chuzzlewit meows before following her.] Does everyone understand? [Eden opens the door, knowing that the employees are eavesdropping. They all exclaim and groan as they fall on the floor because they were leaning on the door.]
Chuzzlewit: Hmm?
Freddy: Yes.
Ann: We...
Nan: Understand.
Maurice: Oui, oui. [Eden notices Catherine looking at her.]
Eden: What?
Catherine: You have no idea how sad it makes me to see you like this. Merry Christmas, Eden.
Eden: I said not to mention that word. That is the last time I want to hear it! [Eden slams the door after Catherine leaves. She sits down with Chuzzlewit again.] Christmas? Bah, humbug!
[The scene cuts back to Barbie's bedroom.]
Kelly: Eden's mean.
Barbie: Oh, you think so? I guess she can come off as kind of mean, but...
Kelly: No, she is mean!
Barbie: Okay, if that's how you see it. So, that night...
Kelly: Wait! It's just... you usually tell me stories about nice girls. Girls who are good to everyone!
Barbie: Well, that's true. Eden's someone who's making a lot of mistakes. But sometimes we can learn from people who make mistakes, don't you think?
Kelly: Like when you left your shoes out in the kitchen and tripped over them! I learned not to do that!
Barbie: Exactly. [Kelly laughs.]
Kelly: And you were carrying spaghetti and it went everywhere! All over the floor and on the walls...
Barbie: Uh-huh. I remember.
Kelly: And in your hair... And, remember, one piece hung right down in your face! And when you breathed in, it almost went up your nose, and...
Barbie: Okay, I remember! Can we get back to the story now?
Kelly: I don't know. Maybe I'm not all done learning yet...
Barbie: Kelly... [Kelly laughs.]
Kelly: Okay, we can get back to the story.
Barbie: Thank you. So, they rehearsed all that evening, and that night, while Eden was asleep...

Scene 5 - Aunt Marie

[Eden and Chuzzlewit are sleeping in Eden's bedroom. The ghost of Marie, floating with hand mirrors attached to chains, approaches Eden's bed. She knocks over a chair, which wakes up Eden and Chuzzlewit.]
Eden: Oh. Oh! Who's there! [Chuzzlewit meows as he sees Marie.]
Marie: Eden...
Eden: Aunt Marie?
Marie: Yes, my darling. It is I. [Marie laughs. One of her chains gets caught on hat and coat stand, making Marie fall to the floor.] Whoa! [Marie groans and Chuzzlewit meows.] Don't just sit there gaping, child! Didn't I raise you with any manners? When your aunt's ghost comes to visit and gets tripped up in her chains, you help her!
Eden: Of course. I... I must've forgotten. [Eden helps Marie to stand up.]
Marie: Much better. Now, child, walk with me! [A chain gets caught on a mirror, making Chuzzlewit meow in alarm.]
Eden: Oh! [Eden steadies the mirror. Marie looks around.]
Marie: Hm. Perhaps I'm better served standing.
Eden: I think you'd have an easier time if you took off some of your jewellery. [Eden picks up a chain.]
Marie: No, Eden, these chains don't ever come off. They're the chains I formed in life. Chains of selfishness!
Eden: But you always said selfishness is good! "In a selfish world, the selfish succeed."
Marie: You still say that after all these years? I suppose I should be flattered. [Marie laughs.] You really did care for me.
Eden: Well, of course, Aunt Marie. You raised me.
Marie: Like a true daughter, and you've become everything I dreamed.
Eden: Oh, thank you.
Marie: Which is terrible! So tonight, I want you to change.
Eden: You want me to what?
Marie: Change, child, change. And not just your nightgown... though with the money you make, you really could do so much better. [Eden scoffs.] I want you to change your life, Eden. Forget everything I told you. It is not a selfish world. That was my excuse for not having the talent to become a star myself, but when I see what it did to you... When I see how wrong I was... I... I... Oh! Oh, Eden! Oh!
Eden: You're not my Aunt Marie. You're not even a ghost at all.
Marie: Not a ghost? I am floating two feet off the ground. How much ghostlier do you want me to be? [Eden picks up an umbrella and begins swinging it over Marie's head. Marie dodges the umbrella.] Stop that! What are you doing?
Eden: So, what's holding you up, hmm? Wires?
Marie: Whoa!
Eden: Whatever it is, it's a good trick.
Marie: This is the last time I visit you from beyond, I can promise you that.
Eden: The real Aunt Marie would never say she was wrong. She raised me perfectly to be a star.
Marie: I raised you to be a perfectly selfish ninny! But now, I have the chance to make it right. I'm sending you three spirits tonight. Listen to them, Eden. If you're lucky, they'll help you change your life before you end up like me!
Eden: Now! [Chuzzlewit meows and tries to pounce on Marie. He weighs down a chain, making Marie fall down.]
Marie: Whoa! [Marie grunts as Eden covers her in a blanket.]
Eden: And you can tell everyone at the Gad's Hill who sent you here that they're all fired! [Eden grunts as she pulls back the blanket. Marie is gone, and only Chuzzlewit was beneath it.] Chuzzlewit? But what happened to...

Scene 6 - Christmas Past

[Eden and Chuzzlewit are on Eden's bedroom floor. Eden is thinking about her encounter with Marie.]
Eden: Strange...
[The scene transitions to Eden and Chuzzlewit sleeping in bed as the clock strikes 12 a.m. Christmas Past uses a magic wand to cast magic on Eden. Eden thinks it is Chuzzlewit trying to wake her up.]
Eden: Chuzzlewit. Chuzzlewit, it's not morning. Oh, that's it, Chuzzlewit, you're going outside. [Eden takes off her sleeping mask.] Oh, I had the strangest dream last night.
Christmas Past: Really?! I'd love to hear all about it! [Eden screams and gets out of bed.]
Eden: Who are you?
Christmas Past: Why, the Spirit of Christmas Past, of course! Didn't your Aunt Marie tell you I was coming? Ha-ha!
Eden: My Aunt Marie? [Christmas Past gasps.]
Christmas Past: Oh, you have a kitty! [She casts magic on Chuzzlewit, making him float into the air. She pets him as he meows and squirms protests.] Ooh, you are just the cutest thing! [She begins cooing at Chuzzlewit.]
Eden: Is this another nightmare? [Christmas Past: laughs.]
Christmas Past: No, silly! I've come to take you to... [She pauses to think, distracting her from making Chuzzlewit float. Chuzzlewit falls from the air onto Eden's bed. Christmas Past stammers.]
Christmas Past: Where did I put that note? A-ha! No, no... Ah! A-ha! To your girlhood Christmas. [She laughs.] What fun!
Eden: My girlhood? Oh, I don't think that's such a good... [Christmas Past takes her hand and pulls her.] Whoa! Oh!
Christmas Past: Pip piddle-ooh and don't be slow, it's off to your Christmas past we go! [Christmas Past creates a portal to the past.] Off we go then! [Eden screams as she begins to float. Chuzzlewit meows and clings to Eden's dress.]
Eden: Ooh! Chuzzlewit?
Christmas Past: Oh! The kitty-witty's afraid
we're not gonna take him. Come on, kitty-witty, it's okay. Just hold on! [She casts magic on him.]
Eden: I don't think that's what he is trying to... Whoa! [Christmas Past pulls Eden into the portal, and Chuzzlewit meows as he goes in too.]
[The scene transitions to Eden, Chuzzlewit and Christmas Past in the portal.]
Christmas Past: Okay. So, I didn't want to say anything at first, [She laughs.] But I have to tell you, [She laughs again.] I'm a huge fan of yours! Maybe the hugest! And I just love your voice, especially when you sing Christmas carols. Oh, I was like... I mean... I was like... [She begins stammering.] Heavenly chimes, that's what it is! Oh, and it's such an honour to... Oh! I'm sorry. Uh, is it odd for you that I'm such a huge fan?
Eden: That's not the part that's odd for me. [Christmas Past takes Eden's hand.]
Christmas Past: Hold on!
Eden: What? Why? [Eden and Chuzzlewit scream as they go faster through the portal.]

Scene 7 - Little Eden

[Eden, Chuzzlewit and Christmas Past arrive in the past. They see young Eden sitting in a quiet room with no signs of it being Christmas.]
Christmas Past: Oh! I think. Something's not right. We were supposed to get here at Christmas. Oh! I must've miscalibrated. [She grunts as she shakes and hits her magic wand.]
Eden: No. This is right.
Christmas Past: It is? But it can't be. There's no tree, no stockings, no presents, no decorations... [She gasps.] Oh... you poor thing... [Chuzzlewit meows as he tries to get young Eden's food.] Oh, poor little kitty-witty boom! [She picks him up.] Who's the kitty-witty? Ooh... Did you get a boo-boo? [Chuzzlewit meows.] You know, we can't eat or even touch food when we travel to other times, kitty-witty bear. And no one can see us or hear us when we talk, okay?
Marie: Eden? [She enters the room holding a hand mirror. Eden quickly finishes her food.]
Young Eden: I'm all done, Aunt Marie. Can I go over to the Beadnell's house?
Marie: Of course not. After dinner, we rehearse.
Young Eden: I know, but I thought we could... maybe make an exception today... because it's Christmas! They all said they'd really love to see me there. Catherine even said it'd make her Christmas.
Marie: Make her Christmas? Make her Christmas? What about your Christmas? More importantly, what about your future? You want to be a star, don't you?
Young Eden: I do, but...
Marie: More than anything else in the world?
Young Eden: Yes, but...
Marie: Then, what Catherine and the Beadnells want doesn't matter. What do I always tell you?
Young Eden: "In a selfish world, the selfish succeed."
Marie: That's right. And if you want to succeed, you must use
every second of your time selfishly.
Young Eden: Yes, Aunt Marie.
Marie: Good choice. I'm proud of you. Now go work your scales until dinner's ready.
[Marie leaves the room and Eden goes to look out the window. She sees the Beadnells house and sadly turns away.]
Kelly: [Voiceover.] Wait... [The scene transitions back to Barbie's bedroom.] Aunt Marie's making Eden work on Christmas?
Barbie: Well, every day. But, yes, on Christmas, too.
Kelly: But that's not fair!
Barbie: It's not.
Kelly: And there's nothing Eden can do about it?
Barbie: Hm.
Kelly: That's horrible!
Barbie: Wait a minute. I thought you said Eden was mean.
Kelly: I did. I mean, she was, but...
Barbie: Maybe it's just tougher to judge when you know the whole story.
Kelly: Maybe. Tell me what happened next!
Barbie: Okay. So, Eden stayed in her room and practised her scales for an hour.
[The scene transitions back to Eden and Christmas Past visiting Eden's past. Young Eden is vocalizing and playing the piano.]
Christmas Past: Okay, I know it's devastatingly sad that this is how you're celebrating Christmas... [She laughs.] But I can't even tell you what a thrill it is to hear Eden Starling, the early years! I mean, am I lucky or what? [She laughs, and young eden stops practicing.] Wait, why did you stop?
Eden: You'll see.
[Young Eden goes to see Marie. She sees Marie is sleeping, so she sneaks out of the house.]
Christmas Past: Come on! [Christmas Past, Eden and Chuzzlewit follow young Eden as she whoops and laughs on a sled towards the Beadnell's.] Oh, this is so much fun. Did you do this all the time?
Eden: As often as I could.
[Young Eden laughs at a snowman when she arrives at her destination. She knock on the door and a young Catherine gasps when she answers.]
Young Catherine: Eden! I'm so glad you made it!
Eden: I can't believe I'm back here. This was my favourite place in the world. I remember... Oh! [Eden falls as she floats through a wall by accident.]
Christmas Past: Oh, did I forget to mention we float through walls? [She laughs and helps Eden up.] Oopsy! [She becomes distracted by the event in the room and gasps. She drops Eden.] Ooh! A party! Ooh!
Eden: Gingerbread. Ah, it's wonderful, isn't it?
[Chuzzlewits meows and sniffs the air.]
Christmas Past: Oh, look, there you are!
Young Eden: You put up my stocking!
Eden: They always did.
Young Catherine: We always do... and have you noticed the pile of presents under the tree? [Eden gasps.] I think there's more for you than for me or Nell this year.
[Mrs. Beadnell laughs as she holds a bowl of snickerdoodles.]
Mrs. Beadnell: No, it's just for Eden to taste. [She gives Eden a spoonful to try.]
Mrs. Beadnell: Well?
Eden: Snickerdoodles!
Mrs. Beadnell: Your favourite cookie! Which makes you an expert. What do you think?
Young Eden: Best I've ever tried.
Young Catherine: Kiss-up. [Young Eden and Catherine laugh.]
[Chuzzlewit and Boz snarl at each other. Chuzzlewit jumps into Eden's arms.]
Eden: Chuzzlewit... I thought you said they couldn't see us?
Christmas Past: People can't. Animals are more sensitive.
Mrs. Beadnell: Boz, there's nothing there. No more barking at shadows or we'll put you outside. [Chuzzlewit taunts Boz.] Boz, no.
[Young Catherine gives Eden a present.]
Young Catherine: Here. [Eden opens the present and sees that it's the snow globe.] Catherine... [She winds it up and it plays "O Christmas Tree."] "O Christmas Tree!"
Young Catherine: Because you sing it so beautifully... it made me think of you.
Young Eden: Catherine, thank you so much. I love it... but I couldn't bring a gift for you or for your family.
Young Catherine: Are you kidding? You're here. That's enough.
Young Eden: I really love it.
Young Catherine: I'm really glad. Come on! [They laugh as Catherine leads Eden away. Chuzzlewit and Boz snarl at each other.]
Mrs. Beadnell: Boz! That's it. Out of the house with you.
[Boz is put outside. Chuzzlewit tries to eat some food but he falls down. Boz laughs at him from outside.]

Scene 8 - Jolly Old St Nicholas

[The scene cuts to young Eden and Catherine about to perform for the Beadnells.]
Young Catherine: Okay, everyone. Gather round! It's time for the show!
Christmas Past: Ooh, a show! Come on! [She pulls Eden along so they can watch.]
Eden: Oh, it's not like it's a real show. It's just a little thing we did every year.
Mrs. Dorrit: Oh! Those dresses are stunning.
Mrs. Beadnell: I know. She's been working on them since June, and Eden's been planning the arrangement and choreography just as long.
Christmas Past: "Just a little thing"? [She laughs.]
Eden: Fine, so it was a big thing, but it's still just kids' stuff.
Young Catherine: And now, presenting...
Young Eden: From Eden Starling and Catherine Beadnell, the future toast of London...
Young Eden and young Catherine: The greatest Christmas pageant ever!
[The guests applaud and someone plays the piano.]
Young Eden: [Singing.] Jolly old St Nicholas
Lean your ear this way
Don't you tell a single soul
What I'm going to say
Young Catherine: [Singing.] Christmas Eve is coming soon
Now, you dear old man
Whisper what you'll bring to me
Tell me if you can
Young Eden: When the clock is striking 12:00
When I'm fast asleep
Down the chimney, broad and black
With your pack you'll creep
All the stockings you will find
Hanging in a row
Mine will be the shortest one
You'll be sure to know
Young Catherine: [Singing.] Eden wants a singing book
Young Eden: [Singing.] Catherine wants a dress
Young Eden and young Catherine: [Singing.] Charlie needs a brand new bib
Because he makes a mess
Now I think I'll leave to you
What to give the rest
Choose for me, dear Santa Claus
What you think is best
Jolly old St Nick
[The guests applaud and compliment the girl.]
Christmas Past: And you said you didn't bring gifts for anyone!
Eden: What do you mean? I didn't.
Christmas Past: Your talent! Look how happy it made everyone!
Eden: Oh, I guess it did. I never really thought of it that way. Performing has always been about work and being a star. Except then.
[Marie bangs on the front door.]
Mrs. Beadnell: I'll get it!
Eden: Take me home. Now!
Christmas Past: Why? We're having so much fun!
[Marie bangs on the front door.]
Eden: Now!
[Mrs. Beadnell answers the door.]
Marie: Where is Eden?!
['Young 'Eden gasps. Christmas Past takes Eden home.]
Christmas Past: I didn't realise. I should have left when you told me to. I had no idea.
Eden: She ruined the whole holiday. Just stood there screaming for what seemed like forever. At me, at Catherine, at the Beadnells... Oh, it was horrible. That was my last Christmas there. Aunt Marie never left me alone for a second after that.
Christmas Past: I'm so sorry, Eden.
Eden: Don't be. Aunt Marie was right. I wasted time on those silly Christmas pageants for the Beadnells. After that, I concentrated on myself. And do you know what happened? I made my Covent Garden debut at 13. 13. Don't you have someplace to go? You're not even real, anyway. I'm sure I'm just dreaming all of this. When I go back to bed, you'll be gone. [Eden puts on her sleeping mask, and Christmas Past leaves. Eden lifts up her mask.] Spirit? See, it was a dream! [Eden pulls her mask down and lies down.]

Scene 9 - Christmas Present

[Later, Eden and Chuzzlewit are sleeping. The clock chimes as it strikes 1 a.m. "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" begins to play in Eden's room. Eden wakes up and lifts her mask to see the Spirit of Christmas Present conducting the orchestra of floating instruments playing the carol.]
Eden: Chuzzlewit? Chuzzlewit?
Christmas Present: Why, hello! [Eden gasps as she is lifted out of bed by magic. She floats next to Christmas Present.]
Eden: Who are you, and what are you doing in my room?
Christmas Present: Why, I'm celebrating. It's Christmas! [An instrument blares loudly at Chuzzlewit, scaring him.] Was that a little loud?! Sorry about that. Now, come on and join the party! [She casts magic to bring Chuzzlewit next to her and Eden.] Oh, but I'm being terribly rude. [She clears her throat.] I am the Spirit of Christmas Present. [She whistles.] Some travelling music, please. [Upbeat music plays and she laughs as she, Eden and Chuzzlewit float into a portal.]

Scene 10 - Throwing Tomatoes

[In the portal, Eden yells as Christmas Present laughs. They land in Gad's Hill Theater, where "Branle de l'Official" is playing as the employees practice.]
Eden: How dare you drag me off like that? Don't you have any idea who I am? Wait, but you said we were going to Christmas present, right?
Christmas Present: That's right!
Eden: And everyone's here to work, and they're happy. Look at them. See? Working through Christmas isn't such a hardship at all.
Maurice: What is that, Eden? You want us to work for Christmas? [He throws a tomato at a portrait of Eden. Everyone laughs.] Oh, ho! That must have hurt. Ah, no, it's fine. My kids love that Papa isn't home today. Whoops! [He throws another tomato and everyone laughs.]
Eden: You're out! [The music stops playing.] You're all out of my theatre!
Christmas Present: That's priceless!
Eden: Priceless? He's throwing tomatoes at me!
Christmas Present: While juggling! Ooh, you could put that in your act!
Eden: Oh, whose side are you on? These people wouldn't be anywhere without me! They owe me!
Nan: At least Freddy's happy...
Ann: While working through Christmas.
Nan: Now he can ask...
Ann: Catherine out on a date!
Freddy: As long as we clean up before she gets back. I don't think she'd like us throwing tomatoes at her friend.
[The door opens as Catherine returns.]
Catherine: Hello, everyone! Did you... [She gasps as she sees the tomatoes on the portrait.]
Freddy: We're sorry, Catherine.
[Maurice gives Catherine a tomato.]
Eden: See? Catherine understands gratitude. She won't let you get away with this. [Catherine throws the tomato at the portrait.] What?!
[The employees cheer and clap and Christmas Past laughs. Catherine holds out an arm to Freddy.]
Catherine: Shall we dance?
Freddy: I'd love to.
["Branle de l'Official" plays. Maurice laughs as he dances.]
Eden: That's it. I want to leave.
Christmas Present: Oh, what? Right now?
Eden: Now!
Christmas Present: Oh... Oh, all right. [She makes Eden and Chuzzlewit float into a portal while they exclaim. They land in the street.]
Eden: This isn't my bedroom. I told you to take me home.
Christmas Present: Oh! I thought you said you just wanted to leave. You have to be more specific. [She laughs.] Oh, did I sit in something? [She takes Chuzzlewit off her dress and laughs.] Feisty little thing, aren't you? [She drop Chuzlewit and he meows. He meows again when he walks into the road and gets startled by horses that Catherine and Nell are travelling on. The horses sense he is there even though they can't see him, and they whinny.]
Catherine: Whoa!
Nell: She's a monster, if you ask me. To keep you away from your family after everything we did for her?!
Catherine: She's not a monster. She makes me crazy sometimes, but then I remember all the times she made me laugh, and everything we did together. My friend's still in there, Nell. I can get mad at her, but I can't hate her. And look, since I'm not racing home, I don't have to
drop off my costumes and run. I can stay and see my other show.
Eden: Your other show? I knew it! The ingratitude! You are done at the Gad's Hill. Done! [She turns to Christmas Present when Catherine and Nell ride away.] Can you believe that?
Christmas Present: Oh, yes, she's very talented. I'm sure she could do a million shows! [She laughs.] I hope we can still get a seat. [She laughs and takes Eden and Chuzzlewit to the show at an orphanage.] Oh, would you look at this? [She tuts.] I'd never expect a Catherine Beadnell show in a place like this. Would you? [Chuzzlewit meow.]
Eden: Of course not. Don't you see? She doesn't want me to know about her little sideline, so she made sure they rehearsed here where no one in the universe would come. Oh, you're devious, Catherine Beadnell. Devious. And what new actress is waiting for you
in here, Catherine? Hmm? Anastasia Wobbler? Renata Trilby? [A door opens and orhans greet Catherine.] Cassandra-
Catherine: Hello, everyone! Catherine!
Jacob: Catherine! Merry Christmas, Catherine. Merry Christmas!
Catherine: Merry Christmas, everybody. Hello, Tammy.
Tammy: Merry Christmas, Catherine!
[Catherine and Tammy hug, and the other orphans ask for hugs.]
Jacob: I want a hug, too!
Catherine: All right. Big group hug! [The orphans hug Catherine and chatter.]
Christmas Present: Ah, orphans. Oh, you're right. She is devious.
Catherine: So, is everyone ready for your Christmas carol costumes? [The orphans gasp and thank Catherine.] Oh, don't worry. I have one for everybody.
Tammy: Catherine, did you get to tell Eden Starling about us?
Jacob: Yes.
Tammy: Will she come see our show?
Jacob: Will she, Catherine? Will she?
Catherine: I did tell Eden about you, and she wanted me to tell you that she's very sorry she can't come, but she's so proud of all of you, and she personally wishes each of you a Merry Christmas.
Jacob: Hear that? Eden Starling wishes me a Merry Christmas!
Tammy: It must be so amazing to hear her sing every day. You're so lucky!
Catherine: I am lucky... but not because I get to hear Eden sing.
Tammy: Then why?
Catherine: Because I get to hear you sing. Now, come on, everyone. People will be here soon. Time to put on your costumes and get ready for the show.
[The orphans cheer.]

Scene 11 - Joy To The World

Barbie: [Voiceover.] Eden was amazed by the way those children came alive with Catherine... and it wasn't just that she brought them new clothes. In fact, the clothes were the least of it. It was Catherine's attention. The simple fact that she cared. It got to Eden, and she couldn't stop watching.
[The orphans do an a capella version of the "Joy to the World" music.]
Tammy: [Singing.] Joy to the world
The Lord is come
Let Earth receive her king
Let every heart
Prepare him room
Orphans: [Singing.] And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and heaven and nature sing
[The orphans continue to sing while the orphanage head talks to Catherine.]
Orphanage Head: Thank you. Thank you for this.
Catherine: Oh, it's the least I can do. Have you heard any more about the possible closing?
Orphanage Head: Only rumours, but they don't sound good. We can only wait and hope.
Eden: Closing? What is she talking about?
Christmas Present: Oh, the orphanage doesn't have the funds to stay open. Most likely they'll close it before spring.
Eden: But if the orphanage shuts down, then what will happen to the children?
Christmas Present: Oh, they'll find their way, I imagine. Street urchins have for centuries. Of course, that's all a batch of humbug to you, right?
[The orphans finish the song and the crowd cheers and applauds.]
Christmas Present: Wonderful! Wonderful! Spot on!
[Chuzzlewit meows as he tries to get candy from her dress.]
Catherine: That was amazing. Thank you. I'm afraid I have to go... [The orphans protest.] but I'll see you all very soon.
Tammy: No...
Jacob: Don't go.
Tammy: Can't you just stay for a little while? Please?
Jacob: Come on, Catherine. You can stay, can't you?
Catherine: I'd love to, but I have to go back to work.
Tammy: No!
Jacob: No!
Eden: Oh, no!
Tammy: Please don't go. [Christmas Present laughs.]
Christmas Present: That's funny. Almost sounds like you changed your mind about working through Christmas.
Eden: Oh, not at all. I'm just saying she could take a slightly longer break if she needed to. Slightly.
Christmas Present: I see. [An alarm goes for 1:45 a.m. and Christmas Present.] Would you look at the time? I'm dreadfully late for another appointment. So just take my sleeve.
Eden: Now?
Christmas Present: Oh, I just thought you'd need your beauty sleep more than you'd need to watch a bunch of singing children. What was it your aunt told me she said?
Eden: "In a selfish world, the selfish succeed." All right. Let's go. [Eden takes Christmas Present's sleeve and they go back to Eden's room.]

Scene 12 - Christmas Future

[Eden and Chuzzlewit are sleeping at home. Eden is sleeping. The Spirit of Christmas Future arrives and Chuzzlewit looks at her.]
Christmas Future: Shh. [She casts magic on Eden to wake her up.] Hello, Eden.
Eden: Hello. You're the third spirit, aren't you?
Christmas Future: The Spirit of Christmas Future. Are you ready to come with me?
Eden: Mmm. I don't know. Will I like what I'm going to see?
Christmas Future: You might not... but sometimes we need to face things that frighten us. It's how we grow. [She takes Eden's hand and Chuzzlewit hesitates.] No, I think you should come, too. [She turns to Eden.] Ready?
Eden: Mmm-hmm. [Eden, Chuzzlewit and Christmas Future go into a portal. Eden sees gaps in the portal.] Why are there so many holes?
Christmas Future: The future isn't like the past. Every choice you make alters what will happen next, but as of this moment, we'll find your most likely future right here.
Eden: It's so cold. None of the other ones were cold like this.
Christmas Future: This future starts with a cold choice. After making everyone at the Gad's Hill work,
you found out they came in a few minutes late on Christmas day. So, you fired them all.
Eden: Of course I did. That's not a cold choice, it's simple consequence. I warned them that would happen.
Christmas Future: Oh, you did, yes. Unfortunately, their replacements didn't quite work out the way you'd hoped... [She laughs.] Like the hypnotist.

Scene 13 - A Sad Christmas

[Eden, Chuzzlewit and Christmas Future enter a future Gad's Hill.]
Hypnotist: ... And when you hear the word "Brava," you'll cluck like a chicken. [He clicks his fingers.]
Future Eden: See? I just can't be hypnotised. Good luck tonight, though.
[The scene transitions to future Eden finishing a performance and the audience saying "Brava!" future Eden begins clucking like a chicken and Chuzzlewit laughs.]
Christmas Future: And the trained dogs.
[The scene transitions to future Eden performing.]
Future Eden: [Singing.] O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
How lovely are... [The trained dogs disrupt the performance.]
Eden: Enough! Even if all that happened, so what? I have a public, and they'd stand by me through anything.
Christmas Future: Good. If that's true, you have nothing to worry about from the future.
[Christmas Future takes Eden and Chuzzlewit into an abandoned room in the Gad's Hill.]
Eden: Oh, where's this? [A rat squeaks and startles Eden. She gasps]
Future Eden: Get him, Chuzzlewit. Get him. [Future Chuzzlewit meows and chases the rat. Eden notices that future Eden is in a dirty dress.]
Eden: That's not... Is that me?
Future Eden: Go, Chuzzlewit! Go! [Future Chuzzlewit fails to catch the rat.] Oh, Chuzzlewit, I'm sorry. That would have been your Christmas dinner. [Chuzzlewit exclaims in disgust.]
Eden: What is this? A joke? This can't be my future. [Christmas Future makes a window open, and a flyer about future Catherine sticks to the window.]
Future Eden: Brr. Too cold. [Future Eden goes to close the window, and sees the flyer.] Oh. Catherine Beadnell. "Catherine Beadnell presents a new fashion line for spring. Come to her studio in Grindstone Square to see work from the premiere designer in all of Europe." [She sighs.] Catherine. Well, I haven't seen her in... ages.
Eden: What? You haven't seen her and she's a success? Go! She can help you. Catherine would never let you live like this.
Future Eden: Grindstone Square... Mmm. [She gasps.] But she wouldn't be there today, it's Christmas. Still, what are the chances of this flyer sticking to my window? It's almost like some kind of sign.
Eden: It is a sign! You sent her the flyer, didn't you?
Christmas Future: Mmm.
Eden: Do it! Go to the studio and see her.
Future Eden: Come on, Chuzzlewit. [Future Chuzzlewit meows.] Let's go visit an old friend.
Eden: Yes! That's why you brought me here, isn't it? Oh! This is where everything turns around. I want to follow her.
Christmas Future: Are you sure?
Eden: Yeah, of course I'm sure. Let's not waste a second.
Christmas Future: Very well, then.

Scene 14 - Future Catherine

[Eden, Chuzzlewit and Christms Future go to see future Catherine.]
Future Catherine: Holiday? Who said anything about a holiday?
Seamstress: But... but it's Christmas!
Future Catherine: I'm aware it's Christmas! Which means there's only two weeks before we show the new line of the most popular label in London! You should want to work every day... but if you're not dedicated enough...
Seamstress: Oh, I am, I promise! I'm sorry I complained, Miss Beadnell.
Future Catherine: Good.
Eden: I don't understand. She doesn't sound like Catherine at all. She sounds like...
Future Catherine: Eden!
Future Eden: Catherine.
Future Catherine: Looking good, Chuzzie. [Future Chuzzlewit meows.]
Future Eden: I can't believe I found you here at work on Christmas. I thought you'd be home with your family or... Or celebrating somewhere.
Future Catherine: I don't really celebrate Christmas any more. I was a little soured on the holiday when... when was I soured on it again? Oh! Yes! When you fired me because I came in late on Christmas day.
Eden: Uh-oh.
Future Eden: Oh, right... Um...
Future Catherine: No, it's okay. You actually did me a favour. You proved I'd been wrong and you were right.
Eden: No. No, don't say it, Catherine. Don't say it.
Future Catherine: It is a selfish world... and in a selfish world, the selfish succeed.
Future Eden: I see. I'm not 100 percent sure that's really true, actually.
Future Catherine: Oh, I am. I tried to be selfless. I looked out for you. I looked out for everyone at the Gad's Hill. I even tried to help out one of the poorest orphanages in London. Know what happened?
Future Eden: I fired you.
Future Catherine: Which meant I had to scramble for work. I found something, but it took me out of town for months. Know what I found when I got back?
Future Eden: No...
Future Catherine: I found nothing. That orphanage I was helping? [The scene transitions to future Catherine at the orphanage. Voiceover.] It closed down while I was away. I'd had no idea. There was one little girl I was ready to take in myself.
Future Catherine: Tammy! Tammy!
Future Catherine: [Voiceover.] But she was gone. They all were. Scattered out in the world to try and fend for themselves. [The scene transitions back to future Catherine and future Eden.] You can imagine.
Eden: No. Not the children. Oh, Catherine.
Future Catherine: My point is, I learned my lesson. Caring hurt. So I stopped. Now I just concentrate on myself, and look! I'm a star! Just like you used to be.
Eden: Catherine, listen. Don't make the same mistakes I made. You're better than that. Don't be like me. Do you hear me, Catherine? Catherine!
Future Eden: So, you can't help me?
Future Catherine: I'm done helping people, Eden. It never works.
Future Eden: Oh, I see. I'm... I'm sorry I bothered you. Merry Christmas, Catherine.
Future Catherine: Eden. Here, it's cold out there. [She throws future Eden a scarf.]
Future Eden: Oh, I've got it! I've got it! [She falls down and exclaims. The scarf falls in the snow.] I've got it... and it's completely useless. I guess that's the way with us, Chuzzlewit, isn't it? Chuzzlewit? [She sees future Chuzzlewit indoors with Catherine.] Chuzzlewit. [The seamstress throws him out.] That's it? That's all you have to say? How did we come to this, Chuzzlewit? I wish... Oh, it doesn't matter what I wish. Come on, Chuzzlewit.
Eden: No! That can't be it! This can't be your life. This can't be my life! There has to be some mistake, there has to be a way to change things.
Christmas Future: That chance passed long ago. As of now, this is the road of your future.
Eden: But it can't be! It's too horrible. I don't want to live this life. I want to change. Oh, please. Please just give me the chance. I want to change. I don't want this. Please, please. Just give me another chance. [Christmas Future casts magic on Eden.]

Scene 15 - The Best Christmas Ever

[Eden wakes up in bed.] Please! Oh. [She gasps. Chuzzlewit meows.] It's morning!
Man: Good day, sir. Merry Christmas.
Eden: It's Christmas morning. [She gasps.] It's Christmas morning! Oh! Oh, it hasn't happened yet! Oh! Oh, quick! The portals, Chuzzlewit. All those portals of the future, we can choose a new one! A new portal, yes! We don't have to make the same mistakes! We can change everything! Oh, yes! Chuzzlewit, we... can... h... h... help people! Help people, yes! We can make this the best Christmas ever! Wonderful, Chuzzlewit! Oh, we have to go shopping! Can't do shopping, I'm not dressed. Oh, it's Christmas! The stores are all closed. Chuzzlewit, what do we do? Yes. We'll go shopping right here! Come on, Chuzzlewit, let's do it. Let's go Christmas shopping.

Scene 16 - Eden's Christmas

[The scene transitions to the theater. Catherine, Freddy, Maurice, Ann and Nan are working while "Branle de l'Official" plays. Eden slams the door after she enters.]
Eden: Stop! Stop the rehearsal, stop everything!
[Maurice falls off his unicycle.]
Maurice: Whoa!
Freddy: Please, don't fire us. We're all here. Okay, yes, maybe we're a couple of minutes late, but...
Ann: Please, let us...
Nan: Keep our jobs.
Eden: No, it's okay. It's okay. I'm not here to fire anyone. It's Christmas. I'm here to send you home to your families!
Maurice: But you said...
Eden: Well, forget what I said. I was crazy, I was wrong! Go! Go! I mean, wait. Stop! Come back. I have presents... and look, a little elf, elf, elf to help me deliver them. [Chuzzlewit is dressed as an elf. He meows.] I, of course, saved my shopping for the last minute, and, of course, everything was closed today, so I had to just grab what I had, but... Merry Christmas. Maurice... [Eden hands out gifts.] Ann! Nan. Careful! Heavier than it looks! Freddy... What time is it? Cuckoo! [She laughs. Everyone thanks her.] Catherine, I'm saving yours for later. Oh, wait. No, there's more, there's more. I forgot! I found something else in my house
that I really wanted to give you. Christmas bonuses! Yes, because you're all so talented, and it is truly an honour and a pleasure to work with you. Now, go have a holiday. I'll see you in two weeks when we open. Merry Christmas!
Freddy: Thank you. [He takes carrots out of his hat.] Um, it was supposed to be flowers.
Eden: I love them... but I have one more thing for you. A favour to ask. [She gives Freddy a note.]
Ann: Merry...
Nan: Christmas!
Eden: That was beautiful. Thank you.
Maurice: I was wrong about you, Eden. You're one of the good ones. Merci.
Eden: Merry Christmas. [Freddy finishes reading the note.]
Freddy: Yes. Yes!
Catherine: What was that all about?
Eden: I guess he liked his Christmas present.
Catherine: Eden, I...
Eden: Catherine, I know for a fact you've been working on another show behind my back.
Catherine: Please, let me explain.
Eden: And I think it's wonderful! I want to go with you to see the kids perform. I understand I might have a couple of fans at the orphanage.
Catherine: You do, but how do you know about the orphanage?
Eden: Maybe it came to me in a dream. Come on. Let's hurry.
Catherine: Wait. Let's make our special guest a surprise. [Eden gasps.]
Eden: Yes! [They laugh. The scene transitions to the orphans finishing "Joy to the World".]
Orphans: [Singing.] And wonders of his love
Joy to the world
[The crowd applauds and cheers.]
Catherine: That was amazing, everyone. Thank you so much, but we're not done quite yet. I've brought you a special Christmas present. A special guest I thought you might want to meet. Special guest?
Eden: Merry Christmas, everybody. [The orphans gasp and chatter.]
Tammy: Eden Starling!
Eden: Tammy... [Tammy gasps.]
Tammy: You know my name. [Eden hugs her.]
Jacob: I want a hug, too!
Eden: Of course, of course. Catherine's told me so much about you. I feel like I know you all. Oh, Elizabeth, Jacob, Edmund. You were all incredible! I'm so happy to be a part of your Christmas. Ooh, and I have a special present for you all. I am going to personally adopt this place. Anything you need, new furniture, toys, books... Anything and everything. I just want you to come directly to me, and I will make sure you have it. I want these children to have the best. [The children cheer.]
Orphanage Head: I'm stunned. There are no words.
Tammy: This is the best Christmas ever! God bless us, everyone! [The children cheer.]
Catherine: You're incredible. Where did all this come from?
Eden: You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Just trust that it had a lot to do with you. Thank you.
Catherine: Thank you for giving me back my friend. [The children cheer.]
Eden: Ooh, your Christmas present. Part one. [Chuzzlewit eats the food in Eden's bag. Eden laughs and whistles. Freddy arrives in a horse-drawn carriage.]
Catherine: Eden!
Eden: They're the fastest horses money can buy. If we leave now, I think we can make it to your parent's house in time for dinner. That is, if it's okay for me to tag along?
Catherine: Okay? I'd love it if you came home with me for Christmas!
Freddy: Ladies.
Catherine: Freddy! You're driving us?
Freddy: It would be my greatest honour... but first, sometime when it's not Christmas and we're not going off to visit your family, I was wondering if I might... if I could have the pleasure of... That is... If I could have... The honour of...
Catherine: Freddy, are you asking me on a date?
Freddy: Yes.
Catherine: I'd love it. Thank you.
Freddy: Yes!
Catherine: Thank you so much, Eden.
Eden: Wait, there's more. Although, this is really more my Christmas present. [Eden brings out the snow globe.]
Catherine: I can't believe you still have it.
Eden: I do, and from now on, I'm keeping it on my nightstand so I'll remember to hold this feeling of Christmas in my heart every day of the year, and one day, I'll pass it down to my children and grandchildren and my great grandchildren so they'll remember, too.
Caatherine: Thank you. That's a perfect Christmas present.
Eden: Oh! Chuzzlewit. Chuzzlewit? Chuzzlewit? [Chuzzlewit goes to the carriage.] Oh, Chuzzie.

Scene 17 - We Wish You A Merry Christmas

[Freddy begins to move the carriage but the horses whinney when the carriage gets stuck in built-up snow.]
Freddy: This snow... the carriage can't make it through this weather.
Eden: Oh, no.
[The figures of the spirits in Eden's snow globe come to life and begin to cast magic. They float out of the globe.]
Christmas Future: [Singing.] We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Spirits: [Singing.] We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Glad tidings we bring
To you and your kin
Freddy: Do you see that?
Catherine: I thought maybe it was one of your magic tricks.
Freddy: No, I've never seen anything like that in my life.
Eden: I have. [The spirits use magic to enable the carriage to move.]
Spirits: [Singing.] We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
Freddy: It's amazing!
Catherine: What? But how?
Spirits: [Singing.] We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Eden, Catherine and the spirits: [Singing.] Glad tidings we bring
To you and your kin
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Jacob: Goodbye. Merry Christmas!
Eden: Merry Christmas.
Catherine: Goodbye!
Eden: See you soon.
Tammy: Goodbye! Merry Christmas!
Spirits: [Singing.] We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year

Scene 18 - Did It Really Happen?

[The scene transitions to Barbie's bedroom.]
Kelly: And did they get to the Beadnell's house in time for dinner?
Barbie: They did, and every year after that, they spent Christmas the same way. They helped others in the morning, then spent the evening together with their families and friends.
Kelly: Barbie?
Barbie: Yes, Kelly?
Kelly: That snow globe that Catherine gave Eden, the one that Eden said she'd pass down to her children, is that the same snow globe? Are we related to Eden? Did this story really happen?
Barbie: Maybe, but I do know one thing for sure, this is yours now. [Barbie gives Kelly the snow globe.]
Kelly: Really? For keeps? [Barbie laughs.]
Barbie: For keeps, so it can remind you to keep the beauty of Christmas in your heart every day of the year.
Kelly: Just like Eden. Thanks, Barbie. Merry Christmas.
Barbie: Merry Christmas, Kelly. [The door opens.]
Nikki: Okay, so I'm at this crazy, amazing charity Christmas Ball, I'm looking everywhere for my girls, and you're still here?
Barbie: Hey, Nikki. Sorry. We're just running a little late, but I think we're ready now. Are we?
Kelly: Yeah, we are.
Nikki: Wait till you see the Ball, it's so cool. [The snow globe begins to play "O Christmas Tree" after Kelly winds it up.] Everyone's dancing and having so much fun, and they're getting tons of donations for the hospital.
Kelly: You think maybe I could give something? I have some allowance saved up.
Barbie: I think that would be amazing, Kelly.

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