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"Barbie Roberts: Undercover Mermaid Part 1" is the seventh episode of the third season of the animated series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. It was released on Netflix on February 14, 2019.[1]

Official Description[]

"Barbie and her friends try to impress a fashion idol at a mermaid convention, but things take a turn when the sisters become suspects in a mystery."[2]


Barbie pranks Chelsea by pretending that Honey can sing and play the piano, so Chelsea wants to prank her back. Barbie teaches Teresa, Renee and Daisy yoga. Teresa thinks it was nice of Barbie to fit in one more yoga class before she goes on a family trip. The Roberts are going to a tropical island so George can attend a documentary festival for work. On the same island, there is a mermaid convention that Barbie is going to. Nikki arrives late and tells her friends that she entered an online contest when she found out Barbie was going to the mermaid convention. Nikki won four all-expenses paid tickets to the mermaid convention, so Barbie's friends can come to the tropical island too. They celebrate with smoothies.

The girls look online to see what is at the convention. There will be a mermaid royal wedding, which Teresa and Daisy think is romantic. Nikki is looking forward to a mermaid fashion show that will be judged by Fairuza Ukwani, the most popular swimwear designer in the world. It was Fairuza's idea for the mermaid convention (MerCon). Nikki idolizes Fairuza and would love to work with her. To show Nikki's designs to Fairuza, Barbie suggests that they enter the fashion show wearing mermaid costumes designed by Nikki. Chelsea pranks Barbie by putting a sock in her smoothie. Barbie sees the sock before drinking the smoothie, so the prank doesn't work. Barbie was too observant for the prank didn't work, so Chelsea feels frustrated.

Nikki designs jewel-toned mermaid-style gowns for her friends. Teresa and Daisy sigh wistfully when they think about how romantic the mermaid wedding will be. Nikki feels unconfident about her designs for the big finale. She feels like they're missing something. Barbie suggests that they borrow a necklace from Margaret. Barbie observes that Chelsea is trying to prank her again, so Chelsea is disappointed. Later, the Roberts get ready to leave in the camper. Barbie's friends arrive with their suitcases. Margaret lets Nikki borrow a gold necklace with white pearls on it. Margaret says the necklace is very special to her, so she is counting on Nikki to take extra good care of it.

Chelsea tries to sneak cheese in her bag, but Skipper, Barbie and the puppies smell it even though Chelsea tried to cover the scent with perfume. Ken watches the puppies while the Roberts are away. Stacie suggests that Chelsea give up trying to prank Barbie or call a truce, but Chelsea thinks she can successfully prank Barbie while on vacation because Barbie won't expect it. On the plane, Nikki is stressed because she thinks her designs aren't perfect, so Barbie comforts her. Nikki thanks Barbie and praises her for always being calm and confident. Barbie tells Nikki that she believes in her, and that they will do the best fashion show ever.

Stacie looks forward to eating and surfing. Skipper says that means Stacie is going 2,000 miles just to do what she does at home. On the island, Barbie and her friends get settled into their cabin. Renee describes herself as a "photo journalist" who is going to document their trip. She has brought binoculars, flash equipment, video camera, tripod and extra lenses. Barbie sees people dressed as mermaids outside, and Renee enjoys the food. Daisy wants to go to the pool, but Nikki says their assigned rehearsal time for the fashion show begins in 15 minutes. Barbie suggests that Nikki wear her costume for the rehearsal, so Nikki gets changed.

Barbie's family goes to their cabin. George tells his daughters to get settled while he and Margaret check on the helicopter that will take them to the documentary festival. Chelsea plans her prank on Barbie. At the fashion show rehearsals, Nikki's friends are in awe of her gown. It is awkward for her to walk in, so she's glad she has time to practice moving in it. Nikki and her friends impress people nearby as they practice a dance routine. Unfortunately, Nikki falls off stage and her gown gets covered in stains. Barbie feels guilty for suggesting that Nikki wear the costume to rehearsal. Nikki says at least she didn't humiliate herself at the actual fashion show. She wants to withdraw and hide in the cabin until it is over.

Teresa tells Nikki that she has the whole afternoon to fix her gown. Daisy says they have come too far to quit now, and Renee says this will be Nikki's only chance to show her designs to Fairuza. However, Renee thinks it would take a miracle for Nikki to win the fashion show and showcase her designs again next year. Barbie says they won't give up if Nikki doesn't. Nikki feels encouraged. She needs to find stones and sequins for her gown. Meanwhile, Margaret wants to check on their younger daughters before she and George leave on the helicopter. George says the girls will be find for the next couple hours since Barbie's cabin is next door. Margaret and George leave the lobby. A hotel detective comes in and tells a staff member that thefts are escalating and they have a serious problem.

Nikki fixes and works on her gown. She thinks it looks even better than before. Daisy brings Nikki some colorful seashells from a place called Sally's Sundries. Renee gives Nikki glitter and Teresa gives her glue. Barbie tells them to go enjoy the convention while she stays with Nikki until the dress is finished. Renee, Daisy and Teresa sigh dreamily thinking about the mermaid royal wedding. The trio run off cheering as they head to the wedding.

Margaret and George check on their younger daughters. Margaret reminds them not to use a pool unless a lifeguard is on duty, not to run on deck, and no talking to strangers. Margaret and George will be back late because they're watching three documentaries. George checks that the girls have room keys. Margaret reminds them there is a spare key to Barbie's cabin, and says to call if there's a problem. George adds that their phones will be off during the screenings, so Margaret says the girls should avoid trouble. Stacie is hungry, so George allows them to order one entree and one dessert each from room service. Skipper and Stacie agree to help Chelsea prank Barbie.

Barbie helps Nikki with her gown. Over the phone, Daisy and Teresa emotionally tell Barbie about the mermaid royal wedding, where King Neptune got married. Renee filmed the wedding, and Daisy and Teresa forgot to throw their fish food flakes (instead of confetti). Teresa invites Barbie and Nikki to the free buffet. It will be their last chance to eat before the fashion show that night. Nikki spots her friends outside and sees something small sneak out of a housekeeper's cart and into a cabin. She tries using her phone camera to get a closer look, but the thing she saw is gone before she could distinguish what it was.

Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper prank Barbie by swapping the furniture in their cabins around. Chelsea plans on Barbie walking into her cabin and thinking it's the wrong one, before Chelsea yells "gotcha!" As they leave to avoid getting caught by the housekeeper, Chelsea drops Margaret's necklace on the floor by accident without noticing. The girls leave. The housekeeper arrives with a monkey hiding in his cart. The monkey sneaks out, steals Margaret's necklace, and hides in the cart. The housekeeper leaves with the cart, and Barbie's sisters return to hide the rest of Barbie's belongings. The girls get caught by the hotel detective, who thinks they are stealing from the cabin.

Featuring the Voices Of[]

Other characters include Honey, DJ, Rookie, Taffy, Fairuza Ukwani and King Neptune.



  • This is the first multiple-part episode of the series.
  • When Stacie is searching in the chest in Chelsea's room, she pulls out a rabbit made of cheese. It is the lucky Wisconsin cheese bunny that George has in the episode "Nobody's Cupcake".
  • In Chelsea's room, there are photos from the movie Barbie Dolphin Magic.
  • Teresa speaks in a lot of Spanish this episode:
    • After Nikki asks if her friends would enter the fashion show wearing her designs, Teresa says in Spanish, "Claro!". This means "of course."
    • She uses "Hola" as a hello greeting multiple times.
    • She says "fantastico" ("fantastic") when she gets to go to the mermaid royal wedding.
    • When Nikki is looking for her, Teresa yells "mira!" ("Look!") so Nikki can find her.
  • Renee has seen every episode of a show called Heartthrob Teen Couples and she likes mini pretzels.
  • The character model for young Ken can be seen on the plane behind Barbie.
  • The design for the yacht that is seen on the tropical island was also in Barbie in Rock 'n Royals and Barbie Princess Adventure.
  • The tropical island resort uses the same design as the resort from Barbie Dolphin Magic.
  • The hotel detective has the same character model as Marco from 'Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase', but with different colors.
  • King Neptune has the same character model as Whittaker Reardon, but with different facial hair and a different outfit.
  • Nikki has a green phone.
  • Chelsea says "Gotcha!" is the "happiest word in the English language" because it means she's successfully pranked someone.
  • Stacie nicknames Chelsea "Dr. Prankenstein". This is a pun on the character Dr. Frankenstein from Mary Shelley's classic novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. Skipper nicknames Chelsea the "Princess of Pranks."