Barbie is a character in Barbie in the Nutcracker. She is voiced by Kelly Sheridan.


Barbie appears at the beginning and end of the film. Her younger sister Kelly feels nervous about performing a ballet dance on stage because she cannot master the steps. To give Kelly a confidence boost, Barbie told Kelly the story of a girl named Clara. Clara was a courageous girl, and hearing Barbie's story let Kelly to believe she could be brave on stage. Kelly succeeds in doing her ballet steps correctly in the end and gives Barbie a hug.


Barbie is a kind girl who is supportive and comforting to Kelly. She wanted Kelly to be confident with her ballet routine, and practiced the steps with her to make sure Kelly could learn it.

Physical Appearance

Barbie has light skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Her hair is in a bun. She is tall and slim, and she wears a short-sleeved black leotard, a pink tutu, pink tights, and pink pointe shoes.



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