Barbie is a character from Barbie Dolphin Magic. She is voiced by Erica Lindbeck.


Barbie has to help her friend, Isla, save the gemstone dolphins from Marlo, the so-called marine biologist.

Physical Appearance

Barbie has a fair skin tone, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Casual Wear

When arriving to the resort, Barbie wore a black shirt with pink and yellow flowers with green stems. Her hair is in a left side mini braid and the rest of the hair was loose. She also wore this outfit while singing ‘Treasure’.

Sleepover Wear

For her slumber party with Isla and her sisters, Barbie wore a pale pink top and shorts that had hot pink flamingos decorated all over her clothes. Her hair is in the same braid.

Swim Wear

Barbie wore a pink, neon green, and dark blue swim tracksuit; a pink, neon green, and dark blue top with a zipper with half sleeves and pink shorts. Her hair is in the same braid. Barbie wore this outfit while snorkeling and swimming.


Barbie is a fun loving, cheerful friend; willing to keep a secret from her sisters no matter how close they are. Barbie is also a good role model for her sisters. Barbie is smart, proven to come up with multiple plans to save the gemstone dolphins and saving Isla. Barbie is also sacrificial, willing to take Isla’s place as a mermaid to avoid Isla from getting caught. Barbie also believes that anything is possible, telling Chelsea and Skipper that just because they couldn’t see mermaids or gemstone dolphins, doesn’t mean they aren’t real. Her belief in mermaids are unknown, but she is shown to believe strongly when Isla showed her mermaid tail and how to swim like one. Barbie is a strong swimmer.


  • Barbie is a strong swimmer
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