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Barbie & Chelsea: The Lost Birthday is the 38th Barbie movie. It was released on April 16, 2021, on Netflix (USA). It is the first movie to have Chelsea in a starring role. The movie follows Chelsea and her family as they go on an adventure cruise for Chelsea's 7th birthday. When the cruise crosses the International Date Line, Chelsea thinks she has lost her birthday, so she goes on an adventure on a jungle island to save her birthday.

The movie is 60 minutes long and is available on Netflix (USA), Cartoonito (Italy), Pop (UK), 9Go! (Australia), Neox Kids (Spain), SuperRTL (Germany), Carousel (Russia), and iQIYI (China), and more.[6] The theme song of the movie is "Make a New Day," and the soundtrack Barbie & Chelsea: The Lost Birthday and More! was released on April 16, 2021.

Official Description

"Enjoy high-sea thrills as Barbie, Chelsea and the rest of the Roberts family set sail on an adventure cruise."[7]

"Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday," tells the story of Chelsea, Barbie’s precocious youngest sister, and the rest of the Roberts family as they set sail on an adventure cruise for her seventh birthday. When they cross the International Date Line, Chelsea discovers her actual birthday has been lost, and she embarks on a fantastical journey through an enchanted jungle island in order to save it."[8]


The Roberts family goes on an adventure cruise for Chelsea’s seventh birthday. Margaret has lots of work to do but promises Chelsea that the next day will be dedicated to her. So Chelsea, with her stuffed toys and older sisters, Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie, search for the perfect place on the ship to celebrate the birthday. First, Stacie finds a basketball bouncy house, but the Activities Director says that Chelsea’s height isn’t tall enough to enter. Then, Skipper finds a club and thinks it’s perfect, but the Activities Director tells them that the club is only for teens and tweens, not for four-year-olds. They try to talk to the Activities Director, and he suggests talking to Arlene, who shows the sisters a place with pools and water slides, with a special place for birthdays.

Chelsea finds it perfect, and then Arlene asks them to go ahead and make a splash. The girls keep their things on a beach chair and dive into the pool. Someone picks up Kelsie, Chelsea’s plush elephant, and makes it get stuck in the pool’s wave controls. The Activities Director blames Chelsea for the incident, but George supports her and believes she would never do that. Chelsea goes back to her room, and her sisters follow her. Chelsea hugs Kelsie, while Barbie appreciates her for taking care of her plush elephant so well. Chelsea goes to sleep so that her birthday comes sooner. At night they cross the International Date Line. When they wake up, Skipper tells them that today is the 11th, while Chelsea’s birthday falls on the 10th.

Barbie checks her phone and is surprised to find out, while Chelsea runs out with her plushies to ask everyone what day is it. Everyone says it’s 11th, and Chelsea gets to know her birthday is lost. Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie go after her, but they get stuck in the entrance. Then, Chelsea finds the Activities Director, who tells her that they had crossed the International Date Line. Disappointed about her birthday being lost forever, Chelsea hides under a tent and talks to her plushies about it, but instead, a talking parrot appears and tells her about a magical gem that grants wishes hidden in a jungle island. Desperate, she leaves her plushies and ziplines her way to the jungle island. Chelsea goes through the forest and finds a glowing waterfall and unusual but beautiful flowers. Her sisters search for her everywhere on the ship, but they fail to find her.

Arlene tells them to think like Chelsea, and the three assume she has gone to the jungle island. Meanwhile, Chelsea finds a baby elephant, Kelsie, crying. Kelsie tells Chelsea that she is lost and misses her family. Chelsea tells her about the gem and the two ally. They both find a giant talking flower who asks them a riddle. Chelsea tells Kelsie to follow the river. Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie go to the island and take a jungle tour to find Chelsea. In The way, Chelsea and Kelsie see a giraffe, Darbie, stuck in a web, about to get eaten by a spider. Chelsea cuts off the web, and the spider gets trapped in its own web. Finally, the three find a clue that says to go to the Ancient Temple of the Tiki.

Darbie says she knows a shortcut. She leads them to a cliff and taps her foot on a flower. The three slide on a rainbow and reach the other side. Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie go further into the jungle. Skipper falls on a bed of flowers and finds them soft. She pulls Stacie to the flowers too, and the two find it really soft. Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie suddenly feel itchy, then Barbie checks Skipper’s phone to see which flowers they are and finds out they are Itchy Flowers. She had got some oatmeal with her, so they apply it all over the itchy spots.

Chelsea, Kelsie, and Darbie reach the Ancient Temple of the Tiki and find a notice board that warns them not to wake up Tiki Statue. A monkey, Lacie, wanted them to play with her, so she asked them to play the upside-down coconut ball balance challenge. Chelsea asks her to be quiet, but Lacie throws her ball up, and the birds make noise and fly. After Lacie speaks through a megaphone, Tiki Statue wakes up and threatens that he will make the volcano erupt. Chelsea asks him to do a cannonball challenge, and Tiki agrees. Then, he dives into the water and floats away. Lacie joins the rest of the three; inside, Lacie’s ball was a clue, and they go ahead. Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie reach the seashore again because they had been going in circles all that time. Because of the oatmeal they had on their bodies, seagulls surround them.

Meanwhile, Chelsea, Kelsie, Darbie, and Lacie reach the darkest, coldest and wettest place in the forest, that was Snipper’s, the tiger, cave. Snipper made some music she was afraid to share, so Chelsea tells her it is great. Snipper suspects her telling a lie, but Chelsea really meant it. They sing a song together, and Snipper joins them on their journey. They go through Snipper’s cave, a tunnel, while Tiki covers the entrance with a rock.

Meanwhile, Skipper and Stacie get stuck in quicksand, Barbie saves them by swinging on a vine. Meanwhile, Chelsea and the animals came out the other way, but the river was full of crocodiles. Tiki comes again and makes the volcano erupt. Chelsea asks the animals to jump on the crocodiles’ backs if they were stepping stones.

They finally reach the other way, while Tiki tries to stop them but flows away with the river again. Chelsea, Kelsie, Darbie, Lacie, and Snipper find the gem and read the instructions on the stone. Only one could make a wish, so they give the wish to Kelsie, for a family is the most important. But Kelsie’s parents arrive there and say they will throw a party. Chelsea says Lacie can arrange games for the party, and Snipper can be the DJ. Then Chelsea asks Darbie to make the wish, but Darbie only wanted to help. Chelsea makes a wish and blows off the little flame on top of the gem. Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie find Chelsea sleeping with her plushies in a tent. It was all a dream. As the family was relaxing, Chelsea noticed the Activities Director trying to sabotage the Lazy River again, only this time, Chelsea catches him and realizes that he was the one sabotaging the ship, just so he can get out of doing his job. The Captain promotes Arlene, the new Activities Director, while the other gets sent to the lower deck for his crimes. And even though Chelsea had missed her actual birthday, she still cut the cake but denied making a wish. Arlene asks her to blow off the candles anyway. Skipper plays music with the DJ while the others dance.

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Press Release

"Mattel Television Announces Two New Barbie® Specials Premiering in 2021

  • “Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday,” the first piece of content to feature Barbie’s little sister in a starring role, will launch on broadcasters and streaming services around the world beginning this spring
  • On the heels of the success of “Barbie Princess Adventure,” Mattel Television will also release a new musical special globally this fall

February 18, 2021 01:17 PM Eastern Standard Time

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT) announced today the upcoming launch of two all-new animated Barbie specials. “Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday,” the first dedicated television movie featuring Barbie’s younger sister Chelsea in a starring role, will launch globally on broadcasters and streaming services this spring. The second special, which follows the success of last year’s “Barbie Princess Adventure,” will be a musical that follows Barbie and her friends to New York City.

Directed by Cassi Simonds (“Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures”), “Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday” tells the story of Chelsea, Barbie’s precocious youngest sister, and the rest of the Roberts family as they set sail on an adventure cruise for her seventh birthday. When they cross the International Date Line, Chelsea discovers her actual birthday has been lost, and she embarks on a fantastical journey through an enchanted jungle island in order to save it.

“Barbie’s brand message, about inspiring the limitless potential in every child, and her stories resonate deeply with both kids and parents all over the world,” said Adam Bonnett, Executive Producer, Mattel Television. “This year, we are expanding the Barbie content universe in a number of ways starting with a fantastical story centered around Barbie’s little sister, Chelsea, an incredibly popular character in the Barbie family. We have barely scratched the surface of the stories the brand can tell, and this is the first of many scripted and unscripted Barbie projects we have in production and development.”

The 60-minute special will be available on Netflix in the U.S. as well as on Cartoonito (Italy), Pop (UK), 9Go! (Australia), Neox Kids (Spain), SuperRTL (Germany), Carousel (Russia), and iQIYI (China), with additional broadcast and streaming partners to be announced.

Executive producers for “Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday” include Bonnett, Fred Soulie, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mattel Television and Christopher Keenan, Senior Vice President, Content Development and Production, Mattel Television. Ann Austen will co-executive produce. Animation services are being provided by Mainframe Studios.

This year, Barbie was named the 2020 Top Global Toy Property of the Year, according to the NPD group.* In addition to launching new content focused on Chelsea, the Barbie brand will also introduce complementary dolls, playlets, and accessories based on the character this spring. These new products are part of a broader strategy to expand the franchise with new items focused on Barbie’s friends and family."[9]

Promotion promoted the movie on the main page with a banner featuring dolls for the movie. It said, "Explore the jungle with Barbie, Chelsea & the rest of the Roberts family in their latest adventure!" It also said, "Learn More," with a link to a section for the movie. It featured a trailer for the movie, a link to watch it on Netflix, the sing-a-long music video for "Make a New Day," and also links to buy merchandise for the movie.[10]

Pop promoted the movie with its own section. It had a description for the movie; descriptions for Barbie, Chelsea, Skipper, and Stacie; printable activity sheets; a photo gallery with stills and artwork from the movie; and a digital art pad.[11]


  • Chelsea has previously been in eight movies, but this is the first movie to be titled and marketed as Chelsea having a "starring role".[12]
  • This is the shortest Barbie movie ever to be released.

Also Known As

  • Barbie Og Chelsea: Bursdagen Som Ble Borte (Norwegian)
  • Barbie & Chelsea O Aniversario Perdido (Portuguese)
  • 芭比与小凯莉之消失的生日 (Chinese)
  • Barbie & Chelsea Ulang Tahun yang Hilang (Bahasa Melayu)
  • Barbie y Chelsea El cumpleaños perdido (Spanish)
  • Barbie et Chelsea : L'anniversaire perdu (French)
  • Barbie e Chelsea: Il Compleanno Perduto (Italian)
  • Barbie i Chelsea: Zgubione urodziny (Polish)
  • Barbie ve Chealsea Kayıp Doğum Günü Hakkında (Turkish)
  • Barbie & Chelsea Τα Χαμένα Γενέθλια (Greek)
  • Барби и Челси: Потерянный День Рождения (Russian)
  • Barbie und Chelsea Dschungel Abenteuer (German)
  • Barbie i Chelsea: Izgubljen rođendan (Croatian)


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