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"This is our story, what's yours?"
– Barbie

Barbie: Star Light Adventure is the 33rd Barbie movie and the first under Mattel Creations. It was released by Fathom Events in selected movie theaters/cinemas on July 30, 2016. It was released to home video on August 29, 2016, and it made its TV premiere on Nickelodeon on October 2, 2016.[1] The soundtrack was released on August 26, 2016. Despite using Barbie as the protagonist's name, Star Light Adventure marks the last movie not about the Roberts family's personal life. It is also the last one to take place in a fantasy world, even though future movies have mild fantasy elements in modern settings.

Official Description


Barbie is a cosmic princess who flies high on her hoverboard through a far-off universe with her adorable and devoted pet sidekick, Pupcorn. One day, everything changes when the twinkling stars start to dim and slow their dance in the sky. Barbie travels to a beautiful new planet to join a special rescue team on a mission to save the stars. Once there, she teams up with a group of talented new friends who work together to save the galaxy through exciting hoverboarding adventures. Barbie soon discovers that if she listens to her heart, and with the help of her friends, she might be the leader the whole universe has been waiting for!"


The movie opens with narration explaining that the stars are beginning to stop dancing and go out, and according to a prophecy, there is only one who is destined to save the universe. The narrator introduces King Constantine, who believes himself to be this saviour. He sends a message to five young people who he hopes will help him on his mission to restore the stars.

One of these messages reaches the planet of Para-Den, a lush green planet, where the viewer is introduced to Barbie. She spends the day in the forest, practicing her hoverboarding and helping the animals. When helping a baby Ava-Grun, its feathers clog her hoverboard and she is plunged down below the tree canopy. Her board has become stuck too far to reach and Barbie uses her levitation powers to bring it back to herself. She returns home to her father and pet, Pupcorn. The viewer learns that Barbie's mother wished to raise her family in a peaceful place such as Para-Den, although she has since passed away, leaving behind a locket in which is contained a song to help Barbie stay brave. Barbie and her father take time to feed the animals around their home, with Barbie using her powers again to do so.

When they arrive home, the message has arrived from the King, requesting Barbie's presence on his mission. Barbie is scared by this prospect, and is distracted throughout dinner. After the meal, the two sit and look at the night sky, and her father tells her about her mother and encourages her to take up the King's offer. He then leaves her alone to think, and she plays the song from her locket. This relieves some of her fears and she decides to go help.

The next day, Barbie's father drops her off on the King's home planet, Opa-Irri, where he hands her a bag, containing her belongings, and inside which she has hidden Pupcorn. He also gifts her a new pink hoverboard. As he leaves, Barbie notices the arrival of superstar hoverboarder, Sal-Lee. Not looking where she is going, she bumps into Prince Leo, who helps her with her bags, before all the volunteers are teleported to their rooms in the palace. Two sprites knock at the door and inform Barbie of the rules, and let her know that a welcome gala is being thrown in honour of the volunteers. The rules stipulate that one must not run in the palace, and one must not be late. Barbie is worried, as she has nothing to wear to the gala, but luckily her father has packed a dress that he has explained via a letter once belonged to her mother. She tries it on and is disappointed it does not initially fit, however it then automatically adjusts to her size.

Naturally, Barbie finds herself running late and is forced to run down the corridors to make it to the gala. Inside the hall, the King's robot, Artemis, is introducing the volunteers. When he calls Barbie's name, she is not yet in the hall and a silence falls. It is at this moment that Barbie enters the room, much to the shock of all inside. She tries to hide behind a plant, but a butler robot encourages her out, and she eventually walks up to the King with pride and curtsies. She then stands aside and watches as Artemis announces Sheena and Kareena, who are twins. Barbie realises she is standing next to Leo, and talks again to him, before he too is introduced. Artemis finally introduces Sal-Lee, and the whole room is impressed by her hoverboarding skills.

The King then announces the buffet section of the feast, and it is here, at the buffet table, that the team is introduced to one another. The gala then moves on to the meal section, and Barbie reveals her powers to the others as she rearranges the placecards. After the meal, a robot DJ plays some music and Sal-Lee invites Leo to dance. He is a terrible dancer, and steps on her feet almost immediately, so she abandons him to the floor. Barbie then gets up and tries to teach him how to dance, but realises he is struggling to feel the beat. She taps her feet on the floor to help him, and the robot DJ notices this, and remixes the song to something more exciting. The others join the dance. Constantine, who has stepped out of the room, hears the new music and is angry with Barbie for her transgression. He changes the music back to the original. Back in her room for the evening, Barbie calls her father and worries that the King hates her. He tries to cheer her up.

Whilst talking to her father, Barbie notices Sal-Lee practicing outside and bids him goodbye to go practice alongside her. The girls fly around together, and later talk about their respective reasons for helping on the mission.

The next day, Barbie has overslept and is late to training. The King is not happy with her. He explains his plan, and Barbie worries his machine, the Stat-o-Tron will not work to restore the stars. Constantine then chooses her and Leo to compete in the first part of the training. They must fight to stay within the bounds of the arena to test their defense reflexes. Barbie wins the fight and the next part of the training begins. This involves a hoverboard race which simulates some of the challenges the volunteers will face on their mission. Leo watches from the sidelines as Barbie and Sal-Lee take Sheena and Kareena through the track. Barbie realises they will have more luck working together and this team work impresses the King. Sal-Lee wins the race through a fluke, after Barbie has saved her from crashing into a wall.

That evening, Barbie takes a walk outside, and finds Sal-Lee sitting alone. Sal-Lee thanks her for helping her during training and then leaves Barbie alone with Pupcorn, who transforms into a cat. Pupcorn is distressed that he can no longer fly, and Barbie enlists the help of the sprites to construct a way for him to fly again. This leads Barbie to run through the corridors after a flying Pupcorn, where she bumps into Constantine, who is once again angry with her. He tells her to go to bed at once.

In the morning, the King sends the volunteers on one final test. They travel to a desolate planet to find and capture a Starlian creature, although refuses to explain his reasoning. The team succeed in capturing the creatre, but Barbie quickly frees it because she is sure the King must want it for his zoo, and knows the Starlian will not be able to survive in such an environment. When they arrive back at the palace, the King is angry with Barbie and finally explains that the Starlian is the only creature who can help them travel through the magnetic storms which surround the Central Planet. In his anger, Constantine dismisses Barbie from the mission.

Once Barbie has left, the other team members desperately try to convince King Constantine to let her back, but he refuses to change his mind. Meanwhile, in her room, Barbie begins to pack her bag before realising that she can convince the Starlian to help them without force. When the evening comes, Sal-Lee is once again trying to persuade the King to reinstate Barbie when Barbie comes into the room leading a Starlian creature. The King relents and makes Barbie the team leader.

The team sits together that evening, and discuss their fears for the next day. Leo convinces Barbie to play them a song, and she reprises the song which her mother had left her in the locket.

The day of the mission comes, and Leo pilots Barbie, Sal-Lee, Sheena, Kareena, Constantine and Artemis across the galaxy. Sal-Lee reveals she has smuggled Pupcorn onto the ship as well. The Starlian creates a protective bubble to allow them to pass through the magnetic storms, and then Leo flies into the Central Planet. They land, and are faced with the orb field. Barbie and Sal-Lee fly carefully through the field, with Sheena and Kareena on the backs of their hoverboards, using their powers to protect both themselves and Constantine, who follows behind, holding his Stat-o-Tron. Pupcorn takes up the rear, with Leo holding onto a rope.

Once through the field, the team land on a circular plate, the button in the middle of which Leo presses and sends the team deeper into the heart of the planet. There is no gravity in the space into which they fall, and Sheena and Kareena help the team down into the heart of the galaxy. Constantine steps forward to use his Stat-o-Tron to realign the stars. As Barbie predicted, this fails, and the stars in the whole universe go out. Defeated, the King slumps on the floor and the team huddle close together. Barbie catches one of the stars as it falls and holds it to her ear, and hears its song. She smiles and steps forward, having realised that all she has to do is dance. She uses her powers to dance among the stars and they too begin to dance again. Her dress transforms and the stars are restored across the galaxy. A light floods the universe and the magnetic storms clear. Barbie returns to her friends and they thank the Starlian and head back to Opa-Irri.

The movie ends with another ball, where the crowd cheers for the volunteers. Barbie's dad has come to join, and King Constantine has made Barbie a princess, renaming her Princess Starlight. He asks if she will stay on Opa-Irri, and she offers to teach him how to dance. The robot DJ plays an upbeat song and the whole team dance.

Starring the Voices of

Press Release

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment - "From Universal Pictures Home Entertainment: Barbie™ Starlight Adventure




UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- SYNOPSIS:  Barbie™ is a cosmic princess who flies high on her hoverboard through a far-off universe with her adorable and devoted pet sidekick, Pupcorn. One day, everything changes when the twinkling stars start to dim and slow their dance in the sky. Barbie™ travels to a beautiful new planet to join a special rescue team on a mission to save the stars. Once there, she teams up with a group of talented new friends who work together to save the galaxy through exciting hoverboarding adventures. Barbie™ soon discovers that if she listens to her heart, and with the help of her friends, she might be the leader the whole universe has been waiting for!

The Blu-ray™ Combo Pack includes a Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD with UltraViolet™.

  • Blu-ray™ features a pristine high-definition picture, theater quality sound and exclusive extras.
  • DVD offers the flexibility and convenience of playing movies in more places, both at home and away.
  • DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet™ lets you watch movies anywhere, and plays on your mobile devices.

The DVD includes Digital HD with Ultraviolet™.

  • DVD offers the flexibility and convenience of playing movies in more places, both at home and away.
  • DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet™ lets you watch movies anywhere, and plays on your mobile devices.


  • "Firefly" & "Shooting Star" Music Videos
  • Bloopers
  • 2 Dreamtopia Shorts

FATHOM EVENTS SCREENING: Barbie™ StarLight Adventure is coming to movie theaters nationwide for a special one-day event on Saturday, July 30 at 10 a.m. local time, through Fathom Events. Audiences will get to enjoy the full feature along with an exclusive introduction from Barbie™, deleted scenes, a special interview with a NASA astronaut, and the "Firefly" and "Shooting Star" music videos with lyrics so you can sing along! For tickets visit


  • Street Date:  September 13, 2016
  • Copyright:  ©2016 Mattel
  • Selection Number:  63173499 (U.S.) / 63173501 (CDN)
  • Running time: 1 Hour 20 Minutes
  • Layers: BD-50
  • Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.78:1
  • Language/Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
  • Sound: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (English), DTS Digital Surround 5.1 (Spanish, French)


  • Street Date:  September 13, 2016
  • Copyright:  ©2016 Mattel
  • Selection Number:  63173500 (U.S.) / 63173502 (CDN)
  • Running time:  1 Hour 20 Minutes
  • Layers: Dual
  • Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78:1  
  • Languages/Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
  • Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 (English, Spanish, French)"[2]


The songs in the movie are:

The official soundtrack was released on August 26, 2016.


Theatrical Release

Barbie: Star Light Adventure was shown in selected movie theaters on July 30, 2016, at 10:00 by Fathom Events[3], Mattel and Women's Forum. Also, as part of the August Kidtoons Program at Showcase Cinema de Lux, the movie was shown in cinemas on August 20th & 21st at 10:30 am.[4]

DVD and Blu-ray

The bonus features are:

  • "Firefly" Music Video
  • "Firefly" Lyric Video
  • "Shooting Star" Music Video
  • "Shooting Star" Lyric Video
  • Bloopers
  • Barbie Dreamtopia "Wispy Forest"
  • Barbie Dreamtopia "Rainbow Cove"
  • For a limited time, the Barbie Dreamtopia movie was included on DVD releases.

Scene Index

  1. Chapter 1 [6:35]
  2. Chapter 2 [8:09]
  3. Chapter 3 [5:07]
  4. Chapter 4 [8:43]
  5. Chapter 5 [6:00]
  6. Chapter 6 [4:11]
  7. Chapter 7 [8:00]
  8. Chapter 8 [5:46]
  9. Chapter 9 [8:59]
  10. Chapter 10 [5:30]
  11. Chapter 11 [6:09]
  12. Chapter 12 [6:07]



  • This is the first Barbie film released under Mattel Creations.
  • In the film, Barbie plays her guitar both right-handed and left-handed. This could mean she is ambidextrous or it could simply be an animation error. Even if she can play left-handed, she would have to re-string her guitar to avoid playing backwards.
  • The ballroom scene at the welcome ceremony uses "Waltz of the Flowers" from the Nutcracker ballet (which could be a callback to Barbie in The Nutcracker).
  • This is the second Barbie film to not have any kind of antagonist or villain, though Barbie has a strained relationship with King Constantine. The first film was Barbie: A Perfect Christmas.
  • The title is actually a parody of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Starlight Express.
  • This movie has the same quote as Barbie Spy Squad & Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase.
  • This is the only movie to not use voice actors from Vancouver. All of the voice talent in this movie hales from Los Angeles, California.
  • The final song "Let your Hair Down" can be heard again in Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase while the girls are driving in circles to search for their puppies.


  • When Barbie bring back the stars to shine and dance again, her space outfit is seen transformed into a sparkly gown and her hair is in a high ponytail. But when her friends congrats her she was seen to wear her space outfit again and her hair is in a braid. This might be an animation error.
  • When Sal-Lee said "nice pink streak" to Barbie, she said "it's back." Though, it's unknown why her pink streak disappeared briefly.
  • Sal-Lee has magenta hair, but when her hair is loose it was seen as violet curly hair.

Also Known As

  • Arabic - باربي في مغامرات متلألئة
  • Albanian - Barbie: Aventurë në Hapësirë
  • Castilian Spanish - Barbie: Aventura en el Espacio
  • Chinese - 芭比之星光奇遇记
  • Croatian - Barbie: Zvjezdana avantura
  • Czech - Barbie ve Hvězdách
  • French - Barbie: Aventure dans les étoiles
  • German - Barbie in Das Sternenlicht-Abenteuer
  • Greek - Μπάρμπι στην Περιπέτεια του Διαστήματος
  • Hungarian - Barbie: Csillagok között
  • Italian - Barbie: Avventura Stellare
  • Latin Spanish - Barbie en una Aventura Espacial
  • Polish - Barbie Gwiezdna Przygoda
  • Brazilian Portuguese - Barbie: Aventura nas Estrelas
  • Portuguese - Barbie em uma Aventura nas Estrelas
  • Romanian - Barbie in Aventura Spatiala
  • Russian - Барби: Космическое приключение
  • Swedish - Barbie: På äventyr i rymden
  • Tamil - Barbie: ஸ்டார் லைட் அட்வஞ்சர்
  • Hebrew - ברבי באור הכוכבים
  • Vietnamese - Barbie: Cuoc phieu luu ngoai khong gian


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Barbie Star Light Adventure

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