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This is a transcript for Barbie: Princess Adventure.

Scene 1 (Amelia's photo shoot)[]

[In Floravia, Amelia is riding her horse, Morning Star. She admires the view.]
Amelia: Pretty isn't it, Morning Star? [Morning Star neighs]. I love being alone up here. Makes me feel... like me. [Morning Star neighs. Amelia hugs Morning Star.]
Director: And... cut! Back to one, we're going again!
[The camera zooms out to show Amelia is doing a photo shoot.]
Woman: That was great!
Woman: Can't have one hair out of place!
Alfonso: Be sure to get her best angle.
Photographer: Turn this way to get the light.
Amelia: Okay...
[People fix Amelia's makeup and nails.]
Woman: Ooh, looking gorgeous!
Woman: Gorgeous.
[Thunder booms above and it suddenly starts raining.]
Man: It's starting to rain!
Man: Oh, no! Her hair!
Woman: It's getting wet!
Man: Quick, get the umbrellas!
[Alfonso beckons staff to cover Amelia with umbrellas.]
Man: Let's go, let's go!
Woman: She's getting wet! Help her!
Man: Somebody cover her!
[Amelia looks up and smiles at the sky. The title Barbie Princess Adventure is shown.]

Scene 2 ("Try It On")[]

[In Malibu, Barbie is also smiling at the sky.]
Daisy: Earth to Barbie! What has you so spaced out?
Barbie: Oh, sorry, Daisy. Thanks for helping with the video shoot. Now all I need is a hook for our song. [They set up a green screen.]
George: Okay, girls! We're all set.
Barbie: Thanks, dad.
George: Where to, first? Paris? Peru? [He changes the green screen background. There is a pink llama in Peru.]
Barbie: Aww!
Daisy: Only the Roberts would have a portable green screen.
Barbie: Should make a pretty cool vlog post... assuming we finish the song first.
[Chelsea arrives in a toy train.]
Chelsea: Can I be in your vlog?
Barbie: Hey, Chelsea! What you got there?
Chelsea: My dress-up box. I wanted to play with Skipper and Stacie, but...
Skipper: En garde!
Stacie: En garde!
[Skipper and Stacie fight with laser swords.]
Chelsea: They said dress-up was for babies.
George: That wasn't nice, girls.
Stacie: Sorry, Chels, but we're talking life and death stakes here!
Skipper: We're testing out these--ugh!--new laser swords I made! Oh, no, the puppy! [Skipper points at the sleeping puppies.]
Stacie: What's wrong with the puppies?
[Skipper defeats Stacie while she is distracted.]
Skipper: Ugh! Gotcha!
Stacie: Ugh! You tricked me! [She falls to the ground in defeat.] Not cool! Ugh.
Chelsea: I wanna play! I could be... the laser pirate princess!
Skipper: Pirates don't use lasers or wear crowns.
Barbie: Skipper, seriously? Pirates can wear crowns the same way girls can make laser swords. You can be whatever you wanna be.
Stacie: What if you don't know what you wanna be?
Chelsea: That's what this is for! To try a few things out.
Barbie: That's right, Chels. In fact, I think you just solved my vlog problem. Daisy, play that song we were working on. [Barbie hands Daisy a guitar. Barbie sings "Try It On".]
Who do you wanna see
When you're looking in the mirror?
Anything you can dream
Is yours to tailor-make
Stepping in different shoes
Is like a new adventure
So dress it up and
Mix it up, yeah
Say hello to all the sides of who you are
Never know what you might find
Try it on
You can be who you wanna be
All the possibilities, whoa
Come on and try it on
Take a chance, see what you got
Don't let yourself get put inside a box
Just try it on
Just try it on
Who cares what they expect to see
We're more than who we're supposed to be
Who cares what they expect to see
Show the world your limit's the sky
When you try it on
You can be who you wanna be
All the possibilities, whoa
Come on and try it on
Take a chance, see what you got
Don't let yourself get put inside a box
Just try it on
Take a chance, see what you got
Just try it on
Don't get put inside a box
Try it on
[In Barbie's bedroom, Barbie films a vlog at her computer with Daisy.]
Barbie: Daisy and I...
Daisy: Hi!
Barbie: Wrote the song together and my sisters really inspired the lyrics.
Daisy: So fun. And it's a really great message, you know?
Barbie: Hope you liked it! Don't forget to comment. Bye!
Daisy: Bye!
[They end the vlog.]
Barbie: I really like how that turned out.
Daisy: Look, you already got a new subscriber.
Barbie: That's great. The whole reason I do this vlog is to inspire people. I just wish there were a better way to reach more of them.

Scene 3 (Amelia watches Barbie's vlog)[]

[In Floravia, Amelia watches Barbie's "Try it On" vlog with Snowy.]
Alfonso: Have a good time today?
Amelia: Oh, Alfonso. Yes, Morning Star and I love the rain.
Alfonso: Too bad the photo shoot was ruined.
Amelia: It was raining! People understand that when it rains, you get wet.
Alfonso: Normal people get wet. You know the world holds you to a higher standard.
Amelia: I wish they wouldn't. I mean, for once it would be so great to just let the world see me as me.
Alfonso: And what does that mean, exactly?
Amelia: I... I don't know.
Alfonso: Exactly. You're young; you have so much to learn about the world. [He sees Amelia picking a necklace to wear.] Oh, not that one. This one is better.
Amelia: Alfonso, I'm almost 18. I'm about to be queen. You've trained me so well. When are you gonna let me make my own decisions?
Alfonso: When I know you're ready. Until then it's my job to protect you... from yourself. [Amelia looks at Barbie's vlog.]

Scene 4 (Announcing field trip)[]

[In Malibu, Barbie and her friends are at Golden Beach High.]
Barbie: Hello!
Ken: Hey, Barbie! Congrats on the new vlog post.
Barbie: Aw, thanks!
Ken: You doing anything after school? Maybe we could--
Trey: Scoot over, Roberts! Make way for the King of Malibu!
[Ned and Ted Johnson sit next to Trey.]
Ned/Ted: Uh, 'scuse me.
Ned/Ted: Well, pardon.
Principal Miller: Settle, settle. I have some news. Huge news, in fact, so I'm just gonna dive in. [Giggles] Golden Beach High has been selected to participate in the first ever Malibu-Floravia Cultural Exchange.
The Dudes: What's a Floravia?
Principal Miller: Remind me to have a chat with our Geography department. [She glares at a teacher, who hides behind a plant.] Anyways, Floravia--also known as The Land of Romance--is a small but influential country on the Mediterranean Sea.
Nikki: That Floravia? It's where she's from! [Nikki shows a photo of Amelia to Renee.]
Renee: Princess Amelia?
Nikki: She's all over social media. Total fashion icon. Love her.
Principal Miller: [clears throat] Thank you. Out of the blue, for no apparent reason, Floravia has offered to host a delegation of our students to an all-expenses paid dream trip. Accompanied by your's truly, of course. [The students excitedly chatter about the free, week-long trip.] If I call your name, you have been selected. Ken Carson! Trey Reardon! Renee Chao! Teresa Rivera!
Renee and Teresa: Yes!
Principal Miller: Daisy Kostopoulos!
Daisy: Sweet!
Principal Miller: Nikki Watkins.
Nikki: Yeah!
Principal Miller: Ned and Ted Johnson!
Ned/Ted: Woohoo!
Principal Miller: And the final student who will be going on this adventure of a lifetime is... Barbie Roberts! Congratulations! You're going to Floravia! [The lucky students cheer.]
Daisy: Can you believe it? Our entire friend group! What are the odds?
Tammy: So insulting! It's like someone doesn't even want me in this movie! Ugh!

Scene 5 (Barbie talks to Rose Ross)[]

[In the hallway, Barbie is by her locker.]
Skipper: Hey, sis. I heard about the trip. When do you leave?
Barbie: Soon! I barely have time to pack! [Barbie's phone rings] No way. She called back!
Skipper: Who?
Barbie: Rose Ross! Hello?
Skipper: Rose Ross? She is the biggest aggregator of online content in the world!
Barbie: Oh, uh, hi Miss Ross! Thanks for calling back! I take it you got my submission?
Rose: Yes, I saw your "Try It On" video! Great stuff. Very relatable. You're just the kind of undiscovered nobody I've been looking for.
Barbie: Wow! I, uh... I, uh...
Rose: I know. You're speechless. Not a great trait in a vlogger. We'll work on that.
Barbie: W-wait, you're serious? You'll put my vlog on one of your channels?
Rose: I do my homework. Young people today want a role model they can believe in. Your sincere desire to help people comes across, and I want to exploit--I mean tap into that.
Barbie: This is amazing! When do I start?
Rose: Slow down, there. I don't just hand over the keys to my candy store! No, you need to prove yourself with a test run.
Barbie: A test run?
Rose: To be sure we're aligned. You know, on the same page? Creatively?
Barbie: Well, right! That's a great idea! Oh, wait. I'm about to go on this trip. Can we start after?
Rose: Rose Ross waits for no vlogger. By tomorrow, I probably will have forgotten all about you. So, do we have a deal? Are you ready to touch the lives of millions of people?
Barbie: That is my dream, but...
Skipper: Barbie, you don't pass up the opportunity of a lifetime!
Barbie: Yes, let's do it! Starting now. We'll try it on! [Barbie and Skipper cheer and high five.]

Scene 6 (Airport)[]

[At the airport, Barbie is livestreaming.]
Barbie: Welcome, old and new subscribers alike! We are streaming live from the airport as my friends and I...
Teresa, Daisy, Renee and Nikki: Hi!
Barbie: Head out on the adventure of a lifetime! Oop! [Barbie gets surprised as Chelsea hugs her. Barbie's family and dogs have come to see her off.]
Chelsea: I'm gonna miss you, Barbie.
Barbie: O-okay! More soon, bye! [Barbie ends her livestream.] I'll miss you too, Chels.
Margaret: You're sure you have everything? Your passport, your boarding pass? Your neck pillow? Oh, honey.
Barbie: Yes, mom, I'm all set.
Announcer: Flight 26, 26 to Floravia is now boarding.
Principal Miller: Okay, students, that's us.
Barbie: Bye, mom. Bye, dad. Love you guys. Bye, Taffy. Be good.
Skipper: Bye.
Chelsea: We'll miss you.
Stacie: Don't eat any bad thistleberries!
Barbie: Bye.
Ken: Bye.
Renee: Bye!
Daisy: See ya.
Ken: Hey, I think our seats are together.
Barbie: Cool!
Margaret: I am gonna miss her.
Skipper: So jealous.
George: Oh, they grow up so fast.
[Taffy runs after Barbie and the other puppies follow. The Roberts family chases the puppies.]
Stacie: Get the puppies!
Skipper: DJ!
Chelsea: Honey, get back here!
Skipper: Coming through!
[Taffy runs through the security scanner.]
Security: What the--? Hey!
[Stacie falls running after the puppies.]
Stacie: Oh, so close!
Skipper: DJ, seriously? DJ!
Chelsea: Honey? Honey!
[DJ barks at Skipper.]
Skipper: Not funny, DJ!
[A man checks Trey's ID. Trey has pimples and is wearing headgear in the ID photo. The man looks skeptical.]
Trey: Don't be rude. It was taken during a very transitional time in my life.
[Taffy catches up to Barbie and sneaks in her backpack. The rest of the puppies get caught.]
Skipper: Gotcha!
Stacie: One, two, three... Where's Taffy?

Scene 7 (Plane)[]

[On the plane, Barbie and Ken find their seats.]
Barbie: Ooh, here's us, Ken.
Ken: 10 hours side by side! [They high five.] We never get to spend that much time together.
Renee: Oh, uh, can I have the window Ken? You know how I am in closed spaces.
Ken: Uh, sure.
Renee: Thanks.
Ken: Bye.
Barbie: Bye.
Renee: I am so excited.
Ken: I was really hoping to sit next to Barbie. There's something I gotta tell her before this trip is over.
Trey: Oh, no! [Trey vomits in a bag.]
Ken: You okay there, Trey?
Trey: This is nothing! After we take off, that's when the motion sickness really kicks in!
[Trey vomits more. Renee yawns and falls asleep on Barbie's shoulder.]
Announcer: Flight attendants, prepare for takeoff.
[Barbie's phone rings.]
Barbie: Hi, Rose. Now is not a great time. We're about to take off and--
Rose: Saw your livestream. Ah, um, a little "blah". Remember, you have a much bigger audience now. You have to up your game if you wanna keep all those new subscribers I'm giving you.
Barbie: Right, got it.
Rose: And maybe try on a new shirt. Or, you know, a whole new look. You're not just plain old Barbie anymore. You need to be the all-new Barbie!
[The phone call ends. Rose saying "You need to be the all-new Barbie!" repeats in Barbie's mind.]

Scene 8 ("Somewhere New")[]

[The students arrive in Floravia and sing "Somewhere New".
Barbie: On my way to somewhere
Far from my comfort zone
Can I become someone
Different than I was at home?
I don't know what to expect
Don't know what's coming next
Don't know what I'm jumping into
Will I find a new me somewhere new?
Teresa: Got a long list of sights to see
Soaking in all this ancient history
Nikki: So many trendy pop-up stores
Fresh ideas waiting there behind each door
Trey: Live it up like royalty
So excited to be
Everyone: Somewhere new, ooh, ooh
Somewhere new, ooh, ooh
Barbie: Don't know what to expect
Don't know what's coming next
Don't know what I'm jumping into
Will I find a new me somewhere new?
Daisy: Re-re-remix Floravian music
Gonna drop that bass
Get 'em dancing to it
Renee: Adventures we've never seen before
Secret alleyways I can't wait to explore
Ken: Thinking maybe I can spend some time
With a certain friend of mine
Everyone: Somewhere new (Barbie: Far away from my comfort zone)
Everyone: Somewhere new (Barbie: I'll be different than I was at home)
Everyone: Somewhere new (Barbie: Maybe this could be the thing I need)
Everyone: Somewhere new (Barbie: Just a little change of scenery)
Barbie: I'll be taking the step (Everyone: Yeah)
Barbie: Bring on whatever's next (Everyone: Yeah)
Barbie: No matter what I have to do (Everyone: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
Barbie: I'm gonna find a new me (Trey: Are we there yet?)
Everyone: Somewhere new

Scene 9 ("(Not) A Picture Perfect Girl"[]

[Barbie and her friends get transported in a limo.]
Renee: A cool limo, an exotic land, all that's missing is a government agent on a secret mission.
[Taffy barks.]
Barbie: Taffy?! No way. What are you doing here?
Renee: Now, that's a secret agent pup.
Barbie: Guess you're on this adventure too.
Teresa: This country is amazing. The history, the architecture...
Renee: The paparazzi. What's up with that?
Driver: We're approaching the palace. The press is always here, hoping for a glimpse of the princess.
Ken: That must get kinda old. Always being hounded by people trying to take your picture.
Trey: You get used to it. I was made for the royal life.
[The limo arrives at the palace.]
Barbie: Wait, why are we turning in here?
Principal Miller: This is where we're staying!
[The students chatter excitedly.]
Teresa: Ooh.
Nikki: This is the most amazing place I've ever been.
[Renee sneaks out of the car.]
Renee: I feel like I'm in a spy movie. [She goes up to Ken.] Do I look like I'm a spy? [Renee runs up to Barbie.] How 'bout now?
[Renee's friends laugh and Barbie walks up some steps to take a photo.]
Barbie: Okay, everyone, group shot! Say "adventure!" [She bumps into Alfonso.] Ooh. Oh, sorry.
Alfonso: Hello. Welcome to Floravia. I am Alfonso. [The teacher smiles and bats her eyelashes at him.] The royal adviser to her Highness, Princess Amelia. Please, follow me.
Principal Miller: You heard the handsome man! What are you waiting for?
[Everyone walks in the palace.]
Alfonso: Please enjoy all the ammenities the palace has to offer, and, of course, 24-hour room service.
Ned/Ted Johnson: 24-hour room service? [He faints and falls on his brother.]
Nikki: Is the princess here now? Will we get to see her? Would love to talk fashion.
Alfonso: For security reasons, I can neither confirm nor deny the whereabouts of her Royal Highness. I must insist that you respect her privacy. The west wing is strictly off-limits.
Renee: [whispering to Barbie] Told you. Spy movie. [Alfonso looks at Renee, unamused. Renee laughs.]
Alfonso: Now, if you will follow me, I will escort you to your rooms.
[Snowy and Taffy see each other. Taffy runs after Snowy.]
Barbie: Taffy! We're not supposed to go that way. Taffy! [Taffy ruins some food.] Sorry!
Staff: Ugh, tourists!
[Snowy and Taffy run into a room.]
Barbie: No, don't go in there! Taffy! [She follows them into the room.] Wow. [Barbie picks up Taffy.] Got you! What are you trying to do, get me in trouble? You know indoor bunnies aren't chew toys.
Amelia: I see you've met Snowy.
Barbie: I am so sorry about this, your Highness! It is "your Highness", right?
Amelia: You can call me Amelia, Barbie.
Barbie: Amelia. Cool. Wait. You know me?
Amelia: I loved that "Try It On" song. Your sisters are so cute. Hi, Taffy!
Barbie: You watch my vlog?
Amelia: As often as I can, but, you know, when you're a princess, your schedule gets pretty complicated.
Alfonso: Your Highness! I'm so sorry for the interruption. She got away from me and--
Amelia: It's fine, Alfonso. Just give us a minute?
Alfonso: As you wish... but remember, you have an early day tomorrow.
Amelia: I know. I'll be ready. Thank you.
[Alfonso bows his head and leaves. Barbie laughs.]
Barbie: Is he always like that?
Amelia: He means well, but I just wish, for once, he would trust me. Let me make my own mistakes. The way you do.
Barbie: Thanks?
Amelia: Oh, uh, you know what I mean. All those funny stories about your life that you tell on your vlog? They inspire people. I wish I could do that.
Barbie: You do! I mean, you must! You have millions of followers. People love you.
Amelia: The world loves my image, but is that image really me?
Barbie: What do you mean?
Amelia: Pretty much every picture you see online has been planned out, staged, retouched... I never get to post pictures of me just hanging out, looking goofy. [Amelia makes a funny face and Barbie laughs.]
Barbie: Well, you always look so glamorous. I just assumed that was your life.
Amelia: Parts of it are... and I'm so grateful... but it's a lot of pressure, too. So many times I feel I'm just playing a role for the cameras... and the real Amelia? No one knows her. Not even me.
[They sing "(Not) A Picture Perfect Girl]]".]
Amelia: You might think I have everything
A girl could ever want
A palace full of luxury
And helpers who help 'round the clock
Looking out through royal walls
With every minute planned
What I'd give to have the chance
To hold my future in my own hands
All they know is from a screen
So how can I become their queen?
I wanna be me
And make my own decisions
I wanna be free
To chase my own ambitions
I wanna go anywhere
Feel the wind in my hair
And find myself out there in this world
I wanna be me, and not a picture perfect girl
Barbie: Everybody needs to feel alive
Yeah, everyone deserves a chance to live outside the lines
Amelia: But princesses can't be seen breaking the rules
Barbie: You're a princess; you should be making the rules
Amelia: I wanna be me (Barbie: You gotta be free)
Amelia: And make my own decisions (Barbie with Amelia: To make your own decisions)
Amelia: I wanna be free (Barbie: Let the world see)
Barbie: Unfiltered, nothing missing
Amelia: I wanna go anywhere
Feel the wind in my hair (Barbie: ooh, yeah)
And find myself out there
Both: In this world
Amelia: I wanna be me (Barbie: you gotta be free)
I'm gonna be me, not a picture perfect girl

Scene 10 (Barbie and Amelia agree to switch)[]

Barbie: Isn't it crazy how I can do whatever I want on my vlog, but nobody is listening... while you have the eyes and the ears of the entire world?
Amelia: But can't say anything. I so desperately wanna scream out, "I have opinions, too!" but Alfonso won't let me. He thinks no one wants to know the real me... and I need to know if he's right. That's why I arranged to meet you.
Barbie: What?
Amelia: The field trip? Didn't you think it was odd that only your friends got invited? The ones who've been on your vlog? I set the whole thing up so we could meet.
Barbie: What? Why?
Amelia: You have to see the resemblance. [She leads Barbie to a window.] Here, look at our reflection. Take down your hair.
Barbie: Uh, okay. [Barbie takes down her bun.] OMG! [Taffy barks at Barbie. Barbie picks Taffy up, and Amelia picks up Snowy.]
Amelia: I noticed it the minute I saw you in that wig on your vlog. Barbie, let's switch places.
Barbie: You're kidding. [Amelia looks at Barbie.] You're not kidding.
Amelia: Not forever! Just for this week. Once I become queen, my whole life will get even more controlled. I'll never have this chance again.
Barbie: Your Highness--Amelia--besides the fact that it's pretty crazy, I've got this huge opportunity. I'm supposed to be doing something new and different on my vlog, and I'm kinda freaking out about it already.
Amelia: Then I can help! I can give you the eyes of the world, if you give me the chance to experience life without them.
Barbie: Hmm... after this, would you do a vlog post with me? We could talk about the experience; what we learned by switching places. That would be an amazing story.
Amelia: Yes, I love that idea. So, will you do it?
Barbie: Let's do it.
Amelia: Yay! [They hug, making Taffy and Snowy uncomfortable.]
Barbie: I can't believe we're doing this. My friends will never believe it.
Amelia: But don't tell anyone else, okay? Until after. We need to keep this our little secret.
[A member of staff, Reggie is revealed to be eavesdropping. In Barbie's room, she is talking to Renee, Teresa, Nikki and Daisy.]

Scene 11 (Amelia leaves)[]

Teresa: You met the princess? That's crazy.
Daisy: What's she like?
Nikki: I know one thing: she has amazing taste. [Nikki picks up a necklace.]
Renee: Okay, uh, can we go back to the "taking her place" part, 'cause that sounds more fun than crazy!
Barbie: Right? Something inside me said I should do this thing. I mean, how often do you get to walk in someone else's shoes?
Nikki: And not just any shoes! [She picks up a pair of Amelia's boots.] Come on!
Daisy: If this is something you wanna do, Barbie, we're here for you.
Barbie: You guys are the best... but you can't tell anyone until after we switch back. She texted me a list of all the things I'm supposed to do this week, starting with...
Renee: A pre-coronation party on a yacht!
Daisy: Wait, a party on a yacht? So fun!
[Barbie's friends cheer.]
[Outside the palace, Amelia sneaks out dressed in casual clothes. As she walks towards a scooter, Snowy looks out of her backpack.]
Amelia: Stay down, Snowy. We'll be outta here in just a--
[Reggie stops Amelia.]
Reggie: May I help you?
Amelia: Oh, um...
Reggie: Oh, excuse me, miss; I thought you were... someone else. Pardon me.
Amelia: Woo, we even fooled Reggie. This is gonna work out great.
[Reggie follows Amelia. Ken sees Amelia on a scooter.]
Ken: What?! Uh...
Ned/Ted Johnson: So, we're going to to Thistleberry Museum. It's the national food of Floravia. Who could miss that? Not us! Come on!
Ken: But-- whoa! [Ned and Ted lead Ken away.]
Trey: What? Where did everybody go?

Scene 12 (Yacht party)[]

[Barbie and her friends arrive at the pre-coronation party in princess outfits. Paparazzi photograph their arrival and try to interview Barbie, who has her hair down and is wearing Amelia's clothes.]
Interviewer: Princess!
Interviewer: How do you feel about two kingdoms coming together?
Interviewer: Over here!
Interviewer: Princess!
Interviewer: How about being the youngest queen of Floravia ever!
Interviewer: What do you have to say to the citizens of Johanistan?
Barbie: Oh, uh--whoa! [She falls over. People take pictures as her friends help her up.]
Teresa: She meant to do that!
Barbie: Ha, totally!
Photographer: Princess, you look amazing!
Photographer: Over here, princess!
[On the yacht, Renee gets confronted for taking a plate of food.]
Barbie: Hello.
Staff: Oh, your Highness. My apologies.
Nikki: Did you see that? So cool. You're killing it, Barbie.
Renee: I'm pretending we're undercover, keeping a huge secret.
Daisy: We are, and so far, so good. Now what?
Barbie: No clue. Princess Amelia said to just smile and enjoy... and at all costs, avoid running into--
Johan: Amelia! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! So good to see you! [He kisses Barbie's hand.]
Barbie: Uh...
Johan: Quit playing. It's me, Prince Johan!
Barbie: Hi there, Johan. You haven't changed either, I think.
Johan: Don't you love her sense of humor? Come, let's catch up. [He leads Barbie away. Staff stop her friends from following.] So, how do you like your party? Getting my yacht here was not easy.
Barbie: Your yacht?
Johan: Well, you know how it is. Technically, it belongs to my kingdom but, now with the whole "our countries are about to become one" thing, my yacht is your yacht! Haha!
Barbie: Yes, I totally know how that is because I'm the princess.
Johan: About to be queen! [Barbie spits out her drink.] What was that that you used to say when we were kids? The first thing we'd do as rulers?
Barbie: Uh...
Johan: Come on, you remember...
Barbie: [laughs nervously] Hey, I love this song! Why don't we dance?
Johan: You are hilarious. You know I'm not much of a-- whoa!
[Barbie dances with Johan.]
Photographer: Look, she's dancing with Prince Johan!
[Photographers yell at Barbie for photos. She looks at her friends and they run over.]
Renee: Photobomb! [She pushes Johan away.] To the left, to the left... more to the left.
[They get away from Johan and leave in a limo.]

Scene 13 (Barbie gets caught)[]

Renee: That was so much fun! Well, except for maybe the getting mobbed by paparazzi part, but even that was kinda cool!
Daisy: You sure fooled them, and that prince dude, too.
Barbie: Yeah, this is totally gonna work.
[They arrive at the palace and Alfonso opens the car door.]
Alfonso: A word... Barbie?
[In Amelia's room]
Barbie: How did you find out?
Alfonso: Aside from the fact I know everything there is to know about her Highness, there was this. [He shows Barbie a photo on a phone.]
Barbie: "Prince and princess caught dancing with bigfoot?" What?
Alfonso: Not that. [He switches photos to a close-up of Barbie wearing a necklace of her name.]
Barbie: [gasps] My necklace...
Alfonso: I was able to remove this story from the press pool... with any luck, I was the only person to see it. Now do you understand why it is so important for me to keep control of the situation at all times? So tell me, where is Amelia?
Barbie: I'm really sorry, but I don't know.
Alfonso: Very well. I will find her. Until then, you will keep up this charade... under my watch. Starting now. The necklace...
[Barbie removes her necklace and Alfonso walks away. She tries to contact Amelia.]
Barbie: Come on, pick up!
Amelia: Hey, Barbie.
Barbie: Amelia, we need to talk. Alfonso knows!
Amelia: That's Alfonso; always such a stick in the mud.
Barbie: He said I need to keep this up until he finds you.
Amelia: That's great, because he won't find me. I'm really good at hiding.
Barbie: Are you sure? Your coronation is in a few days.
Amelia: Don't worry; I'll be back in plenty of times. Okay, I gotta go.
Barbie: But--
[Amelia ends the chat. Barbie's phone rings.]
Barbie: [sighs] Rose, hi!
Rose: So, what have you got for me? Millions of new subscribers are just waiting to come on board.
Barbie: I do have something big. Huge, in fact, but I can't share it yet.
Rose: Then it doesn't count. Pics or it didn't happen. No pressure... but there's a lot of pressure. We've got a ginormous sponsor on the hook. They make designer headphones. The rumors about them being dangerous? Total conspiracy theory. [The headphones explode and cause the fire alarm to go off.] Okay, get me something amazing! Bye.
Ken: Barbie, you there? Taffy needed to go, so I took her for-- whoa. You look amazing.
Barbie: Thanks. Good to see you, too. How was your night?
Ken: Not as interesting as your's, apparently.
Barbie: Yeah, I should probably tell you something, but you can't tell anyone else, okay?
Ken: You know I've got your back, always.

Scene 14 (Horse show)[]

[In the morning, staff wake up Barbie to get her ready. They chatter amongst themselves.]
Staff: Can someone get her some water?
Alfonso: Rise and shine. The staff will prepare you. You've got a busy day. We've got to get you into your riding attire.
Staff: Hold still, your Highness. I'll just sprinkle a little color right here...
[In town, Trey is out with Ned and Ted.]
Trey: A royal horse show? Seriously?
Ned/Ted: It's supposed to be cool.
[Alfonso shows Barbie around at the horse show.]
Barbie: Whoa. Look at this place.
Alfonso: Meet Morning Star, the princess' personal horse.
Barbie: She's beautiful. [Morning Star moves away from Barbie.] Oh, did I upset her? I'm usually pretty good with horses.
Alfonso: She's a bit, uh, sensitive. You can ride, can't you?
Barbie: I love to ride. [Morning Star turns away.]
Alfonso: The princess' bond with Morning Star is world-renowned. If she doesn't appear today, the press will know something is wrong, and with only two days to 'til the coronation...
Barbie: I get it. It's really important I pull this off.
Alfonso: Thank you.
Barbie: Hey there, Morning Star. 'Sup?
[Morning Star rears her legs and makes Barbie fall over. Alfonso leads some photographers over.]
Alfonso: Right this way, ladies and gentlemen. You all remember Morning Star, but where is our princess?
Barbie: Here, I'm here. Ready to go.
Photographer: Over here, princess!
Photographer: That's beautiful.
Photographer: Wow, princess, you look great.
Alfonso: We'll see you after the show, your Highness. [He leads the photographers away, and Barbie turns to Morning Star.]
Barbie: Okay, so you know I'm not the real princess, but she really needs us to pull this off. Please help me, for her sake? [Morning Star bows to Barbie, and Barbie bows back.] Thank you.
[The horse show is about to begin.]
Alfonso: Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. The presentation of the royal horse brigade is about to begin.
[Trey sits on a whoopee cushion. Ned and Ted pretend her really farted and the people next to Trey move away.]
Trey: Ugh. No w--. Huh? [Trey punches one of them.]
[Principal Miller and Alfonso spot each other in the crowd. They smile and wave at each other. The show begins.]
Barbie: Thanks again for helping me. [Morning Star neighs and rears her legs.] Come on, we got this. For Amelia.
[The instrumental of "Try It On" plays.]
Ned/Ted: Hey, isn't that Barbie?
Trey: Don't be ridiculous.
[Morning Star leaps through the air.]
Barbie: Wow! [They perform together.]
Alfonso: Wonderful!

Scene 15 ("Life in Color")[]

[Alfonso and Barbie go down a hallway.]
Alfonso: You did well at the horse brigade, but there's no time to rest on your laurels. Next is the palace photo shoot, then the royal orphanage tour, then the dress fitting, and--
Barbie: You could've given me a head's up that the schedule would be so crazy! I might've been able to help.
Alfonso: A good princess does not bother herself with details. Leave those to me. You just show up, be gorgeous, and make it all look effortless.
Barbie: But it's not effortless. It takes so much work to pull all this stuff off. it only looks easy because Amelia is so good at it. You need to give her more credit.
Alfonso: But I--
Barbie: And you know what else? You should listen to her.
Alfonso: I was just protecting her.
Barbie: You're stopping her from learning how to make her own decisions.
Alfonso: But she's just a young girl.
Barbie: One with great ideas and dreams. Have you ever even asked her what they are?
Alfonso: I-I-I do not appreciate being spoken to this way.
Barbie: I don't mean to be disrespectful. I just get really worked up when my friends aren't being heard.
Alfonso: Every word she utters is heard--by the whole world. That is why she must be perfect at all times. Cameras are everywhere!
Barbie: Then maybe it's time to put down the cameras, and see what's right in front of you. Life doesn't happen on camera; life is what happens when the cameras are off.
Girl: Your Highness, will you take a selfie with me?
Barbie: Tell you what, I've got a better idea.
[Barbie leads the little girl away. Alfonso stops staff from interfering. Barbie and Amelia sing "Life in Color".
Barbie: We don't have to film this
'Cause we don't wanna miss the memories
We're finding our own way
Writing our own stories
I wanna paint the sky
With all the shades of life
I'm gonna take a stand
If it's wrong or right
Don't you know that black and white's for classic movies?
You won't just find a happy ending
You live your own adventure
So make it colorful
We're living life in color
Looking beyond the mirror
'Cause life in color
Is so much clearer
Now we're bright, feeling confident
So bold, there's no stopping it
Life in color, yeah
Life in color
Amelia: No more holding back
Yeah, we're taking chances
Learning it's okay
To leap without a landing
Your truth will lift you up
When you think you're falling
'Cause once you find your voice
You'll keep the doubt from calling
Don't you know that black and white's for classic movies?
You won't just find a happy ending
You live your own adventure
So make it colorful
Both: We're living life in color
Looking beyond the mirror
'Cause life in color
Is so much clearer
Now we're bright, feeling confident
So bold, there's no stopping it
Life in color, yeah
Life in color

Scene 16 (Interview)[]

[Amelia calls Barbie to video chat.]
Amelia: Barbie!
Barbie: Amelia. Hey.
Amelia: I had such an amazing day.
Barbie: Me too! Exhausting, but amazing. How do you do it?
Amelia: I have a lot of help.
Barbie: I noticed. Is it always like that? So many people every moment?
Amelia: Watched, planned, perfected. Every word I say is scripted and controlled, but not today. Today I was just me. The real me! And people liked me. I even got to choose my own flavor of ice cream. It was so liberating! I just wish I could share this feeling with everyone.
Barbie: You can! Are you ready to do the interview? I won't post it until we after we swap back, but I find that speaking when your heart is bursting with emotion and new ideas? That makes the best posts.
Amelia: Let's do it.
Barbie: Just look into the camera, and tell me what you have to say.
 [Barbie begins recording them.]
Barbie: Hi! I have a very special guest today. Meet the new queen of Floravia!
Amelia: Hi... but it's just Amelia.
Barbie: Amelia noticed that we kinda looked alike, so we did this amazing thing. I got to live her life as a princess, and she got to live... well, not like a princess. What was it like switching places, Amelia?
Amelia: Well, for the first time in my life, I feel I can share the real me. I learned I am so much more than what people see in my photos. I have opinions, and dreams, and fears, like you. And my favorite scoop of ice cream? All of them.
Barbie: What else do you have to say?
Amelia: So much.

Scene 17 ("King of the Kingdom")[]

[Teresa, Daisy, Nikki and Renee exit the palace.]
Nikki: The fashion scene in Floravia is fierce! This is going to be the highlight of my trip.
Everyone: Shopping! [They pick scooters to travel with.]
Renee: I've always wanted to ride one of these things... go on an exciting chase like they do in spy movies!
Staff: Ugh, tourists!
Daisy: Well, that was the shortest spy movie ever.
[They leave and Barbie and Ken exit the palace.]
Ken: Can't you come with us?
Barbie: Uh-uh. Alfonso says I have to attend coronation practice with Johan. There's some folk dance I'm supposed to learn... See you after?
Ken: Sure!
[Barbie leaves when she sees Trey, Ned and Ted approaching.]
Ned/Ted: So what are we eating today?
Ned/Ted: I don't know. I was thinking you knew what we were gonna eat today.
Trey: Since when do you know the princess?
Ken: Uh...
Ned/Ted: It was Barbie.
Trey: Pfft, Barbie... As if! Carson, you gotta introduce me to the princess.
Ken: Ugh, seriously Trey? She--you--it's not--
Trey: I can see it now: Ruling the land together. Her, me... but mostly me.
Ken: Ugh, give it up, Trey. It's not gonna happen.
Trey: Why not? I'm getting pretty tired of everyone telling me I'm not "royal enough." I'm Trey Reardon! If anyone deserves to be king, it's me! [They sings "King of the Kingdom".]
Trey: If I ruled the world
I would kick it up a notch
King Trey the 1st
Leading with my chiselled jaw
Ruling like it's never been done
If I was king
Ken, Ned and Ted:' King, king, king
Trey: King, king of the kingdom
Everyone: Dom, dom, dom
King of the kingdom
Dom, dom, dom
Trey: I'd begin my kingly day
Taking selfies on my throne
Ned and Ted: I would have a royal guard
Be in charge of charging my phone
Getting spoon fed gelatto
Scoop it up, that's my motto
Trey: And every ice cream truck would have my face
That's right
Everyone: If I ruled the world
You know I'd do it right
I'd be the first
Trey: To livestream my royal life
Ever seen a king so handsome?
If I was king
Ken, Ned and Ted:' King, king, king
Trey: King, king of the kingdom
Everyone: Dom, dom, dom
King of the kingdom
Dom, dom, dom
Trey: Filming funny prank videos
With other foreign leaders
Ned and Ted: I'd royally cut the line
For limited edition sneakers
Ken: Host a big celebration
To unite the nation
Trey: Yeah, a music festival in my name
Ned and Ted: Treychella
Ken: I'd be there for the people
Spend time with friends and family
Everybody be equal (Trey: -ly a fan of me, yeah... no?)
Everyone: Dom, dom, dom
King of the kingdom
Dom, dom, dom
Long live the king
Trey: If I was king
Ken, Ned and Ted:' King, king, king
Trey: King, king of the kingdom

Scene 18 (Dance Practice)[]

[Barbie and Johan practice dancing.]
Johan: Okay, getting there. Ready to go again?
Barbie: How about a break? We've been at this a while, and-- Whoa! [Johan grabs Barbie's hand.] I thought you didn't like to dance.
Johan: I don't, but this one's just so... important. It's not just a dance; it reenacts the treaty between our two countries.
Barbie: Right, I knew that. Whoa! Whoa!
Johan: When we perform it at the coronation, it will formalize my country surrending to your's. Grr!
Barbie: No pressure, right? Grr!
Johan: Then, when you're crowned queen, the countries will unite. [They play rock, paper, scissors. One, two, three... [Barbie wins. They play again.] One, two, three... [Barbie wins again.] You win... Ugh! [Johan acts out surrendering.] We'll become one, big, happy family... and you will rule us all.
Barbie: Oh, I, uh, have to go check on something else.
[Barbie leaves and Johan looks at his reflection.]
Johan: Hmm, not bad. [He puts on a crown.] Much better. [Taffy growls at him.] Go on, she's gonna need all the friends she can get once I become king. [Johan sings "King of the Kingdom (Reprise)".]
When I rule the world
There'll be a different dance
I got a thirst
For a little change of plans
I'll do whatever needs to be done
'Til I'm king, king, king, king, king!
King of the kingdom.

Scene 19 (Amelia gets kidnapped)[]

[Amelia walks down the street and pets a dog.]
Amelia: So cute. I love animals. [She bumps into Ned and Ted, who are swordfighting with toy swords. She drops Snowy.] Oh!
Trey: Roberts? Of course it would be you.
Amelia: Uh, right. I'm Barbie, and you're my friends.
Ned/Ted: We're better friends.
Ned/Ted: Way better. [Amelia laughs nervously.]
Trey: Make yourself useful and take a picture.
[Amelia takes photos of them. Trey avoids their swords.]
Trey: Cut it out!
Amelia: So, uh, this has been fun, but I really need to go after my rabbit.
Trey: Typical Roberts. When did she get a rabbit?
[Ned and Ted look at each other.]
Amelia: Snowy? There you are. [Johan's staff pursues Barbie. He kidnaps Amelia and puts her in a sack.] Hey, what is this?! Let me go! Help! Help!

Scene 20 (Secret passageway)[]

[At the palace, Barbie is walking and looking at her phone.]
Barbie: Huh, weird.
Ken: What's weird? You mean the auto-foot washer in the bathroom? It's pretty cool once you find the right setting. My feet have never been cleaner.
Barbie: Uh, no, not that. The princess isn't answering her phone.
Ken: She's probably having too much fun. Floravia's a great place to explore. I wish you could've been there today.
Barbie: Me too. This princess thing has been fun, but so much more overwhelming than I ever imagined. To be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to going home.
Ken: Home... right... So, Barbie, before this trip is over, I kind of wanted to talk to you about something.
Barbie: Yes?
Ken: I, uh...
Nikki: Did someone say "slumber party?"
[Nikki drags Barbie into a bedroom with Teresa, Renee and Daisy.]
Everyone: Surprise!
Barbie: Aw, you guys are the best. Your pajamas are adorable!
Nikki: Told you the shopping in Floravia was amazing! Wish you could've been there.
Teresa: What did you do today, Barbie?
Barbie: Well, I got to dance with the prince.
Daisy: What was that like?
Barbie: Awkward.
[Everyone laughs. They suddenly hear scratching and thumping.]
Renee: What was that?!
[They look at a wardrobe. Barbie opens it and sees Snowy was making noise.]
Barbie: Snowy?
Teresa: [gasps] It's a secret passageway!
Barbie: I think he wants us to follow him.
Renee: Uh, I'll just wait out here.
Barbie: Come on, Renee! You wanted to be a spy!
Renee: Uh, not if it means going into tiny dark spaces! Ahh!
[They all go into the wardrobe and walk down an underground hallway.]
Renee: Okay, I'm, uh, done being a spy! We can go back now!
Barbie: [gasps] A light!
Renee: Or not. [She sees a statue.] Ahh!
[The go towards the "light" and it leads to another room.]
Everyone: Whoa!
Barbie: This is where I met the princess! It's her secret hangout room. [Snowy makes noises at Barbie.] What is it, Snowy? Where is she?
Man: Ugh, can you believe we have to do this?
Barbie: Quick, hide!
[Everyone hides in the wardrobe. Renee bumps into the door.]
Renee: Ow!
[Renee hides in the wardrobe and Snowy runs as two staff members enter the room.]
Man: "I need my bunny" Spoiled brat.
Reggie: We should pretend we couldn't find it. That would teach her a lesson.
Man: You know we can't leave any loose ends.
Reggie: Right... hurry up and find the silly thing.
[One of the men sees Snowy hiding.]
Man: There it is!
[He picks up Snowy and they leave the room. Everyone falls out of the wardrobe.]
Nikki: That was close.
Barbie: They took Snowy. Not good. The princess is in trouble.

Scene 21 (Plan / Not A Picture Perfect Girl Reprise[]

[In the bedroom, everyone gets ready for a plan.]
Barbie: So, everyone know the plan? We finish getting dressed for the coronation...
Daisy: And act like nothing's wrong.
Teresa: Then we split up, and look for the princess.
Nikki: We'll take the scooters, and search the city.
Barbie: And I'll find Alfonso and see what he knows.
Ken: Be careful.
Barbie: I will be. We can't let the coronation happen without Princess Amelia.
Renee: Why is being a spy so much more scary when it's real?
[Barbie's friends leave and she gets a phone call from Rose. Barbie gasps, takes off her Amelia wig, and answers the call.]
Barbie: Rose! Hey! Now is not a good time.
Rose: Now is the perfect time! Your first post is about to go live!
Barbie: Wait, you weren't supposed to post that until after--
Rose: It was fabulous! Oh, once my team zhuzhed it.
Barbie: "Zhuzhed it"? How?
Rose: A few tweaks. Here, see for yourself.
[Rose plays the edited video for Barbie. The video countains random filters and sound effects.]
Barbie: "Meet the new queen of Floravia."
Amelia: "You can call me Your Highness! And my favorite scoop? Today I was perfected.
Barbie: "That's awesome!"
Amelia: "People liked me.
Alfonso: "Bow to the queen!" [Sheep noises play as people bow.]
Amelia: "Every word I say sold me."
Barbie: "Huge!"
Amelia: "I watched everyone for the first time in my life, I learned I am so much more than you people."
Barbie: "Right?"
Random person: "Looking gorgeous!"
Amelia: "Totally."
Barbie: "Yep."
[The video ends.]
Barbie: Rose, I--
Rose: Love it? I know.
Barbie: I don't! That's not my post. Those aren't our words! Well, they are but you changed them all around!
Rose: Great, right? The latest editing software is amazing! It can make you say absolutely anything I want!
Barbie: What about what I want?
Rose: I thought reaching millions of fans was your dream?
Barbie: Not if it means speaking with somebody else's words! I promised the princess she could be herself. This makes me no better than anyone else who's controlled her! You made me look so... shallow!
Rose: "Shallow?!" I made you look like a star! And that's how it has to be if you wanna play in my sandbox! Remember what I'm offering you here. Do you want to be on my channel or not?
Barbie: This deal is off!
Rose: But--I--
[Barbie ends the call.]
Barbie: That felt good! [Taffy barks at Barbie.] Time to get real! [She puts on her necklace. She sings.] I'm gonna be me
And make my own decisions
I'm gonna be free
Unfiltered, nothing missing
Watch me go anywhere
Feel the wind in my hair
And find myself out there in this world
I'm gonna be me
Not a picture-perfect girl
[Barbie stops singing and picks up Taffy.] The princess is out there, Taffy. Let's go get her!

Scene 22 (Barbie's friends get arrested)[]

[Barbie and Taffy go to find Amelia, but get interrupted by Johan and a staff member.]
Johan: And where are you going in such a hurry, princess?
Barbie: Oh, Johan, hi. [She laughs nervously and tries to leave, but another staff member stops her.]
Johan: Or should I say, Barbie?
Barbie: What are you talking about?
Johan: Give it up! I know you switched places with Amelia. I saw your necklace that night on the yacht.
Barbie: So you've known all along?
Johan: Did you think I wouldn't notice? Once I realized there were two of you, I put my whole plan into motion.
Barbie: What?
[Johan signals to the staff members to grab Barbie.]
Barbie: You have the real princess. Where is she?
Johan: Oh, you'll find out soon enough... when you're thousands of miles away from here, at sea.
Barbie: She's on the yacht!
Johan: Very good! You're clever! You would've made an excellent queen. Too bad that will never happen.
[The staff take Barbie away and she drops her phone on the ground next to Taffy.]
Barbie: Let me go!
[Trey, Ned and Ted are walking nearby.]
Ned/Ted: Do you think they got bacon?
Ned/Ted: Oh, dude, you know I love--
Barbie: Trey!
Trey: Ha, don't "Trey" me, your Highness.
[Barbie stomps on one of the staff member's feet. They unhand her and she runs away.]
Trey: We've never met officially...
Barbie: Get help!
Ned/Ted: Dude, that's Barbie!
Ned/Ted: And she's in trouble.
Trey: Did not see that coming. [The staff grab Trey, Ned and Ted.] Huh?
Johan: Lock them up.
Trey: Didn't see that coming, either.
[Barbie runs out of the palace and sees Morning Star.]
Barbie: [gasps Morning Star! [She whistles to get Morning Star's attention. Morning Star runs over.] Good girl. We have to save Amelia. Let's ride.
[Johan sees them escape and makes a phone call. On the yacht, a blond staff member answers it.]
Blond Man: Trouble at the coronation? I'll be on the lookout for her.
[Barbie attaches her necklace to Morning Star's rein.]
Barbie: Go tell the others where we are? Can you do that?
[Morning Star neighs and leaves.]

Scene 23 (Barbie and Amelia on yacht)[]

[Barbie gets onto the yacht and sneaks around until she gets caught.]
Man: There she is! You, come back here!
[Barbie gets away from them, but bumps into the blond man.]
Blond Man: Got her.
[The man traps Barbie in a room with Amelia.]
Amelia: Barbie? Oh, not you too.
[At the coronation, Johan approaches Alfonso.]
Johan: It seems the princess has run away.
Alfonso: Teenagers! Ha! I'm sure she'll be back any second. Any second!
Johan: And I'm sure she won't be.
Alfonso: You're behind this. If she doesn't show up--
Johan: Then I will claim the crown and be king of both countries... and no one can stop me. Reggie, take him!
Alfonso: What? Let me go! You won't get away with this!
Johan: Oh, I think I will. You see, having some of my own men inside the palace has proven very useful.
[Ken sees Alfonso being lead away.]
Man: Quit struggling!
Ken: I gotta find Barbie. [Ken tries to phone her and sees Taffy with Barbie's phone.]
[On the yacht, Barbie and Amelia chat while they are trapped.]
Amelia: I never liked Johan. He has such sweaty palms.
Barbie: Right? Anyway, we need to stop him from taking your crown.
Amelia: This is not your problem. I never should've done this.
Barbie: I'm glad you did. You showed me I need to stay true to who I am no matter what.
Amelia: And you showed me that who I am, does make a difference.
Barbie: So, what do you say we go out there and make a difference... together?
Amelia: I'm ready. How do we get out of here?
Barbie: Hmm... I don't think Johan'll be needing this anymore.
[Barbie uses a staff to pry the door open.]
Blond Man: Hey, what do you think you're doing?
Barbie: Escaping! [Barbie and Amelia run away with Snowy.] This way! [They get stopped by staff.]
Man: Hey!
Barbie: Ahh! Hi there.
Man: Get them!
[The blond man grabs Amelia, but Snowy defends her.]
Barbie: Look, dolphins! [Someone gets distracted and Barbie traps him in a lifebuoy. She high fives Amelia.] Yes!
Blond Man: There they are! Hurry up! Stop them! They're on the lower deck!
Amelia: We've got nowhere to go.
Barbie: Yes, we do! [She points at her friends, who are approaching in a speedboat.]
Teresa: We're coming, Barbie!
Amelia: On three?
Barbie: On one!

Scene 24 (Speedboat)[]

[They jump off the yacht and land on the speedboat. Nikki hands Barbie her necklace.]
Barbie: I knew you'd get my message but how'd you get the boat?
Teresa: An old Floravian tradition called ride-sharing, but we owe that guy another goat.
Man: Hi! [His goat bleats. The staff chase them on speedboats.]
Nikki: Step on it! [Teresa speeds up.]
Teresa: Watch out!
[The speedboat hits a wave and goes in the air. Teresa falls out of the driving seat and the goat bleats as it drives. Barbie moves it out the way.]
Barbie: Thank you very much! Hold on! [Barbie drives.]
Man: Where do you think you're going?! [Barbie bumps him away from them.] Watch it! [He falls off his speedboat. The blond man catches up to them and jumps on their boat.]
Barbie: Uh-oh... [She throws an umbrella at the man, who opens it and accidentally floats away. Everyone cheers.]
Amelia: Head for shore! We can still make it!
[Johan is speaking at the coronation. Ken watches with Taffy.]
Johan: What a terrible situation. It looks like the princess is a no-show... but luckily I am here. I humbly offer to take the crown and become the rightful ruler of-- [His phone rings.] Pardon me. [He walks away from the audience.] Not now, I'm kinda in the mid-- They escaped?! Grr! [He directs his staff to find them.]
Ken: I gotta do something.
[Amelia, Barbie and Snowy ride Morning Star to the coronation. They are chased by Johan's staff on scooters.]
Man: I got eyes on 'em.
Barbie: Seriously?
Amelia: They're gaining on us.
[Renee and Daisy arrive on scooters, stopping the men from getting to Barbie and Amelia.]
Renee: Not this way.
[The men crash their scooters into a fountain. Renee and Daisy high five, and Amelia gives them a thumbs up.]

Scene 25 (Coronation)[]

Johan: I think we all know what happens next; the law is very clear: If the princess does not appear at the coronation, both kingdoms pass to me. So, without further ado, play the coronation song already.
Ken: Okay, Taffy, you know what to do.
[Taffy runs towards Johan.]
Johan: What?! Ahh! [Taffy knocks the crown out of Johan's hands. The crowd gasps. Barbie catches it] Impostor! You're not the princess.
Barbie: Correct. I am not.
Amelia: But I am.
[The crowd gasps.]
Woman: Who is that?
Man: There's two?
Amelia: People of Floravia, Johan is trying to deny you your rightful leader. There was a time I thought I couldn't do this, but not anymore. I am ready to be your queen, if you will have me.
Johan: Look at her: Late, and a mess. What kind of queen would she make?
Amelia: A real one. Arrest him!
[Staff arrest Johan and his staff.]
Johan: Easy. Get your hands off of me.
Reggie: It was his idea. I didn't wanna do it.
[The crowd cheers and applauds. Barbie and Amelia hug. Barbie's friends arrive and Barbie sits next to Ken.]
Ken: You look amazing.
Barbie: You too.
Ken: Thanks. Barbie, I really have to tell you something. I think I--
[Trumpets blare and everyone stands up as Amelia arrives in formal clothes. Alfonso crowns Amelia queen.]

Scene 26 ("This Is My Moment")[]

[At the celebrations, Ned and Ted play with their food.]
Ned/Ted: Dude, yeah!
Trey: Ugh.
Renee: We did it!
Nikki: Yeah! [Nikki, Teresa, Renee and Daisy take a group selfie.]
Alfonso: A vlog? You want to start a royal vlog?
Amelia: Written and produced by me, not you or my team. Just me, so I can speak directly to my people, the way Barbie does.
Alfonso: If this is your decision, I support it. You're ready. You're going to make a wonderful queen.
[Barbie approaches Ken.]
Barbie: Quick thinking there, with Taffy.
Ken: Thanks, I learned from the best.
Barbie: So, what were you gonna say to me?
Ken: Uh... I-
Amelia: Hello, may I have your attention? It is my dream to make Floravia the best country it can be, by being the best queen I can be. My new friend Barbie showed me my dream is possible. She made a difference in my life, and now I know how to make a difference in many more. You are such an inspiration, Barbie. Thank you.
Ken: She's right. Barbie, I can't hold back any longer. I think I... wanna dance with you. [They dance together. Amelia sings and Teresa livestreams it.]
Amelia: Used to feel so invisible
Now you see me, now you don't
Life was always so typical
Close my eyes and dream alone
But the sun is rising
The sky is shining
I finally reached the end of the road
The path is clearer as I get nearer
Now I think I finally know
That I-I-I got nothing on my mind
Aside from what's straight ahead of me
Now I'm fi-i-inding my arms are open wind
'Cause now I think I finally see
This is my moment
I'm singing above the noise
This is my moment
I finally found my voice
My feet on the ground
No backing down
I'm in the spotlight now
This is my moment
So I'm gonna own it
This is my moment finally
Barbie: I can see anything
When I look into the mirror
Nothing stopping me
Making my dreams come true
We can try everything
It's all a new adventure
Let's step it up
And mix it up, yeah
Amelia: Say hello to
All the side of you
Barbie and Amelia: You never know who you might find
[Barbie's family watch them online.]
Amelia: The path is brighter
Barbie: Brighter
Amelia: It's getting wider
Barbie: Wider
Amelia: I-I-I got nothing on my mind
Rose: [speaking] One billion views?! Ugh!
Amelia: Aside from what's straight ahead of me
Barbie: Now I'm fi-i-inding my arms are open wide
Amelia: 'Cause now I think I finally see
Barbie: Try it on
Barbie and Amelia: This is my moment
I'm singing above the noise
This is my moment
I finally found my voice
Barbie: My feet on the ground
Amelia: No backing down
Barbie and Amelia: I'm in the spotlight now
This is my moment
So I'm gonna own it
This is my moment finally
[Fireworks go off, and Amelia and Barbie hug. The credits roll as the instrumental for "Try It On" plays.]

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