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The Barbie: A Perfect Christmas Soundtrack was released on December 1, 2011[3]. There are two versions of the album. One version is a physical CD with 5 songs from the movie and 6 bonus tracks, and the other version is a digital EP with only the 5 songs from the movie.[4]


  1. "It's Gonna Be Amazing"
  2. "Wrap It Up, Stack It Up"
  3. "The Wish I Wish Tonight"
  4. "Perfect Christmas"
  5. "Deck the Halls"
  6. "The Greatest Time of Year"
  7. "A Barbie 12 Days of Christmas"
  8. "Christmas Wrapping"
  9. "Snow Angels"
  10. "California Christmas"
  11. "Holiday"



Barbie A Perfect Christmas
Barbie A Perfect Christmas Digital Copy

Quote: "Being together is what makes a perfect Christmas"

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