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Tracey Clinger here,

at the premiere of Barbie's latest movie,

where top stylists Taylor and Carrie are sharing

their secrets for dressing a superstar.

Taylor? Carrie?

I can sum it up in one word, Tracey.



Look, it's Crystal.

Let's say hi. It's been forever.

Carrie, I'm on camera. Carrie!

Wait. What about the one word?

That one word is Raquelle.

Raquelle, hello.

I'm here with Barbie's co-star, the one and only Raquelle.

Raquelle, we're so thrilled you could make it.

Oh, I wouldn't miss it, Tracey.

It gives me a chance to keep in touch with all my adoring fans.

Hey! That's for Barbie.


You know, Tracey, the best part of this movie was working with...


I did not say, "Barbie"!

"A great script," is what I was going to say.

You can edit that together so I come off looking good, right?


CROWD: (CHANTING) Barbie! Barbie! Barbie! Barbie! Barbie!


Hi, Tracey.

That dress is gorgeous on you!

Can you take a few steps so we can see it in action?



I love it!

It's so light, so breezy.

It just got a lot breezier.

Barbie, you promised you'd come to me for a touch-up

before you go on camera.

We stylists are so demanding. This way.

GIRL: Hey, Barbie! Hey, over here!

This is Tracey Clinger, live at the Sunset. Back to you, Ryan.

I can't believe Raquelle possibly ripped my dress!

No worries.

Good as new!

What? What do you mean?

See for yourself!


Oh, you two are lifesavers!

But, how did you do that?

Uh, look! Here comes Ken!

Hey, the premiere is about to start!

Is everything okay?

Everything's great!

I don't know how you did it, but I totally owe you!

Lunch at Wally's tomorrow?

Sold like half-price glitter-flats!

Now, go see your movie!


I saw that.

Crystal! Sit with us in the movie?

I have to go back.

Fashion pictures for Princess Graciella.

Enjoy the movie.

Okay, great to see you!

Yes. You, too.

CROWD: (CHANTING) Barbie! Barbie! Barbie! Barbie! Barbie!


So, what do you think?

Crystal, it's just a human movie premiere.


Who is that?

He's beautiful.

Oh, I don't know.

Just someone at the premiere, I guess.

I'm... I'm in love with him!

I must marry him!

Completely understandable, Princess.

Consider him all yours.


Barbie, last night's movie was incredible.

You and comedy are like a mini-skirt and knee-high boots.

Perfect together.


You prefer ankle boots?

No. Brain freeze.

(EXCLAIMS) Ooh, bummer.

(GASPS) You are such a thief.

I don't know what you're talking about.



RAQUELLE: Hey, Barbie.

Fun time last night.

Great to see you ripping things up.


That's it.

Where are you going?

To stick up for myself.

What she did last night is so not okay,

and I'm going to call her on it.

Wow. Raquelle's been sniping at Barbie for ages,

but Barbie's never told her off.

Is it bad that I totally want to watch?

Race you to the door.


We need to talk.

Really? Whatever about?

BARBIE: I can't believe you purposely ripped my dress.

(SCOFFS) Yeah, right.

I can't believe you put your dress under my shoe.

You wanted me to look bad.

You don't need me for that.

Raquelle, this has to stop.

There he is, Princess.

You. You're perfect.

What? What? Hey!

We're going to get married.


Back to the palace.


(GASPS) Ken! Ken!

(EXCLAIMS) Let me down.

Let him go.

Crystal, what's going on?

Huh? Huh?

You heard her. A wedding. Isn't that beautiful? Gotta fly.


Very high. (EXCLAIMS)

Hey! I can see my house from here.



Princess Graciella, stop!

GRACIELLA: Stay away.

You do not get to spoil my wedding day.


(GRUNTS) She closed the portals.

The Fairy Phone.




You... How... You... You flew.

What are you?

I don't know what you're talking about.

It must have been a trick of the light.

"A trick of the light"?

You just busted out wings and flew.

With four other girls.

And they took Ken with them.

How can that be a trick of the light?

Um, it can't. But that's what the Fairy Handbook

says we're supposed to say if we're caught.

The Fairy Handbook?

(SCOFFS) What's that?

It's a handbook for fairies, and...

I mean... Taylor, this isn't going very well.

(GRUNTS) Too many apps.

Hey, hold on.

What do you mean, Fairy Handbook?

Oh, wait, I got a signal.

Nope, lost it.

Did I say, "Fairy"? I meant Dairy Handbook.

Never can tell when you'll need to make cheese.

Taylor, little help here.

I've got three bars. Everyone freeze.

Got it.

Carrie, forget it.

We can't give them an excuse after what they saw.

Barbie, Raquelle, it's time you learned the Fairy Secret.

Carrie and I are fairies. So are those other girls.


You see us all the time. You just don't realize it

because we keep our wings hidden.

We come from Gloss Angeles and we're...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Gloss Angeles?


I so get this now. We're being Prank'd.


(GASPS) The studio must have set this up to promote our new movie.

Where are the cameras? Can we do another take?

I'll give you way more in another take.

This isn't a stunt. We're real fairies.

I'm a Shoe Fairy. Carrie's a Purse Fairy.

And Ken's in real danger.

What kind of danger?

Humans can visit Gloss Angeles.

But Princess Graciella said she was marrying Ken.

And if a human comes to Gloss Angeles and marries a fairy,

that human has to stay in Gloss Angeles forever.

Fairy law.

So, if you're real, then Ken really is in trouble.

How do we save him?

"We?" Yeah, we.

Ken is my friend, too.


We go shopping.


Okay, first couple picture.

Get together and say, "Fairies. "


Love it.

Look, will you guys let me go already?

As you wish, darling.




Gentle with my fiancé.

What? Whoa!

Look, I don't know who you are or what you are, but you've made a mistake.

I'm not marrying anyone. I'm...




Hi, Zane.

You thief.

Oh! Oh!

You plan to steal my love, Princess Graciella?


Yes. I'm going to marry...

What's your name, sweetie?


Kent. Ken.

He's the love of my life and we're marrying at sundown.



You think you're man enough to marry my Graciella?

No. (CLEARS THROAT) Wait, I mean...

Sure, I'm man enough.

No. No, no. I don't want to marry Graciella.

I'm in love with someone else.


Kevin! How could you say such a thing?

And on our wedding day.


Oh, come on, don't cry.

It's Ken. And look, I don't even know you.

You dare besmirch the honor of the loveliest flower in Gloss Angeles?

No. There's no besmirching. I would never besmirch.

I don't even know what that means. Can one of you pinch me?

Because I'd really like to believe I'm dreaming right now and...


I challenge you to a duel.

We will fight to see who's more worthy of Graciella's love.

A duel for my hand. That's so romantic.

We'll have it right before the wedding.

No. No, we won't.

I don't want to duel with you.

So, you think my love, Graciella, isn't worthy of a duel.

You insult me, sir.

I'm sorry. Believe me, it's not my intention to.

And for that insult, I challenge you to a duel.


So, you think I am not bold enough for two duels?

And for that, I challenge you to a third duel.

Oh, why not?

I wasn't doing anything after the second one anyway.

Attendants, gather weapons and help them prepare.


Goodbye, my darling. I'll see you at the duel.

(NERVOUS CHUCKLE) You're leaving me here with him?

Oh, don't worry. He won't hurt you.

Oh, okay, good.

Not until the duel.


And even if you get completely pounded and pelted and pummeled,

I promise I'll still marry you.

So, there's really no losing, is there, Glen?


Wait. Graciella.

My nose. And on my wedding day, too.

Oh, what am I saying?

Graciella! Let me out of here.


Raquelle, come on.

On my way.

Taylor and Carrie said just to grab something so we blend in.

We're not actually trying things on.

I know, but these all look so cute.

I bet Ken would flip for me in this purple one on top.

What do you think?


May I help you? Yes.

We'd like your best fitting room, please.

Right this way.

You'll want this one.

But this looks like it's being used.

(LAUGHS) Doesn't it?

Haven't you noticed there's one stall in every fitting room

that's always closed, even though no one's ever in it?

Yes. (GASPS) That's a fairy thing?

Right. A Fairy Flyway.

So that means the fitting room attendant is...

Yes. A fairy.

(GRUNTS) Can we go in already?

Like, before these clothes go out of style?

Let's do it.

Whoa! (GASPS)

Okay, okay, I got it.


Where are we?

No, we can't be. Is this Paris?

(LAUGHS) We're at the tippy top of the Eiffel Tower.

We are. We're in Paris. But how?

The Flyway. Flyways are fairy shortcuts to spots all over the globe.


Some reason you decide to take us to a spot with no safety rail?

We had to come to Paris.

It's home to the one Gloss Angeles door Graciella couldn't lock.

The personal portal of Lilliana Roxelle.

Lilliana Roxelle, the famous fashion editor?

I know her.

(CLEARS THROAT) Name dropper.

I'm not dropping names. I'm just saying I know her.

She came to a fashion show at my Aunt Millicent's.

She's also the oldest and wisest fairy living in the human world.

Want to see her again?

Sure. But...

How are we going to get down?

The elevator doesn't even go up this high.

Who said anything about an elevator?

No. Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

No plane, no fly.

You'll love it. Honest.

What if people see us? I thought that wasn't okay.

Fairy law, right?

It's dark and we're not flying far.

No one will see us.

You're sure you can do this?

I'm a Shoe Fairy.

The more fabulous my shoes, the stronger my magic.

Check these babies.


If I had to trust my life to one pair of shoes, it would be those.

They give me enough magic so we can fly together when you hold my hand.

And my purse comes with flying power and a matching belt.



Oh, no, wait.




We're flying. We're really flying.

Oh, and look. How beautiful.

This is definitely the way to see Paris.

Hold on.



Len, I heard your horrible scream.

Did Zane start the duel early and hurt you?

No. Your attendants put me in armor that's way too tight.

I don't suppose you have a can opener handy, do you?


TAYLOR: I know Lilliana lives in this neighborhood.

That must be it.

Miss Roxelle?

Ah! Enchantée...


Hi, Miss Roxelle. Hi, Miss Roxelle.

Ah. Fairies.

Carrie and Taylor, oui?

Oui. Oui.


I'm sorry, do I know you?

Apparently not.

Miss Roxelle, we have a problem

and Carrie and Taylor thought you might be able to help.

Perhaps I can. Come in.

LILLIANA: So, Princess Graciella flew off with Ken and said she'd marry him?

And closed all the portals. Except yours, of course.

(SCOFFS) Of course.

And of course, I'll let you use it.

But you might need something more. Hmm.

Did you notice the color of Graciella's eyes?

Yes. Violet.

The perfect match to a sweet pair of boots I bought last week.

Violet? But Graciella has blue eyes.

Ah-ha! Then she has taken the love potion!


A love potion?

The potion adds a little red,

the color of love, to the eyes.

The red turns blue eyes purple and that's how you can tell.

Hmm. I used to dabble in match-making, so I might still have...

Oui. Not much left, but enough for one dose.

Here. Release this mist directly above Graciella

so it can rain down on her.

That will break the potion's spell.

Thank you.

Let's go.


Nice catch. I think you two are good friends, yes?

You seem to work well together.

BOTH: We do?

Oui. You do.

Now, come. I'll take you to my portal.

"Rodeo Drive, Fifth Avenue, Shanghai"?

Are these all Fairy Flyways?

To my favorite shopping spots.

For those times when I just can't wait.

I so know that feeling.

You're not going with them, are you?

I thought you were banned from Gloss Angeles.

You know? You are?

We are.


It's a long story. But we're going back anyway.

But you face years in the dungeons if you're caught.

Friends stick together, especially when things are rough.


Barbie has always helped us,

so we're going to help her and Raquelle.

Is it still okay if we use your portal?

But of course.

Going up?

Going up? But how?

We're in the penthouse, there's no such thing as up.

Like there's no such thing as fairies?


Take care, Lilliana.

Nice shoes.

See you soon.

We really appreciate it.

Bye, Lilliana. Thank you.

Bonne chance. Be careful.

Barbie, Raquelle, welcome to Gloss Angeles.

It's incredible.

I can't believe it's real.

I can't believe it's so high in the air.

How far down is the ground?


Yeah, the ground. I mean, if I fell,

I wouldn't just keep falling forever, right?

Sooner or later I'd hit the...

Oh. There's no ground.

That's okay.

We'll just hold onto Carrie and Taylor, like before.

On a rescue mission? Too risky.

If there's trouble, you might have to fly on your own.

Yeah, see, no problem. We'll just fly on our own.

We can't fly on our own.


Oh, goody. We get to go to Wings and Things.

BOTH: (SINGING) When humans need some fairy bling

Fly them down to Wings and Things



Whoa! Whoa!

Okay, now I'm getting worried about the no-ground thing.

(GASPS) I know, right?

Wait until you experience the airavator.

The airavator? What's the...


GIRLS: Whoa!

Wasn't that fun?

(NERVOUS LAUGH) Not sure. Maybe if I can go back and get my stomach, I'll ask it.

Come with me and you'll see a world beyond your dreams


More than it seems

Come with me and you'll see that you can fly like me

Three half-caffs to go.

Can you keep a secret, secret?

Can you keep a secret, secret?

Can you keep a secret, secret?

You want sparkles with that?


Look, Wings and Things.

Mmm. Hmm.

CARRIE: Hi, Reena.

(GASPS) Carrie! Taylor!


My favorite fashion fairies.

(GASPS) Princess Graciella had you banned.

Fairy law says I should call the palace guards on you right now.

Will you?

(LAUGHING) Oh, of course not.

But be careful.

Princess Graciella is a passion fairy.

Her emotions are incredibly powerful, especially when she's angry.

Nothing is stronger. (CHUCKLES)

Our love is stronger, Reena.

(GIGGLES) Truer words were never spoken.

So, how can I help you?

We need some wings for our human friends.

Hi, I'm Barbie.

I'm Raquelle.

Hi, I'm Reena.

That's my husband, Graylen.

I'm a human like you girls,

but I fell for him the minute I arrived in Gloss Angeles.

And didn't think twice about staying here forever.

Forever? You really can't go back once you've married a fairy?

Never? Nope, never.

But who needs it?

When you're with the one you truly love, that's home.

I bet Princess Graciella's new husband feels the same way.

New husband? You mean, they're already married?

Oh, no, no, no, not until sunset.

(SIGHS) Sunset. Great.

Oh! But you're not here to gossip about fairy business,

you're here for wings.

And I have the perfect pair for each of you.

Hmm. Mmm.


Oh, yes.



Well, tell me you love them.

I do love them. Thank you.

They're incredible. How do they work?

You just think about what you want the wings to do, and they'll do it.



Whoa! (LAUGHS)


Whoo! Whoa!






It's getting close to sundown, so I think we have to fly.

Thank you, Reena. Goodbye.

Thanks, Reena. Goodbye, Graylen.


Goodbye. Happy Royal Wedding Day.


Think you can try it for real?

I'll do it if you do it.

BOTH: On three.

One. One.

Two. Two.

Three. Three.






We're rocking it, Raquelle.

Whoa! Whoa!

No, you're rocking it, Barbie.

Do you have to rub it in that you're naturally brilliant at everything?


What? Raquelle, I...

So, now we have wings. How do we find Ken?


What, don't you want to find him?

You know I do.

I'm sure Graciella took him to the palace.

The highest point in Gloss Angeles.

Whoa. That is very high.


Want to hold my hand to make it easier?

No, thanks.

If Barbie can do it, I can do it.

Ripped from DVD by funnykiddy



BARBIE: We have to hurry, the wedding is at sunset.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Fairy Handbook requires a duel,

and I have paused my wedding preparations to attend the first phase.

Trial By Fire.

Fire? As in "Hot Roasted Ken?"

No, not real fire.

It's a round of dueling to prove our strength.

If one of us isn't strong enough for a full duel, he'll be eliminated.

Define "eliminated. "

Don't worry, Trent.

Crystal's taking lots of pictures

so we'll know how to rebuild you if we need to.


Duelists, stand before me and face one another.

Zane, you don't have to duel for Graciella.

I'm sure there are all kinds of other fairies

who would love to be your girlfriend.

Me, for example.

Stand back.

Deploy wings.






It was the only clip-on pair we had.


Turn back to back and in five paces,

you each do your best magic spell.


Magic spell? I don't know any magic spells.

Four. None?

Three. No.


We'll do a wonderful job rebuilding you, darling.


One. Begin.

Okay, see my thumb?

Now, look. I'm pulling it off.

Look at that. Amazing, right?

That's just your other thumb.

Is it? Is it or am I really pulling off my thumb?

No, it's your other thumb.

You're bending one down and folding your fingers over the other.

But doesn't it look a little magic?

No, it doesn't. This is madness.

How can you possibly want this human more than me?

Forget the duel.

Just call off the wedding and let's go back to the way we were.

Yes! Listen to Zane. He's a smart, smart man.

Zane, deploy your magic.


Whoa! That's sparkly.









That was incredible, Dennis.

I must admit, after the wimpy wings and your pathetic magic,

I almost called off the duel,

but now you've shown you can handle it as well as any fairy in Gloss Angeles.

Eh? What? No. No, wait, I...

Go to your corners and prepare for the second phase of the duel.



There it is. The palace.

Watch out. Turbulence.



BOTH: Barbie! Raquelle!

Hey! Look what we found.

Or, what found us.


Oh! You found the Pegaponies.

Amazing! They're known for being extremely shy.

They only come out around people they like.

Really? Aw, thank you. I'm honored.

Me, too. (NEIGHS)


I'm thinking maybe we could ride to the palace.

Yes. Can we?

Ooh, I'd love it. Let's.

That is, if any of you would be willing to give Taylor and me a ride.



Let's do it.


What happened? Are you okay?

They won't go any further because of those.


Incredibly treacherous wind currents used to protect the palace.

Even the most expert flyer will lose her balance

and fall if she gets caught in one.

Graciella must've just activated them to secure the wedding.

RAQUELLE: How do fairies get past them?

I don't know.

Raquelle can do it.

BOTH: She can?

I can?

You can.

No one handles horses like you.

If anyone can lead us through the swirlnados, it's you.

How do you know I'm good with horses?

Are you kidding?

We were in riding camp together this summer after 10th grade.

You were incredible.

I didn't think you even noticed I was there.

You put shaving cream in my riding helmet.

Well, yeah, but, I mean other than that.

You were the best rider there. And horses trust you.


If you lead the way, I know we can make it

to the palace in time to save Ken.

But, if I mess up

and we get caught by one of those swirlnados...

I don't believe that will happen.

If you lead, I'll follow.

Me, too.

I will, too.

(SIGHS) Okay. Let's do it.

But stay close. I want your three ponies right behind mine.


Don't be scared. I promise you we can get through safely.

We just have to work together. Okay, little guy?




We're almost through.


BARBIE: You did it, Raquelle.

That was amazing.

Thanks. And thanks for believing I could.

And thank you.


So, now we need to get into the palace and find Ken.

Exactly. But first, we need to get past the palace fairies.

We need a good disguise.

I'm on it.



I hope you don't mind my asking, but why were you banned?

Yeah, I was wondering that, too.

What did you do?

Absolutely nothing. We didn't do anything.

Oh, come on. You must have done something.

If we did, we don't know what it is.

We used to be friends with Princess Graciella,

then out of nowhere, she proclaimed we betrayed her

and she banned us.

Which is fine.

If that's the way she wants to be, she can keep Gloss Angeles.

Once we save Ken, we'll stay in the human world for good.

How do we look?


Do you have any chef outfits in your purse?



Are those fairy cakes?

Um, yes.

With butter cream icing?


Want one? Mmm.

You may go.

Mmm. Mmm.

RAQUELLE: (SIGHS) We made it.

So, where do you think Princess Graciella would hide...





Bravo, my love.

May your agility be passed on to our children.

Our what?








What are you doing?

Come up here and fight like a fairy.

I'm not a fairy.

Besides, have you seen these wings?

No one could fly with these wings.



Interference. Come on.

Barbie! And you've got wings, too?

Who dares interrupt my royal duel?

Barbie! The antidote mist, now.



I can't move.


None of us can.

What did you do to them?


Barbie, are you okay?

Don't touch her.


She's nothing to you. You're marrying me, Kyle.

It's Ken. You don't even know my name.

Why would we get married?

Because she's under a love potion spell.

What? (LAUGHS) Have you lost your wings?

Look in the mirror. Your eyes aren't blue anymore, they're violet.

That's the sign of the potion.

Graciella, you're under a love potion. This all make sense.

You don't realize what you're doing.

Let me help. Unfreeze me and I'll remove the spell.

Don't listen to her, Graciella.

She... She just wants to steal your fiancé.

Why are you encouraging this?

Because Crystal is in love with you.

That's why she wants Graciella to marry someone else.

And why she gave Graciella the love potion.


Crystal, is that true?


Those shoes. I know those shoes.

Princess Graciella, those fairies are Taylor and Carrie.

I knew I should've gone with the pumps.


It is you.

And you're still trying to betray me.

This time by ruining my wedding.

And spreading lies about me.

No. Graciella.

Enough! You're liars. You and your friends.

I banished you before,

but now you'll feel the full force of my wrath.

Barbie! Raquelle! What did you do to them?

I put them in FurySpheres.

The walls are made of pure anger, impervious to force.

Mi amore. You are going too far.

What they're saying is true.

Enough. Or I'll make a FurySphere for you as well.

Are you okay?

We're fine.

Well, fine-ish.

Let them go.

I'll marry you if I have to, just let them go.

You'll marry me either way.

Princess Graciella,

would you do me the honor of being my bride?

That wasn't me. I didn't say that.

But you did, my love.

And I will be your bride. Right now.

The duel is off. Kirby and I have a wedding to attend.

Wish you could join us,

but you have an appointment in the dungeon.


No! Barbie!


Shall we?

Girls can be so fickle, can't they?



Think of it this way, Zane.

Soon it will all be over

and you'll be free to heal your heart with someone else.


Need to break these chains of love.

There has to be a way out of here.

Carrie, what do you have in your purse?

Maybe this will give Graciella something to chew on.

(EXCLAIMS) Now, we've got her on the ropes.



Yes! I think this time I've got a home run.


It was going to be a baseball bat, right?


Okay, go ahead and give it a try.

I think it's hopeless.

No magic from the fabulous shoes?

Not against a FurySphere.

Then it's over.

I can't believe we failed.

No, you did everything you possibly could. We all did.

But it wasn't good enough. Now, we're caught in a dungeon,

and even if we do get out one day, Ken will be married

and stuck in Gloss Angeles forever.


Are you laughing?

I'm sorry, it's just... If you'd told me yesterday

that we'd be stuck in a tiny cage together for who knows how long,

I'd have sworn we'd have killed each other.

But, now, I'm not happy we're stuck,

but the being with you part, I actually don't mind it.


I'd have said the same thing.

But, now, if I have to be stuck in a tiny cage with someone,

I'm actually glad it's you.

I mean that in the good way.


Why has it always been so bad between us?

I feel like from the minute we met,

you've always had it in for me.

Are you kidding? It's the total opposite.

The minute we met, you decided I wasn't good enough for you.

What? Why would I do that?

Because you're the queen of the school.

You're pretty, you're smart,

you're popular, you're talented.

I totally wanted to be your friend, but you weren't interested.

You never said a word to me.

And you certainly never invited me to eat lunch with you.

Invited you to eat lunch with me?

Every time I smiled at you, you glared and turned away.

Yeah, because I knew you didn't like me.

I didn't even know you. You wouldn't say two words to me.

Because I was shy.

And maybe I was a little insecure.

Maybe I am a little insecure sometimes.

So, maybe when I thought you didn't like me

I started being mean to you so I'd be the one doing the rejecting.


Remember I said "maybe. "

Then maybe I should have tried harder to be your friend.

I really wanted to.

When you first came to school, I was dying to get to know you.

You're kidding.

We were in acting class and you seemed so confident and talented.

I thought it would be great to be your friend.

But then you were so distant.

And then mean.

I figured you just didn't like me.

I definitely should have tried harder.

You were the one in a new place,

I should have been the one to reach out.

I'm sorry I never invited you to sit with me at lunch.

I should have.


And I'm sorry I glared at you and turned away so much.

And acted mean.

Do you think we can be friends?

I think we are friends.

(GASPS) Look!

(GASPS) The cage!

Barbie! Raquelle! Your wings.

Barbie, your wings, they're incredible.

Yours, too. They're amazing.

But I don't understand. What happened?

Remember at Wings and Things?

Graylen said his and Reena's love

is stronger than a Passion Fairy's anger.

Your forgiveness is stronger than her anger, too.

It transformed the prison of a FurySphere

to the freedom of wings. Real wings.

Real wings!

Forgiveness lets you fly.

Raquelle! Now, we can get to the wedding.


It's in the grand hall. We're right underneath it.

Just fly up and you'll be there. Hurry.

Do you, Ken, take Princess Graciella

to be your lawfully wedded fairy wife?


I do.


Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you...


You already objected. You can't object again.

I can, and I will.

You're making a terrible mistake.

Listen to your heart, Graciella.

If you are under a love potion, fight it.

Please, let the human go and marry me.

ALL: Aw.

Please continue.

Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and...

Wait! Stop the wedding.


Barbie! Raquelle!

We object to this wedding.

What? Can't a girl get a husband around here?

We object on the grounds that the Princess

is acting under the influence of a love potion.

Again with this nonsense.

Cover me. I'm going to try to get to Graciella with the antidote.

Someone get them now!

Hey, everybody, check out the new wings.



Barbie, look out.


Graciella! Look!



Grab her.

Raquelle! Catch.

Got it.

No one interrupts my wedding.

The antidote.



Heads up.

Graciella, come back to me.



What? Where?

A wedding dress?

I remember everything.

I... I think I hear my mom calling. Gotta fly.

Uh-uh. Not just yet.

Crystal! You did give me a love potion, didn't you?

We were going through your fashion pictures,

and then you gave me a drink, and that's when I saw...

Oh, Len, I am so, so sorry.

Ken, actually, but it's okay.

I get the sense you weren't really yourself.

No, I wasn't. How could you?

All I wanted was a chance with Zane. Not that it helped.

He loves you no matter what.

I do.

Oh, Zane, I love you, too.

Thank you for bringing her back to me.

Yes, thank you.

Please, let me do something for you in return.

Release Carrie and Taylor from the dungeon and lift their banishment.

But they betrayed me.

The three of us were friends,

then they became so close they cut me out.

They don't remember it that way at all.

They don't?


Whee! That was fun.

Carrie and Taylor,

did you or did you not become best friends,

then betray me by dropping me entirely?


We only spent time without you

because you got so busy with royal duties, you were never free.

But you stopped even inviting me to do things.

We were sure you'd say no, so we didn't try.

That was a mistake.

We're sorry. Can you forgive us?

If you can forgive me for reacting so badly

instead of just talking to you and learning the truth.


Oh, guys.

You know, as long as there's all this forgiveness going around...

I'll forgive you, Crystal.

After you pay for what you did.

I think doing every single bit of cleaning after the wedding reception

would be a fine punishment, don't you?

Did you say "wedding reception"?


I seem to remember you on one knee asking me to marry you.

Is this a yes?

OFFICIANT: Do you, Princess Graciella,

take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?


I now pronounce you Fairy Princess and husband.



I've seen a lot of incredible things today,

but nothing as weird as you guys acting like friends.

Yeah. Pretty cool, right?

Very cool.

And almost as cool as our wings. Impressive, right?

Okay, now I'm getting a real complex.


Wait. How are we going to go home when we have real live wings?

I don't know. Can we?

Of course you can.

Your wings will disappear when you leave,

and magically reappear whenever you come back to Gloss Angeles.

Perfect. We'll come back all the time.

Wait until we tell people about this place.

They'll be swarming through the doors.

Uh, wait. Can you keep the Fairy Secret?

The Fairy Secret is huge. We can't keep it to ourselves.

The paparazzi will go nuts for it.

It'll mean huge publicity for me and Barbie.

It'll be great for our careers. Am I right?

I don't know, Raquelle.

Let's not worry about it right now.

After all, you might wake up in the morning

and think this was all a dream.

A dream? There's no way.

This has been the most incredible experience of my life.

Mine, too.

A magic land, fairies living in the human world.

Horses with wings.

Nearly getting obliterated in a duel.

I don't know. Maybe some things wouldn't be so bad to forget.


It's been a great day, Graciella,

but we should be getting back.

Thank you all for everything.



Yeah, everything's okay. I feel like I just had the weirdest dream.

You did, too?

Yeah, Wally's. Half hour.

I can't remember any of the details.

It's like, it's almost there, but I can't grab it.

My dream, too.

But I know for sure your stylists were in it. Carrie and Taylor, right?

Yeah, Carrie and Taylor. They were in mine, too. Oh, it's weird.

But the really weird thing is I have this incredibly strong feeling

that in the dream,

Raquelle and I, we were friends.


I know. Like she'd ever let that happen.

Hey. Mind if I join you?

I had a feeling you were going to be here.

Sure, go ahead.


You're not going to sit with Ken and flirt with him?

Why would I do that? He's your boyfriend.

Oh! Super-cute outfit. Where did you get it?


Nothing, it's just... You're being really nice to me.

Believe me, I like it.

It's just different.

I know, it's weird.

I don't really get it, either, but I had this dream last night,

and I can't remember the details,

but I woke up feeling like we're friends. Good friends.

I had a dream like that, too.

Weird. Very weird.


We thought we might catch the two of you here together.

You did?

We wanted to stop in and say goodbye.

Goodbye? Where are you going?

We reconnected with an old friend,

so we're going to spend some time in our hometown.

It was great hanging out with you both, though.

We know we'll see you again.

Hanging out with you? But I barely even know you.


Look at the time. Gotta fly. Bye.


Wow. Looks like your stylists skipped town.

Guess we know one star who won't shine as brightly on the next red carpet.


Guess old habits die hard, girlfriend.