Ballet World
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Location Information
Feature films Barbie in The Pink Shoes
Type Magic World
Ruler Snow Queen (formerly)
Inhabitants Prince Albrecht, Hilarion, Berthe, Peasants, Prince Siegfried, Queen Vera, Rothbart, Odile, Cygnets, Nutcracker, Sugar Plum Fairy
Visitors Kristyn Farraday, Hailey

The ballet world is a location Barbie in The Pink Shoes. It is where the stories of Giselle, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker ballets take place. The ballet world used to be ruled by the Snow Queen, and Kristyn Farraday and her best friend Hailey were transported to it when Kristyn put on a pair of magical pink ballet shoes. When Kristyn changed the stories of the ballets, she destroyed the Snow Queen and brought warmth to the area surrounding the Snow Queen's palace.



Barbie in The Pink Shoes
Barbie in The Pink Shoes Digital Copy

Quote: "Listen to the beat of your heart and keep on dancing"

Media: Barbie in The Pink Shoes | Land of Sweets

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Objects: Pink Shoes

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Songs: "Keep on Dancing" | "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt"

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