The ballet scouts are characters in Barbie in The Pink Shoes. They work for the International Ballet Company and resemble Prince Albrecht and Hilarion from the ballet world that Kristyn Farraday and Hailey visit.


The ballet scouts went to Madame Natasha's ballet academy to look for dancers for their production of the Giselle ballet. They offered the roles of Giselle and Albrecht to Tara Pennington and Dillon Matthews. However, they considered Kristyn's dancing to be a breath of fresh air. The scouts both complimented her, and the first scout explained that he wanted to build a ballet around Kristyn and her ideas. Kristyn accepted and the second scout congratulated Natasha before the two men left.

Physical Appearances

The first ballet scout looks the same as Prince Albrecht; They both have wavy, brown hair, blue eyes and tan skin. The scout wears a white shirt with a light blue, patterned tie, a navy blazer with six buttons, brown pants and black shoes. The second scout looks like Hilarion. They have the same light skin, hazel eyes and strawberry blond hair. He looks more casual than the first scout, as his gray blazer is unbuttoned, his red tie is loose, and the sleeves for his blazer and light yellow shirt are rolled up. He has gray pants and dark brown shoes on.


  • Natasha: Ladies and gentleman, the International Ballet Company offers the roles of Giselle and Albrecht to Dillon Matthews and Tara Pennington!
  • First scout: But what's even more exciting is this new dance voice you've been hiding from us. Where is Kristyn?
  • Kristyn: Um, here!
  • First scout: I've been searching for something new and I didn't know what is was. And now I know it was you.
  • Natasha: What you saw tonight was utterly--
  • Second scout: Utterly unexpected, inspired and the best dancing I've seen in years. She took everything that came before it and gave it back to us fresh.
  • Natasha: That's Kristyn. Always giving us something new.
  • First scout: Now I've been planning a new ballet and I want to build it around you and your ideas. [Kristyn gasps] And we're going to need this dress.
  • Hailey: We won't forget the dress!
  • Second scout: Natasha, well done. Keep the talents coming.


  • The scouts' resemblance to Hilarion and Albrecht does not end with their appearances; they also share the same voices as them. Hilarion and the scout that looks like him are both voiced by Kyle Rideout, and Albrecht and his identical scout are voiced by Trevor Devall. The scouts are credited as "Ballet Scout #1" and "Ballet Scout #2".
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