The Ambassador is a minor character in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses. He is the chief emissary of the kingdom of Bulovia and he is voiced by Jonathan Holmes.


The ambassador came to King Randolph to invite his daughters to a ball in another kingdom named Bulovia. While the ambassador was making his announcement, Janessa, Kathleen and Lacey came in to show their father a beetle they found. The ambassador tried to continue speaking but the triplets persistently interrupted him before running out of the room. The ambassador tried to continue speaking, but this time Edeline and Delia came in the room to play croquet.

After that, Hadley and Isla came in on stilts. They fell over with Janessa and Kathleen, the ambassador was so unimpressed he gave up on inviting them and left. He described the girls as "rambunctious" and "wild animals". Though he only appeared at the beginning of the film for a few minutes, he made King Randolph make a big decision: to invite his cousin Rowena to train his daughters to be proper princesses.

Physical Appearance

The ambassador has light skin, a mole on his face, and gray hair. It is curly on the top, and is in a bow at the back. He has a very smart appearance, as he is representing another kingdom. The ambassador looks somewhat same like Preminger the main antagonist from Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper.


The ambassador is unimpressed with the way the princesses act and is not afraid to tell the king his opinion of them; he tells the king they are "rambunctious", and calls them "wild animals" when he is leaving, but only says it to himself.


  • "... And so, as chief emissary of the majestic kingdom of Bulovia - which is known for its abundance of pears, potatoes and peasants - I am authorized by my courageous king, and my magnificent queen, to hereby invite the princesses of King Randolph to a royal gala! We have invited princesses from far and wide to this extraordinary ball!"
  • "As I was saying-"
  • "Your majesty, as I was saying-"
  • "Your highness, I really think, perhaps, this is not a-"
  • Ambassador: "Those are your daughters?"
    • Randolph: A few of them...
    • Ambassador: "Rambunctious, aren't they?"
  • "Your daughters are hardly proper princesses!"
  • "Perhaps another ball then? (bows) Your highness."
  • "Princesses? Hmm, more like wild animals."


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