Ambassador Kattrin is a character in Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2. She is from the Indian Ocean and she travels to Aquellia to see the Changing of the Tides Ceremony. Kattrin is the fastest mermaid in the ocean. She is voiced by Kira Tozer.


Kattrin comes to Aquellia with the other three ambassadors. She spins around and speaks very quickly to Queen Calissa.

While preparing the throne room, Eris came with some (possibly) ray eels, when Calissa and the other ambassadors attacking her. Kattrin got cursed to have her worst nightmare, being very slow. Later, the ambassadors trapped in a medium-light coral patterned shell that is being guard with the eels.

When Princess Merliah came, Zuma and Snouts helped the four ambassadors escape the shell by pushing it, which the eels have been riding/used by Merliah and Kylie. They later helped Merliah gets to the throne, which she is, and later frees every mermaid that cursed escaped from the curse.

The four ambassadors later took Eris into a very "nice" place, so she couldn't get out and won't be free.


Kattrin is joyful, cheerful and energetic mermaid and is the fastest mermaid in the ocean. When she is cursed by Eris, she was very slow and rarely spoke.

Physical Appearance

Kattrin is an Asiatic mermaid who has dark brown hair with dark pink highlights and brown eyes. She wears a light blue and bright pink Korean-styled brassiere with a pink star on a pink cord at the bottom and her tail is blue and pink with a pink design of flowers. In the movie, her hair is tied with blue and pink headgear with a light blue bow while they are undone with a light blue bow adorning them on her left side in the book illustrations.


  • The name "Kattrin" is a variant of the name "Kattrina". "Kattrina" means "pure".
  • Kattrin's worst nightmare is to be very slow.
  • Kattrin, along with the other ambassadors, appeared in Barbie: The Pearl Princess, in pictures in the Seagundia castle's gallery.
    • This could mean that Seagundia and Oceana are in the same universe and time.
  • Her symbol is a flower.
  • Kattrin has the same hairstyle like Cora from Barbie: The Pearl Princess


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