Alpine Academy
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Feature films Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale
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Alpine Academy, also known as the Alpine Riding Academy and Alpine Equestrian Academy, is a horse-riding school in Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale. It is located in the Alps, Swiss and it is owned by Marlene, an aunt of Barbie and her three younger sisters (Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea).


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The logo of the Alpine Academy.

In A Pony Tale, Alpine Academy was in danger of getting shut down due to a lot of financial issues, such as not having enough students enrolled at the school.

The school went eleven years without winning the Inter-Academy Equestrian Tournament and Marlene was going to sell Alpine Academy to Bridgette Cheynet, the mother of Etienne and Philippe and the owner of École Montagne, if they don't win the tournament.

Skipper gets an idea for her and her sisters to compete in the tournament. After the opening day of the tournament, Alpine Academy and École Montagne are tied in first place. While everyone was distracted in the dance party, Philippe sneaks out and releases the Alpine Academy’s horses in order to sabotage them.

Barbie and Majesty won a race, ultimately making Alpine Academy the overall winner of the tournament and Skipper had uploaded videos of the tournament to the internet. Both of these ultimately saved the school from getting shut down, since Marlene no longer had to worry about selling the school to Bridgette and many people were now interested in registering as students at Alpine Academy, thus increasing the enrollment.

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