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"A Brand New Shore" is a song from Barbie as The Island Princess (2007). In the movie, it is sung by Prince Antonio, Ro, Sagi, Tika and Azul. "A Brand New Shore" is the third song on the Barbie as The Island Princess Soundtrack.


Nothing beats a brand new shore,
Streaming into view!
After weeks upon the waves,
The thrill of somewhere new.

All the riches of the world
Can't compare to these
Golden sand and silver clouds,
The fragrant island breeze!

What will discover next?
It's all a mystery!
Different every day.
There's so much to do and learn
And touch and hear and see
Just a step away...

Tika: It has no trunk.
Sagi: It has no tail.
Tika: It's not a fish.
Sagi: It's not a whale.
Azul: It has feathers I can see!
Ro: I have to say it looks like... me!

Tika: It must be bad!
Sagi: It can't be good!
Tika: Let's run and hide!
Azul: I think we should!
Tika: Just close your eyes, it goes away!
Ro: This doesn't happen every day!

Feeling the excitement grow,
Every single stride!
Sun above and earth below...

Barbie as The Island Princess
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Quote: "There may be miracles awaiting. They may be closer than we know. When we have love to guide us as we go"

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