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• 11/18/2018

A question from Mermaid Tale 2

So in the changing of the tide ceremony, I know Merliah gained the ability to make merillia but does that mean Calissa will slowly lose the ability to make since she didn’t sit on the throne? So only one person can have the ability to weave merillia? I just find it interesting since if that’s true Merliah would have to juggle her human life then her mermaid life along with weaving merillia

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• 10/2/2018

No Barbie movies in 2018?

It's gonna be a year soon since The Dolphin Magic came out (October 13). Are they taking a break? Or are they focusing on something else?

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• 9/29/2018

Babrbie IP theory

Hi, I'm new here. I noticed in Barbie IP when Tallulah enters the royal garden and eats a bite of the fruit Ro picked for her, she says: ' *My brother* and I used to climb up trees to eat these' Maybe her brother is Rowena's monkey Brutus?

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• 9/11/2018

Barbie & The Diamond Castle turns 10

Shh I know I'm 1 day and two hours late but the iconic and legendary "Barbie and The Diamond Castle" turned 10 yesterday on September 9! The movie has found its way to be one of the most beloved Barbie movies among fans or people who grew up watching Barbie films along with its iconic songs. Share your comments below! Do you have any memories?
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• 8/6/2018

PLEASE sign this petition, y'all!

Guys, please sign this petition i started to bring back the classic Barbie in Barbie movies! If we get tons of people to sign I'm sure Mattel will listen! Please tell your friends to sign too.
Sign the Petition
Sign the Petition
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• 6/24/2018

Dutch girl's face in Barbie and the Rockers

Remember the audience from around the world? Does anyone think that this Dutch girl looks kind of creepy?
Just look at her mouth, and her eyes are so much smaller than anyone else's.
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• 5/27/2018

Theory: The Ambassadors

Has anyone ever noticed that the portraits right before the ending credits of the Pearl Princess have Ambassadors Selena, Kattrin, Renata, and Mirabella in it?
What if the royal family from MT2 are the ancestors to the royal family in PP? Maybe Merliah decided to stay in oceana, found someone start a family with, and moved to sealantica and gave birth to two children, one that could spin merillia like her and the other could manipulate the pearls around them like their father.
Does anyone else think that there could be a possibility that Lumina is Merliah's descendant and that the royal family in PP stayed close friends with the ambassadors from MT2 until the passed?
I know that i got a little off topic with Lumina being related to Merliah but there is obviously some connection as to why they would have portraits of all four ambassadors from MT2.
If anyone has already came up with a theory like this before me, please notify me as soon as possible and maybe we could elaborate more on this topic.
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• 5/17/2018

Barbie and the Rockers problem

Did anyone notice this magazine in Barbie and the Rockers? Does anyone find it weird that the Russians would like the group, because this movie was released during the Cold War, so in reality Russians would hate Americans?
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• 5/17/2018

Croatian dub titles

Has anyone wondered why in all the Croatian dubs of Barbie movies, that there are two or more titles? Has there been several releases of each movie in Croatia, or are they just like how we sometimes have alternate titles? Also, what do you think about it? Is it annoying or confusing to you?
Also, the Croatian dubs are the only dubs to do this.

P.S. Even better to respond if you are Croatian.
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• 4/22/2018

Dreamhouse Adventures exclusive content shared by BARBIE FILMES BR

In a few weeks, Dreamhouse Adventures will debut but as we're waiting, the channel "BARBIE FILMES BR" has blessed us with exclusive content! We can see that Barbie's parents will for the first time be seen!
Barbie™ Dreamhouse Adventures - Sneak Peek | Barbie
Barbie™ Dreamhouse Adventures - Sneak Peek | Barbie YouTube
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• 3/31/2018

Barbie Movies

What Barbie movies would you like to see? I would love a story similar to Beauty and the Beast, and more ballet movies.
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• 3/27/2018

The Barbie brand WIDE OPEN!!

Beyond what we're expecting (i.e what you're seeing below), the Barbie brand for productions and stories is WIDE OPEN!! Agree/Disagree with me in 6 months+, there will be another "wooable" Barbie film/movie. I'm sure the user who posted this last discussion before mine will comment first. Mattel is currently motionless on productions right now!!
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• 3/14/2018

when the next barbie movie ??

why there is more barbie movie ?? in 2018
usually we have two or three barbie movie every year !
we need barbie movie
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• 3/10/2018

Happy 59th Birthday Barbie!

Happy 59th Birthday Barbie! The iconic doll that started it all and gave us these iconic movies turns 59 today. Wish her a Happy Birthday!
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• 3/2/2018

Barbie Video Game Hero

i just watched the barbie video game hero movie, and i must say it was the worst barbie movie ever. i couldn't even watch it through. it lacked a lot of plot and was pretty predictable. i'm not a huge fan of the more recent barbie movies, but none of them are that bad. all i want is mattel to go back to the animation and plots from 2001-2009. :/ sorry if i offended any of it's fans, feel free to love it
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• 3/1/2018

Theroy: Princess Sophia

There is a lot of repating names in the Barbie movies. Seriously, tons. But why? Could they all be related somehow? I mean, blonde hair and blue eyes, every single movie, and those are ressesive (rare) traits.

My first thought was on one of the many name connections, Princess Sophia.

I’m talking about Blair (Sophia) from PCS. I was thinking, and I realized there is another Sophia in the Barbie universe. She isn’t a main character, but she is a princess.

Princess Sophia of the Island Princess is the little sister of Prince Antonio and sister in law to the Island Princess herself, Ro. This girl is clearly not Blair younger, so why would they have the same name, are both princesses, and look, besides the bright blue eyes, very simalur? Well, I beliveve Sophia of IP is a annocstor of Princess Sophia of CS.

Sophia of Apolonia most likely grew up and married a prince, and if I could assume, prehaps the Prince of Gardiana? Generations later, depending on how many years, Princess Isabella and Dame Devin were born. They grew, Isabella to be Queen and take her mother’s place, Dame Devin to be her heir if anything should happen to her.

Furious she couldn’t be Queen, Dame Devin murdered her sister and the king in a car accident, unknowing that her niece was still alive....

The rest is history!

What did you think of my theroy? There are ton more to think about, like Isla from Dolphin Magic, she can turn human and mermaid with a necklace, just like Merleih Summers. Plus, why does Queen Isabella from Charm School’s husband, Reginald, look like a older version of a judge in Rockn’Royals? Should I keep going with this series of mysterys?
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• 2/13/2018

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 3

Am I the only one who'd love an other Barbie in a Mermaid Tale movie??? I mean the first one was awesome, the second one was incredible and a third one would be crazyyyyy!!!!!! I see it like the Fairytopia trilogy but like with mermaids!!! And I thought of the plot because even if really wanted a third one I couldn't really imagine the story. So at the end of the second movie, Eris became a human and Kylie has the magic neckless. What if Eris stole her neckless and tries to rule the ocean!!! Also the story would take place somewhere else, 'cause the first one was in Malibu and the second in Australia. So maybe they could have a surf competition in like Costa Rica or maybe South Africa? That would be amazing!!! Reply if you agree plzzzzzzzz
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• 1/9/2018

Barbie Fairytopia

I really wish they would make a fairytopia 4, I loved the trilogy and really want to see Elina and the other apprentices become guardians!
Let me know who else wants to see a Barbie Fairytopia 4 and if you know anything?? Thanks
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• 12/31/2017

Barbie Hunger Games (Fun only!)

Hey everyone! I found this Hunger Games simulator online and was thinking, this is crazy but what if I put Barbie Characters in there? Would that be fun? If you all want to do that, add two people who you think should be a team, we have twelve spots! I'll update each day to tell the results. Who do you think will win?
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